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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Steve Lilywhite
Annie LennoxEv'ry Time We Say Goodbye1990Producer
Arthur ComicsIsgodaman1977Producer
Beady EyeBeatles And Stones2011Producer
Beady EyeBring The Light2010Producer
(Steve Lilywhite)
Beady EyeFor Anyone2011Producer
Beady EyeFour Letter Word2011Producer
Beady EyeKill For A Dream2011Producer
Beady EyeMillionaire2011Producer
Beady EyeStanding On The Edge Of The Noise2011Producer
Beady EyeThe Beat Goes On2011Producer
Beady EyeThe Morning Son2011Producer
Beady EyeThe Roller2011Producer
Beady EyeThree Ring Circus2011Producer
Beady EyeWigwam2011Producer
Beady EyeWind Up Dream2011Producer
Big Country1000 Stars1983Producer
Big CountryAll Fall Together1984Producer
Big CountryAll Of Us1983Producer
Big CountryAngle Park1983Producer
Big CountryBass Dance1984Producer
Big CountryBelief In The Small Man1984Producer
Big CountryChance1983Producer
Big CountryClose Action1983Producer
Big CountryCome Back To Me1984Producer
Big CountryEast Of Eden1984Producer
Big CountryFields Of Fire (400 Miles)1983Producer
Big CountryFlame Of The West1984Producer
Big CountryGiant1983Producer
Big CountryGirl With Grey Eyes1984Producer
Big CountryHarvest Home1982Producer
Big CountryIn A Big Country1983Producer
Big CountryInwards1983Producer
Big CountryJust A Shadow1984Producer
Big CountryLost Patrol1983Producer
Big CountryPorrohman1983Producer
Big CountryPrairie Rose1984Producer
Big CountryRain Dance1984Producer
Big CountrySteeltown1984Producer
Big CountryTall Ships Go1984Producer
Big CountryThe Crossing1983Producer
Big CountryThe Great Divide1984Producer
Big CountryThe Storm1983Producer
Big CountryTracks Of My Tears1983Producer
Big CountryWhere The Rose Is Sown1984Producer
Big CountryWinter Sky1985Producer
Big CountryWonderland1983Producer
Blue OctoberBeen Down2008Producer
Blue OctoberBlue Does2008Producer
Blue OctoberBlue Skies2008Producer
Blue OctoberDirt Room2008Producer
Blue OctoberJump Rope2008Producer
Blue OctoberKangaroo Cry2008Producer
Blue OctoberMy Never2008Producer
Blue OctoberPicking Up Pieces2008Producer
Blue OctoberSay It2008Producer
Blue OctoberShould Be Loved2008Producer
Blue OctoberThe End2008Producer
Blue OctoberWeight Of The World2008Producer
Bono, The Edge, Jennifer Damiano, Reeve CarneyPicture This2011Producer
Bruce FoxtonAre You Ready To Talk1984Producer
Bruce FoxtonFreak1983Producer
Bruce FoxtonSign Of The Times1983Producer
Bruce FoxtonThis Is The Way1983Producer
Bruce FoxtonWriting's On The Wall1983Producer
Chris CornellArms Around Your Love2007Producer
Chris CornellBillie Jean2007Producer
Chris CornellDisappearing Act2007Producer
Chris CornellFinally Forever2007Producer
Chris CornellGhosts2007Producer
Chris CornellKilling Birds2007Producer
Chris CornellNo Such Thing2007Producer
Chris CornellPoison Eye2007Producer
Chris CornellSafe And Sound2007Producer
Chris CornellScar On The Sky2007Producer
Chris CornellShe'll Never Be Your Man2007Producer
Chris CornellSilence The Voices2007Producer
Chris CornellYour Soul Today2007Producer
Climie FisherBite The Hand That Feeds1987Producer
Climie FisherBreak The Silence1987Producer
Climie FisherKeeping The Mystery Alive1987Producer
Climie FisherNever Let A Chance Go By1987Producer
Climie FisherThis Is Me1986Producer
Counting CrowsAmerican Girls2002Producer
