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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Paul Kolderie
Big DipperA Song To Be Beautiful1988Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
Big DipperBonnie1988Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
Big DipperHey! Mr. Lincoln1988Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
Big DipperMeet The Witch1988Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
Big DipperRon Klaus Wrecked His House1988Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
Big DipperSemjase1988Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
Big DipperStardom Because1988Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
Big DipperThe Bells Of Love1988Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
Big DipperThe Insane Girl1988Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
(Paul Kolderie)
BlamelessTown Clowns1995Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
Buffalo TomLarry1992Producer
Buffalo TomMineral1992Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
Buffalo TomTaillights Fade1992Producer
Buffalo TomVelvet Roof1992Producer
Chuck ProphetAlex Nieto2017Producer
Chuck ProphetBad Year For Rock And Roll2017Producer
Chuck ProphetBobby Fuller Died For Your Sins2017Producer
Chuck ProphetComing Out In Code2017Producer
Chuck ProphetIf I Was Connie Britton2017Producer
Chuck ProphetIn The Mausoleum (For Alan Vega)2017Producer
Chuck ProphetJesus Was A Social Drinker2017Producer
Chuck ProphetKilling Machine2017Producer
Chuck ProphetOpen Up Your Heart2017Producer
Chuck ProphetPost-War Cinematic Dead Man Blues2017Producer
Chuck ProphetRider Or The Train2017Producer
Chuck ProphetWe Got Up And Played2017Producer
Chuck ProphetYour Skin2017Producer
Dear LeaderBarbarians2009Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
Dear LeaderEmpires2009Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
Dear LeaderHeart Hangs Low2009Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
Dear LeaderIndifference In The Age Of Decline2009Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
Dear LeaderRust Belt Ballad2009Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
Dear LeaderShimmer2009Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
Dear LeaderThe Blue Print2009Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
Dear LeaderThe Napoleon Complex2009Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
Dear LeaderThe Wayside2009Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
Dear LeaderYoung Gods2009Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
EchobellyDark Therapy1996Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
HoleAsking For It1994Producer
HoleCredit In The Straight World1994Producer
HoleDoll Parts1994Producer
HoleI Think That I Would Die1994Producer
HoleJennifers Body1994Producer
HoleMiss World1994Producer
HoleOld Age1995Producer
HoleRock Star1994Producer
HoleShe Walks On Me1994Producer
HoleSofter, Softest1994Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
Lou ReedThis Magic Moment1996Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
MatthewEverybody Down2002Producer
MatthewIn The Wonder2002Producer
MatthewOpen Wide2002Producer
MatthewThe Darkest Night2002Producer
MatthewThis Time2002Producer
MatthewWhere Did You Go2002Producer
MatthewYou Thought2002Producer
MorphineA Head With Wings1993Producer
MorphineAll Wrong1993Producer
MorphineCure For Pain1993Producer
MorphineI'm Free Now1993Producer
MorphineMary Won't You Call My Name?1993Producer
MorphineSuper Sex1995Producer
Portugal. The ManDo You2009Producer
Portugal. The ManEveryone Is Golden2009Producer
Portugal. The ManGuns & Dogs2009Producer
Portugal. The ManLet You Down2009Producer
Portugal. The ManLovers In Love2009Producer
Portugal. The ManMornings2009Producer
Portugal. The ManPeople Say2009Producer
Portugal. The ManThe Home2009Producer
Portugal. The ManThe Sun2009Producer
Portugal. The ManThe Woods2009Producer
Portugal. The ManWork All Day2009Producer
RadioheadAnyone Can Play Guitar1993Producer
RadioheadBanana Co.1994Producer
RadioheadBlow Out1993Producer
RadioheadCoke Babies1993Producer
RadioheadFaithless, The Wonderboy1993Producer
RadioheadHow Do You?1993Producer
RadioheadI Can't1993Producer
RadioheadInside My Head1992Producer
RadioheadMillion Dollar Question1992Producer
RadioheadPop Is Dead1993Producer
RadioheadProve Yourself1992Producer
RadioheadStop Whispering1993Producer
RadioheadThinking About You1992Producer
The Dresden DollsBackstabber2006Producer
The Dresden DollsDelilah2006Producer
The Dresden DollsDirty Business2006Producer
The Dresden DollsFirst Orgasm2006Producer
The Dresden DollsMandy Goes To Med School2006Producer
The Dresden DollsMe & The Minibar2006Producer
The Dresden DollsModern Moonlight2006Producer
The Dresden DollsMrs. O2006Producer
The Dresden DollsMy Alcoholic Friends2006Producer
The Dresden DollsNecessary Evil2006Producer
The Dresden DollsSex Changes2006Producer
The Dresden DollsShores Of California2006Producer
