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Barclay James HarvestBall And Chain1970Producer
Barclay James HarvestBreathless1969Producer
Barclay James HarvestBrother Thrush1969Producer
Barclay James HarvestDark Now My Sky1970Producer
Barclay James HarvestEarly Morning1968Producer
Barclay James HarvestEden Unobtainable1968Producer
Barclay James HarvestGaladriel1970Producer
Barclay James HarvestGood Love Child1970Producer
Barclay James HarvestHappy Old World1970Producer
Barclay James HarvestI Can't Go On Without You1969Producer
Barclay James HarvestLady Loves1970Producer
Barclay James HarvestMister Sunshine1968Producer
Barclay James HarvestMocking Bird1970Producer
Barclay James HarvestMother Dear1970Producer
Barclay James HarvestPools Of Blue1969Producer
Barclay James HarvestPoor Wages1969Producer
Barclay James HarvestShe Said1970Producer
Barclay James HarvestSong For Dying1970Producer
Barclay James HarvestTaking Some Time On1970Producer
Barclay James HarvestThe Iron Maiden1970Producer
Barclay James HarvestThe Sun Will Never Shine1970Producer
Barclay James HarvestVanessa Simmons1970Producer
Barclay James HarvestWhen The City Sleeps1969Producer
Barclay James HarvestWhen The World Was Woken1970Producer
Barry Lee ShowI Don't Want To Love You1968Producer
Barry Lee ShowOver And Over1968Producer
Buddy CaineDer große Zauberer1974Music/Lyrics
Curtiss MasonLot Of Lovin'1971Producer
Curtiss MasonMonkberry Moon Delight1971Producer
David GilmourThe Narrow Way, Part 11969Producer
David GilmourThe Narrow Way, Part 21969Producer
David GilmourThe Narrow Way, Part 31969Producer
Eddie CalvertDon't Let It Die1972Music/Lyrics
Edgar Broughton BandAmerican Boy Soldier1969Producer
Edgar Broughton BandCrying1969Producer
Edgar Broughton BandDawn Crept Away1969Producer
Edgar Broughton BandDeath Of An Electric Citizen1969Producer
Edgar Broughton BandLove In The Rain1969Producer
Edgar Broughton BandNeptune1969Producer
Edgar Broughton BandWhy Can't Somebody Love Me1969Producer
Georgie FameMany Happy Returns1966Music/Lyrics
Helen ShapiroA Dozen Other Boys Producer
Helen ShapiroA Teenager In Love1962Producer
Helen ShapiroA Teenager Sings The Blues1962Producer
Helen ShapiroAfter You've Gone1961Producer
Helen ShapiroAll Alone Am I1964Producer
Helen ShapiroAn Empty House1966Producer
Helen ShapiroAre You Lonesome Tonight1962Producer
Helen ShapiroBaby It's You1964Producer
Helen ShapiroBasin Street Blues1963Producer
Helen ShapiroBecause They're Young1962Producer
Helen ShapiroBeyond The Sea (La mer)1962Producer
Helen ShapiroBirth Of The Blues1961Producer
Helen ShapiroBlues In The Night1962Producer
Helen ShapiroDon't Treat Me Like A Child1961Producer
Helen ShapiroEvery One But The Right One1962Producer
Helen ShapiroFever1964Producer
Helen ShapiroForget About The Bad Things1966Producer
Helen ShapiroFrag' mich nicht warum1962Producer
Helen ShapiroGoody Goody1961Producer
Helen ShapiroHere In Your Arms1965Producer
Helen ShapiroHere Today & Gone Tomorrow1963Producer
Helen ShapiroHe's A Rebel1964Producer
Helen ShapiroI Apologise1962Producer
Helen ShapiroI Believe In Love1963Producer
Helen ShapiroI Can't Say No To Your Kiss1962Producer
Helen ShapiroI Cried Myself To Sleep Last Night1963Producer
Helen ShapiroI Don't Care1962Producer
Helen ShapiroI Love You1962Producer
Helen ShapiroI Walked Right In (With My Eyes Wide Open)1963Producer
Helen ShapiroI Want To Be Happy1963Producer
Helen ShapiroI Was Only Kidding1964Producer
Helen ShapiroI Wish I'd Never Loved You1964Producer
Helen ShapiroI'm Going Out (The Same Way I Came In)1967Producer
Helen ShapiroI'm Tickled Pink1963Producer
Helen ShapiroIn My Calendar1966Producer
Helen ShapiroIt Might As Well Rain Until September1964Producer
Helen ShapiroIt's In His Kiss1964Producer
Helen ShapiroIt's My Party1963Producer
Helen ShapiroIt's So Funny I Could Cry1965Producer
Helen ShapiroJust A Line1963Producer
Helen ShapiroKeep Away From Other Girls1962Producer
Helen ShapiroKeep Your Hands Off My Baby1964Producer
Helen ShapiroKiss 'N' Run1961Producer
Helen ShapiroLet's Talk About Love1961Producer
Helen ShapiroLipstick On Your Collar1962Producer
Helen ShapiroLittle Devil1962Producer