Counting CrowsMiami2002Producer
Counting CrowsYou Ain't Going Nowhere2003Producer
Crowded HouseDon't Stop Now2007Producer
Crowded HouseEven A Child2007Producer
Crowded HouseShe Called Up2007Producer
Crowded HouseTransit Lounge2007Producer
Dark StarAbout 3AM1999Producer
Dave Matthews Band#341994Producer
Dave Matthews Band#411996Producer
Dave Matthews BandAnts Marching1993Producer
Dave Matthews BandCrash Into Me1996Producer
Dave Matthews BandCrush1998Producer
Dave Matthews BandCry Freedom1996Producer
Dave Matthews BandDancing Nancies1994Producer
Dave Matthews BandDon't Drink The Water1998Producer
Dave Matthews BandDrive In Drive Out1996Producer
Dave Matthews BandHalloween1998Producer
Dave Matthews BandJimi Thing1994Producer
Dave Matthews BandLet You Down1996Producer
Dave Matthews BandLie In Our Graves1996Producer
Dave Matthews BandLover Lay Down1994Producer
Dave Matthews BandPay For What You Get1994Producer
Dave Matthews BandPig1998Producer
Dave Matthews BandProudest Monkey1996Producer
Dave Matthews BandRapunzel1998Producer
Dave Matthews BandRhyme & Reason1994Producer
Dave Matthews BandSatellite1993Producer
Dave Matthews BandSay Goodbye1996Producer
Dave Matthews BandSo Much To Say1996Producer
Dave Matthews BandSpoon1998Producer
Dave Matthews BandStay (Wasting Time)1998Producer
Dave Matthews BandThe Best Of What's Around1994Producer
Dave Matthews BandThe Dreaming Tree1998Producer
Dave Matthews BandThe Last Stop1998Producer
Dave Matthews BandThe Stone1998Producer
Dave Matthews BandToo Much1996Producer
Dave Matthews BandTripping Billies1993Producer
Dave Matthews BandTwo Step1996Producer
Dave Matthews BandTypical Situation1995Producer
Dave Matthews BandWarehouse1994Producer
Dave Matthews BandWhat Would You Say1994Producer
David ByrneLie To Me1989Producer
David ByrneMake Believe Mambo1989Producer
Deborah Harry & Iggy PopWell, Did You Evah!1990Producer
Eddie & The Hot RodsDistortion May Be Expected (Laughbagindub)1977Music/Lyrics
Engine AlleyPhoto Lens1993Producer
FridaChemistry Tonight1984Producer
FridaCome To Me (I Am Woman)1984Producer
FridaComfort Me1984Producer
FridaDon't Do It1984Producer
FridaHeart Of The Country1984Producer
FridaOne Little Lie1984Producer
FridaThat's Tough1984Producer
FridaThe Face1984Producer
FridaTwist In The Dark1984Producer
Jennifer DamianoIf The World Should End2011Producer
Joan Armatrading(I Love It When You) Call Me Names1983Producer
Joan ArmatradingAt The Hop1981Producer
Joan ArmatradingBad Habits1983Producer
Joan ArmatradingDollars1981Producer
Joan ArmatradingEating The Bear1981Producer
Joan ArmatradingEverybody Gotta Know1983Producer
Joan ArmatradingFoolish Pride1983Producer
Joan ArmatradingFor The Best1983Producer
Joan ArmatradingFrustration1983Producer
Joan ArmatradingHeaven1983Producer
Joan ArmatradingI Can't Lie To Myself1981Producer
Joan ArmatradingI Love My Baby1983Producer
Joan ArmatradingI Wanna Hold You1981Producer
Joan ArmatradingI'm Lucky1981Producer
Joan ArmatradingNo Love1981Producer
Joan ArmatradingOnly One1981Producer
Joan ArmatradingRomancers1981Producer
Joan ArmatradingTell Tale1983Producer
Joan ArmatradingThe Dealer1983Producer
Joan ArmatradingThe Game Of Love1983Producer
Joan ArmatradingThe Key1983Producer
Joan ArmatradingThe Weakness In Me1981Producer
Joan ArmatradingWhat Do Boys Dream?1983Producer
Joan ArmatradingWhen I Get It Right1981Producer
