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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Paul A. Rothschild, Paul Rothchild
Al KooperCan't Keep From Crying Sometimes1966Producer
Ars NovaAlbum In Your Mind1968Producer
Ars NovaAnd How Am I To Know1968Producer
Ars NovaAutomatic Love1968Producer
Ars NovaFields Of People1968Producer
Ars NovaGeneral Clover Ends A War1968Producer
Ars NovaI Wrapped Her In Ribbons (After Iniza)1968Producer
Ars NovaMarch Of The Mad Duke's Circus1968Producer
Ars NovaPavan For My Lady1968Producer
Ars NovaSong Of The City1968Producer
Ars NovaZarathustra1968Producer
Ars NovaZoroaster1968Producer
B.J. ThomasLight My Fire1968Music/Lyrics
Bette MidlerThe Rose1979Producer
Bette MidlerWhen A Man Loves A Woman1979Producer
Bonnie RaittAbout To Make Me Leave Home1977Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Bonnie RaittFool Yourself1975Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Bonnie RaittGamblin' Man1977Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Bonnie RaittGood Enough1975Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Bonnie RaittHome1977Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Bonnie RaittI'm Blowin' Away1975Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Bonnie RaittLouise1977Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Bonnie RaittMy First Night Alone Without You1975Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Bonnie RaittMy Opening Farewell1977Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Bonnie RaittPleasin' Each Other1975Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Bonnie RaittRun Like A Thief1975Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Bonnie RaittRunaway1977Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Bonnie RaittSugar Mama1975Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Bonnie RaittSweet Forgiveness1977Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Bonnie RaittTakin' My Time1977Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Bonnie RaittThree Time Loser1977Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Bonnie RaittTwo Lives1977Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Bonnie RaittWalk Out The Front Door1975Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Bonnie RaittWhat Do You Want The Boy To Do?1975Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Bonnie RaittYour Sweet And Shiny Eyes1975Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Clear LightA Child's Smile1967Producer
Clear LightBlack Roses1967Producer
Clear LightHow Many Days Have Passed1967Producer
Clear LightMr. Blue1967Producer
Clear LightNight Sounds Loud1967Producer
Clear LightSand1967Producer
Clear LightShe's Ready To Be Free1967Producer
Clear LightStreet Singer1967Producer
Clear LightThe Ballad Of Freddie & Larry1967Producer
Clear LightThey Who Have Nothing1967Producer
Clear LightThink Again1967Producer
Clear LightWith All In Mind1967Producer
Crosby, Stills & NashYou Don't Have To Cry1969Producer
Eric ClaptonCrossroads1966Producer
Eric ClaptonI Want To Know1966Producer
Funky KingsAnywhere But Jimmie's1976Producer
Funky KingsHelp To Guide Me1976Producer
Funky KingsHighway Song (Drive, Drive, Drive)1976Producer
Funky KingsLet Me Go1976Producer
Funky KingsMattress On The Roof1976Producer
Funky KingsMy Old Pals1976Producer
Funky KingsNothing Was Exchanged1976Producer
Funky KingsSinging In The Streets1976Producer
Funky KingsSlow Dancing1976Producer
Funky KingsSo Easy To Begin1976Producer
Funky KingsSo Long1976Producer
Janis JoplinCry Baby1970Producer
Janis JoplinHalf Moon1970Producer
Janis JoplinMe And Bobby McGee1970Producer
Janis JoplinMercedes Benz1970Producer
Janis Joplin & The Full Tilt Boogie BandA Woman Left Lonely1970Producer
Janis Joplin & The Full Tilt Boogie BandBuried Alive In The Blues1970Producer
Janis Joplin & The Full Tilt Boogie BandGet It While You Can1970Producer
Janis Joplin & The Full Tilt Boogie BandMove Over1970Producer
