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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Nick Rasculinecz
10 YearsBlood Red Sky2017Producer
10 YearsBurnout2017Producer
10 YearsCatacombs2017Producer
10 YearsGhosts2017Producer
10 YearsHalos2017Producer
10 YearsHeart Shaped Box2017Producer
10 YearsInsomnia2017Producer
10 YearsLucky You2017Producer
10 YearsNovacaine2017Producer
10 YearsPhantoms2017Producer
10 YearsThe Messenger2017Producer
10 YearsVampires2017Producer
Alice In ChainsA Looking In View2009Producer
Alice In ChainsAcid Bubble2009Producer
Alice In ChainsAll I Am2018Producer
Alice In ChainsAll Secrets Known2009Producer
Alice In ChainsBlack Gives Way To Blue2009Producer
Alice In ChainsBreath On A Window2013Producer
Alice In ChainsCheck My Brain2009Producer
Alice In ChainsChoke2013Producer
Alice In ChainsDeaf Ears Blind Eyes2018Producer
Alice In ChainsDrone2018Producer
Alice In ChainsFly2018Producer
Alice In ChainsHollow2013Producer
Alice In ChainsHung On A Hook2013Producer
Alice In ChainsLab Monkey2013Producer
Alice In ChainsLast Of My Kind2009Producer
Alice In ChainsLesson Learned2009Producer
Alice In ChainsLow Ceiling2013Producer
Alice In ChainsMaybe2018Producer
Alice In ChainsNever Fade2018Producer
Alice In ChainsPhantom Limb2013Producer
Alice In ChainsPretty Done2013Producer
Alice In ChainsPrivate Hell2009Producer
Alice In ChainsRainier Fog2018Producer
Alice In ChainsRed Giant2018Producer
Alice In ChainsScalpel2013Producer
Alice In ChainsSo Far Under2018Producer
Alice In ChainsStone2013Producer
Alice In ChainsTake Her Out2009Producer
Alice In ChainsThe Devil Put Dinosaurs Here2013Producer
Alice In ChainsThe One You Know2018Producer
Alice In ChainsVoices2013Producer
Alice In ChainsWhen The Sun Rose Again2009Producer
Alice In ChainsYour Decision2009Producer
ApocalypticaCold Blood2015Producer
ApocalypticaDead Man's Eyes2015Producer
ApocalypticaHole In My Soul2015Producer
ApocalypticaHouse Of Chains2015Producer
ApocalypticaI-III-V Seed Of Chaos2015Producer
ApocalypticaRiot Lights2015Producer
ApocalypticaSea Song (You Waded Out)2015Producer
ApocalypticaSlow Burn2015Producer
ApocalypticaTill Death Do Us Part2015Producer
AshRenegade Cavalcade2004Producer
AshWe Don't Care2004Producer
Black Star RidersBlindsided2015Producer
Black Star RidersBullet Blues2015Producer
Black Star RidersCharlie I Gotta Go2015Producer
Black Star RidersCold War Love2017Producer
Black Star RidersDancing With The Wrong Girl2017Producer
Black Star RidersFade2017Producer
Black Star RidersFinest Hour2015Producer
Black Star RidersHeavy Fire2017Producer
Black Star RidersLetting Go Of Me2017Producer
Black Star RidersSex, Guns & Gasoline2015Producer
Black Star RidersSoldierstown2015Producer
Black Star RidersTestify Or Say Goodbye2017Producer
Black Star RidersThe Killer Instinct2015Producer
Black Star RidersThinking About You Could Get Me Killed2017Producer
Black Star RidersThrough The Motions2015Producer
Black Star RidersTicket To Rise2017Producer
Black Star RidersTrue Blue Kid2017Producer
Black Star RidersTurn In Your Arms2015Producer
Black Star RidersWhen The Night Comes In2017Producer
Black Star RidersWho Rides The Tiger2017Producer
Black Star RidersYou Little Liar2015Producer
BushBodies In Motion2014Producer
BushBroken Paradise2014Producer
BushJust Like My Other Sins2014Producer
BushLet Yourself Go2014Producer
BushLoneliness Is A Killer2014Producer
BushMan On The Run2014Producer
BushSpeeding Through The Bright Lights2014Producer
BushThe Gift2014Producer
BushThis House Is On Fire2014Producer
Code OrangeA Sliver2020Producer
(Nick Rasculinecz)
Code OrangeAutumn And Carbine2020Producer
(Nick Rasculinecz)
Code OrangeBack Inside The Glass2020Producer
(Nick Rasculinecz)
Code OrangeCold.Metal.Place2020Producer
(Nick Rasculinecz)
Code OrangeErasure Scan2020Producer