JuanesCorazón invisible2014Producer
JuanesLa luz2014Producer
JuanesLa verdad2014Producer
JuanesLoco de amor2014Producer
JuanesMe enamoré de ti2014Producer
JuanesMil pedazos2014Producer
JuanesPersiguiendo el sol2014Producer
JuanesRadio Elvis2014Producer
JuanesUna flor2014Producer
King TriggerPush Or Slide1982Producer
King TriggerRiver1982Producer
King TriggerRunning Away1982Producer
King TriggerTemptation1982Producer
Kirsty MacCollA New England1984Producer
Kirsty MacCollAll I Ever Wanted1991Producer
Kirsty MacCollAm I Right?1989Producer
Kirsty MacCollAngel1993Producer
Kirsty MacCollChildren Of The Revolution1991Producer
Kirsty MacCollCloser To God?1989Producer
Kirsty MacCollComplainte pour Ste. Catherine1989Producer
Kirsty MacCollDancing In Limbo1989Producer
Kirsty MacCollDays1989Producer
Kirsty MacCollDon't Come The Cowboy With Me, Sonny Jim!1989Producer
Kirsty MacCollDon't Go Near The Water1991Producer
Kirsty MacCollEl Paso1989Producer
Kirsty MacCollFifteen Minutes1989Producer
Kirsty MacCollFree World1989Producer
Kirsty MacCollHalloween1991Producer
Kirsty MacCollHappy1989Producer
Kirsty MacCollHe Never Mentioned Love1991Producer
Kirsty MacCollHe's On The Beach1985Producer
Kirsty MacCollI'm Going Out With An Eighty Year Old Millionaire1985Producer
Kirsty MacCollInnocence1989Producer
Kirsty MacCollInnocence (Remix)1989Producer
Kirsty MacCollLa foręt de mimosas1989Producer
Kirsty MacCollLying Down1991Producer
Kirsty MacCollMaybe It's Imaginary1991Producer
Kirsty MacCollMother's Ruin1989Producer
Kirsty MacCollMy Affair1991Producer
Kirsty MacCollMy Way Home1991Producer
Kirsty MacCollNo Victims1989Producer
Kirsty MacCollOne Good Thing1991Producer
Kirsty MacCollPlease Go To Sleep1985Producer
Kirsty MacCollThe End Of A Perfect Day1989Producer
Kirsty MacCollThe Hardest Word1991Producer
Kirsty MacCollThe One And Only1991Producer
Kirsty MacCollTread Lightly1989Producer
Kirsty MacCollTurn My Motor On1979Producer
Kirsty MacCollWalking Down Madison1991Producer
Kirsty MacCollWe'll Never Pass This Way Again1991Producer
Kirsty MacCollWhat Do Pretty Girls Do?1989Producer
Kirsty MacCollYou And Me Baby1989Producer
Kirsty MacCollYou Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby1989Producer
Kirsty MacColl & The PoguesAll The Tears That I Cried1991Producer
Kirsty MacColl & The PoguesMiss Otis Regrets / Just One Of Those Things1990Producer
Kirsty MacColl feat. Billy BraggDarling, Let's Have Another Baby1991Producer
Leyton BuzzardsI Don't Want To Go To Art School1979Producer
(Steve Lilywhite)
Leyton BuzzardsI'm Hanging Around1979Producer
(Steve Lilywhite)
Leyton BuzzardsNo Dry Ice Or Flying Pigs1979Producer
(Steve Lilywhite)
Leyton BuzzardsSaturday Night Beneath The Plastic Palm Trees1979Producer
Leyton BuzzardsThrough With You1979Producer
Local OperatorAll We're Gonna Get1979Producer
Local OperatorLaw & Order1979Producer
Local OperatorPressure Zone1979Producer
Local OperatorThe Untouchables1979Producer
Marshall CrenshawMonday Morning Rock1983Producer
Marshall CrenshawWhenever You're On My Mind1983Producer
Matchbox TwentyAll Your Reasons2007Producer
Matchbox TwentyCan't Let You Go2007Producer
Matchbox TwentyHow Far We've Come2007Producer
Matchbox TwentyIf I Fall2007Producer
Matchbox TwentyI'll Believe You When2007Producer
Matchbox TwentyThese Hard Times2007Producer
MorrisseyA Swallow On My Neck1994Producer