Janis Joplin & The Full Tilt Boogie BandMy Baby1970Producer
Janis Joplin & The Full Tilt Boogie BandTrust Me1970Producer
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers with Eric ClaptonSteppin' Out1966Producer
John SebastianBaby Don't Ya Get Crazy1969Producer
John SebastianBlue Suede Shoes1971Producer
John SebastianDarling Be Home Soon1971Producer
John SebastianFa-Fana-Fa1969Producer
John SebastianHow Have You Been1969Producer
John SebastianI Had A Dream1969Producer
John SebastianMagical Connection1969Producer
John SebastianRainbows All Over Your Blues1969Producer
John SebastianRed-Eye Express1969Producer
John SebastianShe's A Lady1968Producer
John SebastianThe Room Nobody Lives In1968Producer
John SebastianWhat She Thinks About1969Producer
John SebastianYou're A Big Boy Now1969Producer
Joni MitchellTin Angel1969Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Love7 & 7 Is1966Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
LoveOrange Skies1966Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
LoveQue Vida1966Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
(Paul Rothchild)
LoveShe Comes In Colors1966Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
LoveStephanie Knows Who1966Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
LoveThe Castle1966Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Michael BloomfieldBlues With A Feeling1965Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Michael BloomfieldBorn In Chicago1965Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
OutlawsAin't So Bad1976Producer
OutlawsBreaker - Breaker1976Producer
OutlawsCry No More1975Producer
OutlawsFreeborn Man1976Producer
OutlawsGirl From Ohio1976Producer
OutlawsGreen Grass & High Tides1975Producer
OutlawsIt Follows From Your Heart1975Producer
OutlawsJust For You1976Producer
OutlawsKnoxville Girl1975Producer
OutlawsLover Boy1976Producer
OutlawsSong For You1975Producer
OutlawsSong In the Breeze1975Producer
OutlawsSouth Carolina1976Producer
OutlawsStay With Me1975Producer
OutlawsStick Around For Rock 'N' Roll1976Producer
Pat MartinoJoyous Lake1976Producer
(Paul A. Rothschild)
Pat MartinoLine Games1976Producer
(Paul A. Rothschild)
Pat MartinoMardi gras1976Producer
(Paul A. Rothschild)
Pat MartinoM'wandishi1976Producer
(Paul A. Rothschild)
Pat MartinoPyramidal Vision1976Producer
(Paul A. Rothschild)
Pat MartinoSong Bird1976Producer
(Paul A. Rothschild)
Phil OchsAutomation Song1964Producer
Phil OchsBound For Glory1964Producer
Phil OchsCelia1964Producer
Phil OchsDays Of Decision1965Producer
Phil OchsDraft Dodger Rag1965Producer
Phil OchsHere's To The State Of Mississippi1965Producer
Phil OchsI Ain't Marching Anymore1965Producer
Phil OchsIn The Heat Of The Summer1965Producer
Phil OchsKnock On The Door1964Producer
Phil OchsLinks On The Chain1965Producer
Phil OchsLou Marsh1964Producer
Phil OchsOne More Parade1964Producer
Phil OchsTalkin' Cuban Crisis1964Producer
Phil OchsTalkin' Vietnam1964Producer
Phil OchsTalking Birmingham Jam1965Producer
Phil OchsThat Was The President1965Producer
Phil OchsThat's What I Want To Hear1965Producer
Phil OchsThe Ballad Of The Carpenter1965Producer
Phil OchsThe Ballad Of William Worthy1964Producer
Phil OchsThe Bells1964Producer
Phil OchsThe Highwayman1965Producer
Phil OchsThe Hills Of West Virginia1965Producer
Phil OchsThe Iron Lady1965Producer
Phil OchsThe Man Behind The Gun1965Producer
Phil OchsThe Power And The Glory1964Producer
Phil OchsThe Tresher1964Producer
Phil OchsToo Many Martyrs1964Producer
Phil OchsWhat's That I Hear1964Producer
RhinocerosApricot Brandy1968Producer
The DoorsAlabama Song1967Producer
The DoorsBack Door Man1967Producer
The DoorsBird Of Prey1978Producer
The DoorsBlue Sunday1969Producer
The DoorsBreak On Through1967Producer
The DoorsCarol2007Producer
The DoorsDo It1969Producer
The DoorsEasy Ride1969Producer
The DoorsEnd Of The Night1967Producer
The DoorsFive To One1968Producer
The DoorsGloria1969Producer