The Dresden DollsSing2006Producer
The Goo Goo DollsLazy Eye1998Producer
The Lemonheads(The) Door1990Producer
The LemonheadsBallarat1990Producer
The LemonheadsBrass Buttons1990Producer
The LemonheadsCome Downstairs1990Producer
The LemonheadsDifferent Drum1990Producer
The LemonheadsGonna Get Along Without Ya Now1991Producer
The LemonheadsHalf The Time1990Producer
The LemonheadsLeft For Dead1990Producer
The LemonheadsLi'l Seed1990Producer
The LemonheadsPaint1990Producer
The LemonheadsRide With Me1990Producer
The LemonheadsSkulls1991Producer
The LemonheadsStep By Step1991Producer
The LemonheadsStove1990Producer
The LemonheadsUntitled [Lovey]1997Producer
The LemonheadsYear Of The Cat1990Producer
The Mighty Mighty BossTonesAll Things Considered2000Producer
The Mighty Mighty BossTonesAllow Them2000Producer
The Mighty Mighty BossTonesBad News And Bad Breaks2000Producer
The Mighty Mighty BossTonesCowboy Coffee Producer
The Mighty Mighty BossTonesFinally2000Producer
The Mighty Mighty BossTonesHigh School Dance2000Producer
The Mighty Mighty BossTonesI Know More2000Producer
The Mighty Mighty BossTonesIs It?1998Producer
The Mighty Mighty BossTonesLet Me Be2000Producer
The Mighty Mighty BossTonesOne Million Reasons2000Producer
The Mighty Mighty BossTonesOver The Eggshells2000Producer
The Mighty Mighty BossTonesRiot On Broad Street2000Producer
The Mighty Mighty BossTonesRoyal Oil1997Producer
The Mighty Mighty BossTonesShe Just Happened2000Producer
The Mighty Mighty BossTonesSo Sad To Say2000Producer
The Mighty Mighty BossTonesStorm Hit1998Producer
The Mighty Mighty BossTonesTemporary Trip2000Producer
The Mighty Mighty BossTonesThe Day He Didn't Die2000Producer
The Mighty Mighty BossTonesThe Impression That I Get1997Producer
The Mighty Mighty BossTonesThe Rascal King1997Producer
The Mighty Mighty BossTonesThe Skeleton Song2000Producer
The Mighty Mighty BossTonesWhere You Come From2000Producer
The Mighty Mighty BossTonesWhere'd You Go?1995Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
The Steepwater BandAnother Cold Letdown2004Producer
The Steepwater BandAutumn2004Producer
The Steepwater BandBack To The Bottle2001Producer
The Steepwater BandBlack Cats Path2004Producer
The Steepwater BandDead Horse2004Producer
The Steepwater BandDharmakaya2004Producer
The Steepwater BandGettin' By2004Producer
The Steepwater BandJammin' Down Southern2004Producer
The Steepwater BandOh I Wept2004Producer
The Steepwater BandRide Free2004Producer
The Steepwater BandWaiting On The Devil2004Producer
Tracy BonhamMother Mother1996Producer
Tracy BonhamThe One1996Producer
Uncle TupeloBefore I Break1990Producer
Uncle TupeloFactory Belt1990Producer
Uncle TupeloFlatness1990Producer
Uncle TupeloGraveyard Shift1990Producer
Uncle TupeloJohn Hardy1990Producer
Uncle TupeloLeft In The Dark1990Producer
Uncle TupeloLife Worth Livin'1990Producer
Uncle TupeloNo Depression1990Producer
Uncle TupeloOutdone1990Producer
Uncle TupeloScreen Door1990Producer
Uncle TupeloSo Called Friend1990Producer
Uncle TupeloThat Year1990Producer
Uncle TupeloTrain1990Producer
Uncle TupeloWhiskey Bottle1990Producer
Warren ZevonBack In The High Life Again2000Producer
Warren ZevonDirty Little Religion2000Producer
Warren ZevonDon't Let Us Get Sick2000Producer
Warren ZevonFistful Of Rain2000Producer
Warren ZevonFor My Next Trick I'll Need A Volunteer2000Producer
Warren ZevonHostage-O2000Producer
Warren ZevonI Was In The House When The House Burned Down1999Producer
Warren ZevonI'll Slow You Down2000Producer
Warren ZevonLife'll Kill Ya2000Producer
Warren ZevonMy Shit's Fucked Up2000Producer
Warren ZevonOurselves To Know2000Producer
Warren ZevonPorcelain Monkey2000Producer
Wax [US]California1993Producer
(Paul Kolderie)
Creep (Radiohead)1945.02
Taillights Fade (Buffalo Tom)125
Shores Of California (The Dresden Dolls)64.83
Mother Mother (Tracy Bonham)204.6
You (Radiohead)244.54
Violet (Hole)214.52
Thinking About You (Radiohead)234.48
Doll Parts (Hole)254.44
Asking For It (Hole)74.43
Inside My Head (Radiohead)54.4
The Impression That I Get (The Mighty Mighty BossTones)264.38
Miss World (Hole)134.38
Jennifers Body (Hole)64.33
Lurgee (Radiohead)214.29
Anyone Can Play Guitar (Radiohead)314.26
Stop Whispering (Radiohead)274.22
Blow Out (Radiohead)234.22
Pop Is Dead (Radiohead)104.2
I Think That I Would Die (Hole)54.2
People Say (Portugal. The Man)134.15
Creep (Radiohead)1945.02
Anyone Can Play Guitar (Radiohead)314.26
Stop Whispering (Radiohead)274.22
The Impression That I Get (The Mighty Mighty BossTones)264.38
Doll Parts (Hole)254.44
You (Radiohead)244.54
Thinking About You (Radiohead)234.48
Blow Out (Radiohead)234.22
Prove Yourself (Radiohead)224
Violet (Hole)214.52
Lurgee (Radiohead)214.29
Mother Mother (Tracy Bonham)204.6
I Can't (Radiohead)203.75
Ripcord (Radiohead)194.05
Vegetable (Radiohead)194.05
How Do You? (Radiohead)194
Miss World (Hole)134.38
People Say (Portugal. The Man)134.15
Taillights Fade (Buffalo Tom)125
Pop Is Dead (Radiohead)104.2

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