MorrisseyAlma Matters1997Producer
MorrisseyAmbitious Outsiders1997Producer
MorrisseyBest Friend On The Payroll1995Producer
MorrisseyBilly Budd1994Producer
MorrisseyBlack-Eyed Susan1993Producer
MorrisseyDagenham Dave1995Producer
MorrisseyDo Your Best And Don't Worry1995Producer
MorrisseyHave-A-Go Merchant1995Producer
MorrisseyHe Cried1997Producer
MorrisseyHeir Apparent1997Producer
MorrisseyHold On To Your Friends1994Producer
MorrisseyHoney, You Know Where To Find Me1995Producer
MorrisseyI Am Hated For Loving1994Producer
MorrisseyI Can Have Both1997Producer
MorrisseyI'd Love To1994Producer
MorrisseyLifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning1994Producer
MorrisseyNobody Loves Us1995Producer
MorrisseyNow My Heart Is Full1994Producer
MorrisseyReader Meet Author1995Producer
MorrisseySatan Rejected My Soul1997Producer
MorrisseySorrow Will Come In The End1997Producer
MorrisseySpring-Heeled Jim1994Producer
MorrisseyThe Boy Racer1995Producer
MorrisseyThe Lazy Sunbathers1994Producer
MorrisseyThe More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get1994Producer
MorrisseyThe Operation1995Producer
MorrisseyThe Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils1995Producer
MorrisseyTrouble Loves Me1997Producer
MorrisseyUsed To Be A Sweet Boy1994Producer
MorrisseyWhatever Happens, I Love You1995Producer
MorrisseyWhy Don't You Find Out For Yourself1994Producer
MorrisseyWide To Receive1997Producer
MorrisseyYou Should Have Been Nice To Me1995Producer
OberhoferAway Frm U2011Producer
OberhoferCruisin' FDR2012Producer
OberhoferI Could Go2012Producer
OberhoferYr Face2012Producer
One Night OnlyDo You Know What I Mean?2007Producer
One Night OnlyHe's There2008Producer
One Night OnlyHide2008Producer
One Night OnlyIt's About Time2008Producer
One Night OnlyIt's Alright2008Producer
One Night OnlyJust For Tonight2007Producer
One Night OnlyStart Over2008Producer
One Night OnlyStay At Home2008Producer
One Night OnlySweet Sugar2008Producer
One Night OnlyTime2008Producer
One Night OnlyYou And Me2008Producer
Patrick PageA Freak Like Me Needs Company2011Producer
Patrick Page, Jeb Brown, Dwayne Clark, Luther Creek, Ken MarksPull The Trigger2011Producer
Patrick Page, Reeve Carney, Laura Beth WellsDiy World2011Producer
PenetrationCome Into The Open1979Producer
PenetrationKilled In The Rush1979Producer
PenetrationLast Saving Grace1979Producer
PenetrationNew Recruit1979Producer
PenetrationOn Reflection1979Producer
PenetrationParty's Over1979Producer
PenetrationShe Is The Slave1979Producer
PenetrationShout Above The Noise1979Producer
PenetrationWhat's Going On1979Producer
Peter GabrielAnd Through The Wire1980Producer
Peter GabrielBiko1980Producer
Peter GabrielFamily Snapshot1980Producer
Peter GabrielGames Without Frontiers1980Producer
Peter GabrielIntruder1980Producer
Peter GabrielLead A Normal Life1980Producer
Peter GabrielNo Self Control1980Producer
Peter GabrielNot One Of Us1980Producer
Peter GabrielThe Start1980Producer
PhishBilly Breathes1996Producer
PhishCars Trucks Buses1996Producer
PhishCharacter Zero1996Producer
PhishPrince Caspian1996Producer
PhishSwept Away1996Producer
PhishTheme From The Bottom1996Producer
PhishTrain Song1996Producer
RazorlightStumble & Fall2004Producer
Reeve CarneyBoy Falls From The Sky2011Producer