The DoorsGloria [Live]1970Producer
The DoorsHello, I Love You, Won't You Tell Me Your Name?1968Producer
The DoorsHorse Latitudes1967Producer
The DoorsI Can't See Your Face In My Mind1967Producer
The DoorsI Looked At You1967Producer
The DoorsIndian Summer1969Producer
The DoorsLand Ho!1969Producer
The DoorsLight My Fire1967Producer
The DoorsLove Hides1970Producer
The DoorsLove Me Two Times1967Producer
The DoorsLove Me Two Times (Live)1970Producer
The DoorsLove Street1968Producer
The DoorsMaggie M'Gill1969Producer
The DoorsMoney Beats Soul2007Producer
The DoorsMoonlight Drive1967Producer
The DoorsMy Eyes Have Seen You1967Producer
The DoorsMy Wild Love1968Producer
The DoorsNot To Touch The Earth1968Producer
The DoorsPeace Frog1969Producer
The DoorsPeople Are Strange1967Producer
The DoorsQueen Of The Highway1969Producer
The DoorsRoadhouse Blues1969Producer
The DoorsRoadhouse Blues (Live)1991Producer
The DoorsRunnin' Blue1969Producer
The DoorsShaman's Blues1969Producer
The DoorsShip Of Fools1969Producer
The DoorsSoul Kitchen1967Producer
The DoorsSpanish Caravan1968Producer
The DoorsStrange Days1967Producer
The DoorsSummer's Almost Gone1968Producer
The DoorsTake It As It Comes1967Producer
The DoorsTalking Blues2007Producer
The DoorsTell All The People1969Producer
The DoorsThe Crystal Ship1967Producer
The DoorsThe End1967Producer
The DoorsThe Soft Parade1969Producer
The DoorsThe Spy1969Producer
The DoorsThe Unknown Soldier1968Producer
The DoorsTouch Me1968Producer
The DoorsTwentieth Century Fox1967Producer
The DoorsUnhappy Girl1967Producer
The DoorsWaiting For The Sun1969Producer
The DoorsWe Could Be So Good Together1968Producer
The DoorsWhen The Music's Over1967Producer
The DoorsWhiskeys, Mystics And Men1999Producer
The DoorsWho Scared You1969Producer
The DoorsWild Child1968Producer
The DoorsWintertime Love1968Producer
The DoorsWishful Sinful1969Producer
The DoorsYes, The River Knows1968Producer
The DoorsYou Make Me Real1969Producer
The DoorsYou're Lost Little Girl1967Producer
The Everly BrothersAll We Really Want To Do1972Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
The Everly BrothersBreakdown1972Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
The Everly BrothersChristmas Eve Can Kill You1972Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
The Everly BrothersDel Rio Dan1972Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
The Everly BrothersGreen River1972Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
The Everly BrothersI'm Tired Of Singing My Song In Las Vegas1972Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
The Everly BrothersMandolin Wind1972Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
The Everly BrothersRidin' High1972Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
The Everly BrothersStories We Can Tell1972Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
The Everly BrothersThe Brand New Tennessee Waltz1972Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
The Everly BrothersThree-Armed Poker-Playin' River Rat1972Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
The Everly BrothersUp In Mabel's Room1972Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
The Lovin' SpoonfulAlmost Grown1966Producer
The Lovin' SpoonfulDon't Bank On It, Baby1966Producer
The Lovin' SpoonfulGood Time Music1966Producer
The Lovin' SpoonfulSearchin'1966Producer
The OutlawsKeep Prayin'1975Producer
The OutlawsThere Goes Another Love Song1975Producer
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band1000 Ways1971Producer
The Paul Butterfield Blues BandBlind Leading The Blind1971Producer
The Paul Butterfield Blues BandDrowned In My Own Tears1971Producer
The Paul Butterfield Blues BandGood Morning Little Schoolgirl1966Producer
The Paul Butterfield Blues BandLittle Piece Of Dying1971Producer
The Paul Butterfield Blues BandLovin' Cup1966Producer
The Paul Butterfield Blues BandNight Child1971Producer
The Paul Butterfield Blues BandOff The Wall1966Producer