Helen ShapiroLittle Miss Lonely1962Producer
Helen ShapiroLook Over Your Shoulder1964Producer
Helen ShapiroLook Who It Is1963Producer
Helen ShapiroMake Me Belong To You1967Producer
Helen ShapiroMarvellous Lie1961Producer
Helen ShapiroMove Over Darling1964Producer
Helen ShapiroMy Guy1964Producer
Helen ShapiroNo Trespassing1963Producer
Helen ShapiroNot Responsible1963Producer
Helen ShapiroOle Father Time1964Producer
Helen ShapiroParlons d'amour1962Producer
Helen ShapiroPlease Mr Postman1964Producer
Helen ShapiroQueen For Tonight1963Producer
Helen ShapiroRemember Me1964Producer
Helen ShapiroShe Needs Company1967Producer
Helen ShapiroShop Around1964Producer
Helen ShapiroSomething Wonderful1965Producer
Helen ShapiroSometime Yesterday1962Producer
Helen ShapiroSt Louis Blues1962Producer
Helen ShapiroStay1964Producer
Helen ShapiroStop And You'll Become Aware1967Producer
Helen ShapiroSweet Nothin's1962Producer
Helen ShapiroSweeter Than Sweet1963Producer
Helen ShapiroTell Me What He Said1962Producer
Helen ShapiroThe Day The Rains Came1962Producer
Helen ShapiroThe End Of The World1964Producer
Helen ShapiroTime And Time Again1962Producer
Helen ShapiroTip Toe Through The Tulips1961Producer
Helen ShapiroTomorrow Is Another Day1965Producer
Helen ShapiroWalk On By1964Producer
Helen ShapiroWalkin' Back To Happiness1961Producer
Helen ShapiroWhen I'm With You1961Producer
Helen ShapiroWhen You Hurt Me I Cry1963Producer
Helen ShapiroWho Is She?1963Producer
Helen ShapiroWill You Love Me Tomorrow1962Producer
Helen ShapiroWithout Your Love1963Producer
Helen ShapiroWoe Is Me1963Producer
Helen ShapiroYou Don't Know1961Producer
Helen ShapiroYou Got What It Takes1962Producer
Helen ShapiroYou Mean Ev'rything To Me1962Producer
Helen ShapiroYou'd Think He Didn't Know Me1963Producer
Helen ShapiroYoung Stranger1963Producer
Helen ShapiroYou're My Remedy1965Producer
Herbie Goins & The Night TimersNumber One In Your Heart1966Producer
Hurricane SmithA Melody You Never Will Forget1977Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithA Scrapyard Story1973Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithAnd Suddenly It's Love1976Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithAuntie Vi's1972Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithBack In The Country1972Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithBeautiful Day, Beautiful Night1973Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithBrown Eyes, Green Eyes1978Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithBye Bye1973Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithCherry1971Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithDon't Hide Your Heart Away1978Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithDon't Let It Die1971Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithElaine1977Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithGetting To Know You1972Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithGood Old Fashioned Heartbreaker1975Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithGrannie's Dixi Duo1971Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithHold On1977Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithI Only Have To Say I Love You1977Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithInstep1971Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithIs This My Love1977Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithIt's Over1977Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithJourney Thru' Dawn1972Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithLet's Dance1975Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithMama1977Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithMany Happy Returns1972Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithMister Misunderstood1977Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithMrs. B And Mr. Moses1973Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithMy Mother Was Her Name1972Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithNice To See You1975Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithOh Babe, What