Reeve Carney with Matt Caplan, Luther Creek, Kristen Faith Oei, Sean SamuelsBouncing Off The Walls2011Producer
Reeve Carney, Jennifer DamianoNo More2011Producer
Reeve Carney, Jennifer Damiano with T.V. CarpioI Just Can't Walk Away (Say It Now)2011Producer
Reeve Carney, T.V. Carpio, Jennifer DamianoRise Above 22011Producer
Simple Minds"C" Moon Cry Like A Baby1983Producer
Simple MindsA Brass Band In African Chimes1984Producer
Simple MindsBass Line1988Producer
Simple MindsBook Of Brilliant Things1983Producer
Simple MindsEast At Easter1983Producer
Simple MindsShake Off The Ghosts1983Producer
Simple MindsSpeed Your Love To Me1983Producer
Simple MindsStreet Hassle1983Producer
Simple MindsThe Kick Inside Of Me1983Producer
Simple MindsUp On The Catwalk1983Producer
Simple MindsWaterfront1983Producer
Simple MindsWhite Hot Day1983Producer
Siouxsie & The BansheesCarcass1978Producer
Siouxsie & The BansheesHelter Skelter1978Producer
Siouxsie & The BansheesHong Kong Garden1978Producer
Siouxsie & The BansheesJigsaw Feeling1978Producer
Siouxsie & The BansheesMetal Postcard1978Producer
Siouxsie & The BansheesMirage1978Producer
Siouxsie & The BansheesNicotine Stain1978Producer
Siouxsie & The BansheesOverground1978Producer
Siouxsie & The BansheesPure1978Producer
Siouxsie & The BansheesSuburban Relapse1978Producer
Siouxsie & The BansheesSwitch1978Producer
SnipsSmash Your T. V.1978Producer
SnipsWaiting For Tonight1978Producer
Steel PulseBun dem1977Producer
Steel PulseKu Klux Klan1978Producer
T.V. CarpioTurn Off The Dark2011Producer
Talking Heads(Nothing But) Flowers1988Producer
Talking HeadsBig Daddy1988Producer
Talking HeadsBill1988Producer
Talking HeadsBlind1988Producer
Talking HeadsCool Water1988Producer
Talking HeadsLifetime Piling Up1992Producer
Talking HeadsMommy, Daddy, You And I1988Producer
Talking HeadsMr. Jones1988Producer
Talking HeadsRuby Dear1988Producer
Talking HeadsSax And Violins1991Producer
Talking HeadsThe Democratic Circus1988Producer
Talking HeadsThe Facts Of Life1988Producer
Talking HeadsTotally Nude1988Producer
The Adventure BabiesAdventure Baby1992Producer
The Adventure BabiesBarking Mad1992Producer
The Adventure BabiesCaptain Scarlet1992Producer
The Adventure BabiesGet Up, Get Out1992Producer
The Adventure BabiesHow Mortal We Are1992Producer
The Adventure BabiesJune1992Producer
The Adventure BabiesLaugh1992Producer
The Adventure BabiesTaxiland1992Producer
The Adventure BabiesTravis And Perkins (Plumbing And Building Supplies)1992Producer
The Adventure BabiesWheelaway (My Yesterday)1992Producer
The Adventure BabiesWinter Plume1992Producer
The BrainsMoney Changes Everything1980Producer
The ChameleonsIn Shreds1982Music/Lyrics
The ChameleonsLess Than Human1982Music/Lyrics
The ChameleonsNostalgia1985Music/Lyrics
The ChameleonsThe Fan And The Bellows1986Music/Lyrics
The DollTrash1977Producer
The Drones [UK]Can't See1980Producer
The Edge with Jeb Brown, Dwayne Clark, Luther CreekSinistereo2011Producer
The KillersA Matter Of Time2012Producer
The KillersBattle Born2012Producer
The KillersFlesh And Bone2012Producer
The KillersFrom Here On Out2012Producer
The KillersHeart Of A Girl2012Producer
The KillersPrize Fighter2012Producer
The KillersRunaways2012Producer
The Killers feat. DawesChristmas In L.A.2013Producer
The La'sDoledrum1990Producer
The La'sFailure1990Producer
The La'sFeelin'1990Producer
The La'sFreedom Song1990Producer
The La'sI Can't Sleep1990Producer