The Paul Butterfield Blues BandOne More Mile1966Producer
The Paul Butterfield Blues BandPlay On1971Producer
The Paul Butterfield Blues BandPretty Woman1971Producer
The Paul Butterfield Blues BandSong For Lee1971Producer
The Paul Butterfield Blues BandSpoonful1966Producer
The Paul Butterfield Blues BandTrainman1971Producer
Tim BuckleyAren't You The Girl1966Producer
Tim BuckleyGrief In My Soul1966Producer
Tim BuckleyI Can't See You1966Producer
Tim BuckleyIt Happens Every Time1966Producer
Tim BuckleyShe Is1966Producer
Tim BuckleySong For Janie1966Producer
Tim BuckleySong Of The Magician1966Producer
Tim BuckleySong Slowly Song1966Producer
Tim BuckleyStrange Street Affair Under Blue1966Producer
Tim BuckleyUnderstand Your Man1966Producer
Tim BuckleyValentine Melody1966Producer
Tim BuckleyWings1966Producer
Tom PaxtonA Job Of Work1964Producer
Tom PaxtonA Rumblin' In The Land1964Producer
Tom PaxtonAll The Way Home1966Producer
Tom PaxtonBeau John1966Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Tom PaxtonBound For The Mountains And The Sea1964Producer
Tom PaxtonDaily News1964Producer
Tom PaxtonDeep Fork River Blues1966Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Tom PaxtonDon't You Let Nobody Turn You 'Round1966Producer
Tom PaxtonFare Thee Well, Cisco1964Producer
Tom PaxtonGoin' To The Zoo1964Producer
Tom PaxtonHarper1964Producer
Tom PaxtonHigh Sheriff Of Hazard1964Producer
Tom PaxtonI Believe, I Do1966Producer
Tom PaxtonI Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound1964Producer
Tom PaxtonI Followed Her Into The West1966Producer
Tom PaxtonIs This Any Way To Run An Airline?1966Producer
Tom PaxtonLeaving London1966Producer
Tom PaxtonMy Dog's Better Than Your Dog1966Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Tom PaxtonMy Lady's A Wild Flying Dove1964Producer
Tom PaxtonMy Son, John1966Producer
Tom PaxtonOne Time And One Time Only1966Producer
Tom PaxtonOutward Bound1966Producer
Tom PaxtonRamblin' Boy1964Producer
Tom PaxtonStanding On The Edge Of Town1964Producer
Tom PaxtonTalking Pop Art1966Producer
Tom PaxtonThe King Of My Backyard1966Producer
Tom PaxtonThe Last Thing On My Mind1964Producer
Tom PaxtonThe Marvelous Toy1962Producer
(Paul Rothchild)
Tom PaxtonThis World Goes 'Round And 'Round1966Producer
Tom PaxtonWhat Did You Learn In School Today?1964Producer
Tom PaxtonWhen The Morning Breaks1964Producer
Tom PaxtonWhen You Get Your Ticket1966Producer
Tom RushI'm In Love Again1966Producer
You're Lost Little Girl (The Doors)365.25
The Rose (Bette Midler)1845.18
Gloria (The Doors)65.17
The End (The Doors)1195.16
The Crystal Ship (The Doors)545.15
Light My Fire (The Doors)1895.11
Summer's Almost Gone (The Doors)275.11
When The Music's Over (The Doors)495.04
Me And Bobby McGee (Janis Joplin)1685.04
Take It As It Comes (The Doors)315
It Happens Every Time (Tim Buckley)55
People Are Strange (The Doors)884.98
Cry Baby (Janis Joplin)764.97
The Spy (The Doors)284.96
Waiting For The Sun (The Doors)514.94
Wintertime Love (The Doors)264.92
Spanish Caravan (The Doors)404.9
Strange Days (The Doors)424.88
Break On Through (The Doors)994.87
Touch Me (The Doors)1034.86
Light My Fire (The Doors)1895.11
The Rose (Bette Midler)1845.18
Me And Bobby McGee (Janis Joplin)1685.04
The End (The Doors)1195.16
Hello, I Love You, Won't You Tell Me Your Name? (The Doors)1134.17
Touch Me (The Doors)1034.86
Break On Through (The Doors)994.87
Mercedes Benz (Janis Joplin)954.14
People Are Strange (The Doors)884.98
Cry Baby (Janis Joplin)764.97
Alabama Song (The Doors)764.76
Roadhouse Blues (The Doors)644.77
Love Me Two Times (The Doors)624.63
The Crystal Ship (The Doors)545.15
Waiting For The Sun (The Doors)514.94
Love Street (The Doors)504.86
When The Music's Over (The Doors)495.04
The Unknown Soldier (The Doors)484.29
Move Over (Janis Joplin & The Full Tilt Boogie Band)454.82
Back Door Man (The Doors)434.56

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