Would You Say1972Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithOh, Baby mach die Türe zu1972Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithPlease Love Me1977Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithRazzmantazz Shall Inherit The Earth1973Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithRight Arm Sam1973Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithSam1973Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithSummertime Love1976Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithTake Suki Home1972Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithThat Girl1972Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithThe First Time1973Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithThe Magic Is You1977Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithThe Poor Relation1973Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithThe Writer Sings His Song1971Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithTheme From An Unmade Silent Movie1970Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithThey All Need Someone To Love1973Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithTo Make You My Baby1974Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithWer war es?1972Producer
Hurricane SmithWho Was It?1972Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithWonderful Lily1971Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithWorking Girl From Leeds1973Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithWould It Be Right1975Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithWrite The Music, Sing Your Song1971Music/Lyrics
Hurricane SmithYou're My Girl1974Music/Lyrics
IpsissimusHold On1969Producer
Kevin AyersAfter The Show1974Producer
Kevin AyersThank You Very Much1974Producer
Kevin CoyneDon't Make Waves1976Producer
Kevin CoyneEngland Is Dying1977Producer
Kevin CoyneMona, Where's My Trousers1976Producer
Little RichardGet Down With It1967Producer
Little RichardRose Mary1966Producer
Liza MinnelliOh, Babe, What Would You Say?1972Music/Lyrics
María y FedericoCara de sol1971Music/Lyrics
Nick MasonThe Grand Vizier's Garden Party (Part 1 - Entrance)1969Producer
Nick MasonThe Grand Vizier's Garden Party (Part 2 - Entertainment)1969Producer
P.J. ProbyNo Other Love1965Producer
P.J. ProbyWalk Hand In Hand1965Producer
Pink FloydA Saucerful Of Secrets1968Producer
Pink FloydApples And Oranges1967Producer
Pink FloydAstronomy Domine1967Producer
Pink FloydAstronomy Domine [Live]1970Producer
Pink FloydBiding My Time1969Producer
Pink FloydBike1967Producer
Pink FloydCareful With That Axe, Eugene1968Producer
Pink FloydChapter 241967Producer
Pink FloydCorporal Clegg1968Producer
Pink FloydEmbryo1969Producer
Pink FloydFlaming1967Producer
Pink FloydInterstellar Overdrive1967Producer
Pink FloydIt Would Be So Nice1968Producer
Pink FloydJugband Blues1968Producer
Pink FloydJulia Dream1968Producer
Pink FloydLet There Be More Light1968Producer
Pink FloydLucifer Sam1967Producer
Pink FloydMatilda Mother1967Producer
Pink FloydNick's Boogie1967Producer
Pink FloydPaintbox1967Producer
Pink FloydPoint Me At The Sky1968Producer
Pink FloydPow R. Toc H.1967Producer
Pink FloydRemember A Day1968Producer
Pink FloydScarecrow1967Producer
Pink FloydSee Emily Play1967Producer
Pink FloydSee Saw1968Producer
Pink FloydSet The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun1968Producer
Pink FloydTake Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk1967Producer
Pink FloydThe Gnome1967Producer
Richard WrightSysyphus, Part 11969Producer
Richard WrightSysyphus, Part 21969Producer
Richard WrightSysyphus, Part 31969Producer
Richard WrightSysyphus, Part 41969Producer
Roger WatersGrantchester Meadows1969Producer
Roger WatersSeveral Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict1969Producer
Syd BarrettIf It's In You1970Producer
Syd BarrettNo Good Trying1970Producer
The BachelorsAround The World / The Moon Of Manakoora / Try To Remember / Oh Babe, What Would You Say1975Music/Lyrics
The BedrocksBefore You Came1969Producer
The BedrocksHit Me On The Head1970Producer
The BedrocksI've Got A Date - La La La1969Producer