The La'sI.O.U.1990Producer
The La'sLiberty Ship1990Producer
The La'sLooking Glass1990Producer
The La'sSon Of A Gun1990Producer
The La'sTimeless Melody1990Producer
The La'sWay Out1987Producer
The LurkersFreak Show1977Producer
The LurkersMass Media Believer1977Producer
The MembersAt The Chelsea Nightclub1979Producer
The MembersDon't Push1979Producer
The MembersElectricity1979Producer
The MembersFear On The Streets1977Producer
The MembersFrustrated, Bagshot1979Producer
The MembersHandling The Big Jets1979Producer
The MembersLove In A Lift1979Producer
The MembersOffshore Banking Business1979Producer
The MembersPhone-In Show1979Producer
The MembersSally1979Producer
The MembersSoho-A-Go-Go1979Producer
The MembersSolitary Confinement1979Producer
The MembersStand Up And Spit1979Producer
The MembersThe Sound Of The Suburbs1979Producer
The PoguesA Rainy Night In Soho [1991]1991Producer
The PoguesBlue Heaven1989Producer
The PoguesBoat Train1989Producer
The PoguesBottle Of Smoke1988Producer
The PoguesCotton Fields1989Producer
The PoguesDown All The Days1989Producer
The PoguesEveryman Is King1989Producer
The PoguesFiesta1988Producer
The PoguesGartloney Rats1989Producer
The PoguesGridlock1989Producer
The PoguesHonky Tonk Women1988Producer
The PoguesIf I Should Fall From Grace With God1988Producer
The PoguesLondon You're A Lady1989Producer
The PoguesLorelei1989Producer
The PoguesLullaby Of London1988Producer
The PoguesMedley1988Producer
The PoguesMetropolis1988Producer
The PoguesMisty Morning, Albert Bridge1989Producer
The PoguesNicaragua libré1987Producer
The PoguesNight Train To Lorca1989Producer
The PoguesShanne Bradley1987Producer
The PoguesSit Down By The Fire1988Producer
The PoguesSketches Of Spain1988Producer
The PoguesSouth Australia1988Producer
The PoguesStar Of The County Down1989Producer
The PoguesStreets Of Sorrow / Birmingham Six1988Producer
The PoguesThe Balinalee1987Producer
The PoguesThe Battle March Medley1987Producer
The PoguesThe Broad Majestic Shannon1988Producer
The PoguesThe Limerick Rake1988Producer
The PoguesThe Mistlethrush1988Producer
The PoguesThousands Are Sailing1988Producer
The PoguesTombstone1989Producer
The PoguesTrain Of Love2004Producer
The PoguesTurkish Song Of The Damned1988Producer
The PoguesUSA1989Producer
The PoguesWhite City1989Producer
The PoguesWorms1988Producer
The PoguesYeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah1988Producer
The PoguesYoung Ned Of The Hill1989Producer
The Pogues feat. Kirsty MacCollFairytale Of New York1987Producer
The PretendersRoom Full Of Mirrors1986Producer
The Psychedelic FursAll Of This And Nothing1981Producer
The Psychedelic FursBlacks / Radio1980Producer
The Psychedelic FursDash1981Producer
The Psychedelic FursDumb Waiters1981Producer
The Psychedelic FursFall1980Producer
The Psychedelic FursI Wanna Sleep With You1981Producer
The Psychedelic FursImitation Of Christ1980Producer
The Psychedelic FursIndia1980Producer
The Psychedelic FursInto You Like A Train1981Producer
The Psychedelic FursIt Goes On1981Producer
The Psychedelic FursNo Tears1981Producer
The Psychedelic FursShe Is Mine1981Producer
The Psychedelic FursSister Europe1980Producer
The Psychedelic FursSo Run Down1981Producer
The Psychedelic FursWedding Song1980Producer
The ReactionTalk Talk Talk Talk1977Producer
The Rolling StonesBack To Zero1986Producer
The Rolling StonesDirty Work1986Producer
The Rolling StonesFight1986Producer
The Rolling StonesHad It With You1986Producer
The Rolling StonesHarlem Shuffle1986Producer
The Rolling StonesHold Back1986Producer
The Rolling StonesOne Hit (To The Body)1986Producer
The Rolling StonesSleep Tonight1986Producer
The Rolling StonesToo Rude1986Producer
The Rolling StonesWinning Ugly1986Producer
Thirty Seconds To MarsCity Of Angels2013Producer
Thirty Seconds To MarsConquistador2013Producer
Thirty Seconds To MarsThe Race2013Producer
Thirty Seconds To MarsUp In The Air2013Producer
Thompson TwinsAnother Fantasy1981Producer
Thompson TwinsBlind1981Producer
Thompson TwinsBouncing1981Producer
Thompson TwinsCrazy Dog1981Producer
Thompson TwinsFool's Gold1981Producer
Thompson TwinsGood Gosh1981Producer
Thompson TwinsIn The Beginning1982Producer
Thompson TwinsIn The Name Of Love1981Producer
Thompson TwinsIn The Name Of Love '881988Producer
Thompson TwinsLiving In Europe1981Producer
Thompson TwinsOpen Your Eye1982Producer
Thompson TwinsRunaway1981Producer
Thompson TwinsThe Rowe1981Producer
Thompson TwinsTok Tok1981Producer
Tom Robinson5251980Producer
Tom RobinsonBitterly Disappointed1980Producer
Tom RobinsonInvitation1980Producer
Tom RobinsonLooking At You1980Producer
Tom RobinsonMary Lynne1980Producer
Tom RobinsonNot Ready1980Producer
Tom RobinsonOne Fine Day1980Producer
Tom RobinsonTake It Or Leave It1980Producer
Tom RobinsonTotal Recall1980Producer
Tom RobinsonWhere Can We Go Tonight1980Producer
ToyahAngel And Me1982Producer
ToyahBrave New World1982Producer
ToyahCreepy Room1982Producer
ToyahDawn Chorus1982Producer
ToyahLife In The Trees1982Producer
ToyahRun Wild, Run Free1982Producer
ToyahStreet Creature1982Producer
ToyahThe Druids1982Producer
ToyahThe Packt1982Producer
ToyahWarrior Rock1982Producer
TravisAll I Want To Do Is Rock1997Producer
TravisMore Than Us1997Producer
TravisTied To The 90's1997Producer
TravisU16 Girls1997Producer
U2"40" (How Long)1983Producer
U2A Celebration1982Producer
U2A Day Without Me1980Producer
U2All Because Of You2004Producer
U2An Cat Dubh1980Producer
U2Another Time, Another Place1980Producer
U2Crumbs From Your Table2004Producer
U2Drowning Man1983Producer
U2Even Better Than The Real Thing1991Producer
U2Fast Cars2004Producer
U2I Fall Down1981Producer
U2I Threw A Brick Through A Window1981Producer
U2I Will Follow1980Producer
U2I Will Follow (Live)1981Producer
U2I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight2009Producer
U2Into The Heart1980Producer
U2Is That All?1981Producer
U2J. Swallow1981Producer
U2Like A Song...1983Producer
U2Miracle Drug2004Producer
U2New Year's Day1982Producer
U2Original Of The Species2004Producer
U2Out Of Control1979Producer
U2Red Flag Day2017Producer
U2Red Light1983Producer
U2Shadows And Tall Trees1980Producer
U2Stories For Boys1979Producer
U2Stranger In A Strange Land1981Producer
U2Sunday Bloody Sunday1983Producer
U2Sweetest Thing1987Producer
U2The Electric Co.1980Producer
U2The Ocean1980Producer
U2The Showman (Little More Better)2017Producer
U2Trash, Trampoline And The Party Girl1982Producer
U2Treasure (Whatever Happened To Pete The Chop?)1983Producer
U2Two Hearts Beat As One1983Producer
U2Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses1991Producer
U2With A Shout1981Producer
U2You're The Best Thing About Me2017Producer