The BedrocksLucy1968Producer
The BedrocksMusical Clowns1970Producer
The BedrocksOb-la-di, Ob-la-da1968Producer
The BedrocksThe Lovedene Girls1969Music/Lyrics
The BedrocksWonderful World1969Producer
The Love AffairHelp (Get Me Some Help)1971Producer
The Love AffairLong Way Home1971Producer
The Pretty ThingsAtlanta1974Producer
The Pretty ThingsBalloon Burning1968Producer
The Pretty ThingsBalloon Dancing1968Producer
The Pretty ThingsBaron Saturday1968Producer
The Pretty ThingsBelfast Cowboys1974Producer
The Pretty ThingsBracelets Of Fingers1968Producer
The Pretty ThingsBridge Of God1974Producer
The Pretty ThingsBruise In The Sky1974Producer
The Pretty ThingsCold Stone1970Producer
The Pretty ThingsCome Home Momma1974Producer
The Pretty ThingsCries From The Midnight Circus1970Producer
The Pretty ThingsDeath1968Producer
The Pretty ThingsDream1974Producer
The Pretty ThingsDrowned Man1975Producer
The Pretty ThingsGrass1970Producer
The Pretty ThingsI See You1968Producer
The Pretty ThingsI'm Keeping (Bad Company)1974Producer
The Pretty ThingsIn The Square1970Producer
The Pretty ThingsIs It Only Love1974Producer
The Pretty ThingsIt Isn't Rock 'N' Roll1975Producer
The Pretty ThingsIt's Been So Long1975Producer
The Pretty ThingsJoey1974Producer
The Pretty ThingsL.A.N.T.A.1974Producer
The Pretty ThingsLoneliest Person1968Producer
The Pretty ThingsMaybe You Tired1974Producer
The Pretty ThingsMiss Fay Regrets1970Producer
The Pretty ThingsMy Song1975Producer
The Pretty ThingsOctober 261970Producer
The Pretty ThingsOld Man Going1968Producer
The Pretty ThingsParachute1970Music/Lyrics
The Pretty ThingsPrivate Sorrow1968Producer
The Pretty ThingsRain1970Producer
The Pretty ThingsRemember That Boy1975Producer
The Pretty ThingsS.F. Sorrow Is Born1968Producer
The Pretty ThingsSay Eye1975Producer
The Pretty ThingsScene One1970Producer
The Pretty ThingsShe Says Good Morning1968Producer
The Pretty ThingsShe Was Tall, She Was High1970Producer
The Pretty ThingsShe's A Lover1970Producer
The Pretty ThingsSickle Clowns1970Producer
The Pretty ThingsSingapore Silk Torpedo1974Producer
The Pretty ThingsThe Good Mr. Square1970Producer
The Pretty ThingsThe Letter1970Producer
The Pretty ThingsTheme For Michelle1975Producer
The Pretty ThingsTonight1976Producer
The Pretty ThingsTrust1968Producer
The Pretty ThingsUnder The Volcano1975Producer
The Pretty ThingsWell Of Destiny1968Producer
The Pretty ThingsWhat's The Use1970Producer
The ShadowsIt's A Man's World1964Music/Lyrics
TornadoDon't Let It Die1971Music/Lyrics
Val DoonicanOh! Babe, What Would You Say1974Music/Lyrics
Mocking Bird (Barclay James Harvest)695.23
Trust (The Pretty Things)65.17
Remember A Day (Pink Floyd)265.08
Julia Dream (Pink Floyd)395
Embryo (Pink Floyd)215
She Says Good Morning (The Pretty Things)55
Lucifer Sam (Pink Floyd)314.97
Let There Be More Light (Pink Floyd)344.94
Careful With That Axe, Eugene (Pink Floyd)344.94
See Saw (Pink Floyd)234.87
Vanessa Simmons (Barclay James Harvest)144.86
Song For Dying (Barclay James Harvest)134.85
Matilda Mother (Pink Floyd)304.83
Loneliest Person (The Pretty Things)64.83
Biding My Time (Pink Floyd)174.82
Point Me At The Sky (Pink Floyd)174.82
Baron Saturday (The Pretty Things)54.8
Paintbox (Pink Floyd)194.79
A Saucerful Of Secrets (Pink Floyd)324.78
Flaming (Pink Floyd)354.77
See Emily Play (Pink Floyd)744.69
Walkin' Back To Happiness (Helen Shapiro)714.49
Mocking Bird (Barclay James Harvest)695.23
Astronomy Domine (Pink Floyd)524.52
Bike (Pink Floyd)483.98
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Pink Floyd)454.4
Julia Dream (Pink Floyd)395
Oh Babe, What Would You Say (Hurricane Smith)384.37
Flaming (Pink Floyd)354.77
Don't Let It Die (Hurricane Smith)354.26
Let There Be More Light (Pink Floyd)344.94
Careful With That Axe, Eugene (Pink Floyd)344.94
Jugband Blues (Pink Floyd)344
Interstellar Overdrive (Pink Floyd)334.61
A Saucerful Of Secrets (Pink Floyd)324.78
Lucifer Sam (Pink Floyd)314.97
Scarecrow (Pink Floyd)314.03
Matilda Mother (Pink Floyd)304.83
The Gnome (Pink Floyd)284.68
Corporal Clegg (Pink Floyd)284.5

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