U2 feat. Kendrick LamarGet Out Of Your Own Way2017Producer
UltravoxArtificial Life1977Producer
UltravoxDangerous Rhythm1977Producer
UltravoxDistant Smile1977Producer
UltravoxFear In The Western World1977Producer
UltravoxFrozen Ones1977Producer
UltravoxHiroshima mon amour1977Producer
UltravoxI Want To Be A Machine1977Producer
UltravoxLife At The Rainbow's End (For All The Tax Exiles On Main Street)1977Producer
UltravoxModern Love1977Producer
UltravoxMy Sex1977Producer
UltravoxSat'day Night In The City Of Death1977Producer
UltravoxSlip Away1977Producer
UltravoxThe Lonely Hunter1977Producer
UltravoxThe Man Who Dies Every Day1977Producer
UltravoxThe Wild, The Beautiful And The Damned1977Producer
UltravoxWhile I'm Still Alive1977Producer
UltravoxWide Boys1977Producer
UltravoxYoung Savage1977Producer
XTCBurning With Optimism's Flames1980Producer
XTCBushman President1979Producer
XTCChain Of Command1982Producer
XTCComplicated Game1979Producer
XTCDon't Lose Your Temper1980Producer
XTCGenerals And Majors1980Producer
XTCHomo Safari1979Producer
XTCLife Begins At The Hop1979Producer
XTCLiving Through Another Cuba1980Producer
XTCLove At First Sight1980Producer
XTCMaking Plans For Nigel1979Producer
XTCNo Language In Our Lungs1980Producer
XTCOutside World1979Producer
XTCPaper And Iron1980Producer
XTCPulsing Pulsing1979Producer
XTCReal By Reel1979Producer
XTCRespectable Street1980Producer
XTCRoads Girdle The Globe1979Producer
XTCRocket From A Bottle1980Producer
XTCScissor Man1979Producer
XTCSgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me)1980Producer
XTCSmokeless Zone1981Producer
XTCTen Feet Tall1979Producer
XTCThat Is The Way1979Producer
XTCTowers Of London1980Producer
XTCTravels In Nihilion1980Producer
XTCWhen You're Near Me I Have Difficulty1979Producer
Billy Breathes (Phish)55.4
Medley (The Pogues)85.38
Streets Of Sorrow / Birmingham Six (The Pogues)85.25
Biko (Peter Gabriel)755.16
Games Without Frontiers (Peter Gabriel)1005.09
Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2)1655
I Will Follow (Live) (U2)214.95
Thousands Are Sailing (The Pogues)154.93
Fairytale Of New York (The Pogues feat. Kirsty MacColl)994.91
October (U2)224.91
New Year's Day (U2)1324.87
Original Of The Species (U2)384.87
Chance (Big Country)424.86
Battle Born (The Killers)184.83
The Wild, The Beautiful And The Damned (Ultravox)124.83
I Want To Be A Machine (Ultravox)104.8
Don't Do It (Frida)104.8
If I Should Fall From Grace With God (The Pogues)184.78
Slip Away (Ultravox)94.78
Young Ned Of The Hill (The Pogues)94.78
Vertigo (U2)2004.5
Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2)1655
Sweetest Thing (U2)1524.11
New Year's Day (U2)1324.87
Games Without Frontiers (Peter Gabriel)1005.09
Fairytale Of New York (The Pogues feat. Kirsty MacColl)994.91
Harlem Shuffle (The Rolling Stones)963.67
Even Better Than The Real Thing (U2)894.02
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (U2)883.64
Biko (Peter Gabriel)755.16
Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (U2)754.07
Runaways (The Killers)734.42
Making Plans For Nigel (XTC)654.65
Waterfront (Simple Minds)574.39
All Because Of You (U2)574
How Far We've Come (Matchbox Twenty)553.95
I Will Follow (U2)534.53
In A Big Country (Big Country)494.2
Shine (Frida)473.91
Up In The Air (Thirty Seconds To Mars)444

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