(Nick Rasculinecz)
Code OrangeIn Fear2020Producer
(Nick Rasculinecz)
Code OrangeLast Ones Left2020Producer
(Nick Rasculinecz)
Code OrangeSulfur Surrounding2020Producer
(Nick Rasculinecz)
Code OrangeSwallowing The Rabbit Whole2020Producer
(Nick Rasculinecz)
Code OrangeThe Easy Way2020Producer
(Nick Rasculinecz)
Code OrangeUnderneath2020Producer
(Nick Rasculinecz)
Code OrangeWho I Am2020Producer
(Nick Rasculinecz)
Code OrangeYou And You Alone2020Producer
(Nick Rasculinecz)
Coheed And CambriaFeathers2007Producer
Coheed And CambriaGravemakers And Gunslingers2007Producer
Coheed And CambriaJustice In Murder2007Producer
Coheed And CambriaMother Superior2007Producer
Coheed And CambriaNo World For Tomorrow2007Producer
Coheed And CambriaThe End Chapter I: The Fall Of The House Atlantic2007Producer
Coheed And CambriaThe End Chapter II: Radio Bye Bye2007Producer
Coheed And CambriaThe End Chapter III: The End Complete2007Producer
Coheed And CambriaThe End Chapter IV: The Road And The Damned2007Producer
Coheed And CambriaThe End Chapter V: On The Brink2007Producer
Coheed And CambriaThe Hound (Of Blood And Rank)2007Producer
Coheed And CambriaThe Reaping2007Producer
Coheed And CambriaThe Running Free2007Producer
Danko JonesCity Streets2008Producer
Danko JonesCode Of The Road2008Producer
Danko JonesForest For The Trees2008Producer
Danko JonesKing Of Magazines2008Producer
Danko JonesLet's Get Undressed2008Producer
Danko JonesMy Problems (Are Your Problems Now)2009Producer
Danko JonesNever Too Loud2008Producer
Danko JonesRavenous2008Producer
Danko JonesRIP RFTC2008Producer
Danko JonesSomething Better2008Producer
Danko JonesStill In High School2008Producer
Danko JonesSugar High2008Producer
Danko JonesTake Me Home2008Producer
Danko JonesYou Ruin The Day2008Producer
Danko JonesYour Tears My Smile2008Producer
Death AngelBuried Alive2013Producer
Death AngelCarnival Justice2013Producer
Death AngelDethroned2013Producer
Death AngelGod vs God2013Producer
Death AngelLord Of Hate2013Producer
Death AngelResurrection Machine2013Producer
Death AngelSonic Beatdown2013Producer
Death AngelSoulless2013Producer
Death AngelSteal The Crown2013Producer
Death AngelThe Noose2013Producer
Death AngelWhen Worlds Collide2013Producer
DeftonesBeauty School2010Producer
DeftonesDiamond Eyes2010Producer
DeftonesGoon Squad2012Producer
DeftonesGraphic Nature2012Producer
DeftonesRocket Skates2010Producer
DeftonesRomantic Dreams2012Producer
DeftonesSwerve City2012Producer
DeftonesThis Place Is Death2010Producer
DeftonesWhat Happened To You?2012Producer
DeftonesYou've Seen The Butcher2010Producer
Dream The Electric SleepAll Good Things2016Producer
Dream The Electric SleepBlack Wind2016Producer
Dream The Electric SleepCulling The Herd2016Producer
Dream The Electric SleepDrift2016Producer
Dream The Electric SleepFlight2016Producer
Dream The Electric SleepHanging By Time2016Producer
Dream The Electric SleepHeadlights2016Producer
Dream The Electric SleepLet The Light Flood In2016Producer
Dream The Electric SleepThe Good Night Sky2016Producer
Dream The Electric SleepThe Last Psalm To Silence2016Producer
Dream The Electric SleepWe Who Blackout The Sun2016Producer
EvanescenceArtifact / The Turn2021Producer
EvanescenceBetter Without You2021Music/Lyrics
EvanescenceBlind Belief2021Producer
EvanescenceBroken Pieces Shine2021Producer
EvanescenceEnd Of The Dream2011Producer
EvanescenceErase This2011Producer
EvanescenceFar From Heaven2021Producer
EvanescenceFeeding The Dark2021Producer
EvanescenceLost In Paradise2011Producer
EvanescenceMade Of Stone2011Producer
EvanescenceMy Heart Is Broken2011Producer
EvanescenceNever Go Back2011Producer
EvanescencePart Of Me2021Producer
EvanescenceSwimming Home2011Producer
EvanescenceTake Cover2021Producer
EvanescenceThe Change2011Producer
EvanescenceThe Game Is Over2021Producer
EvanescenceThe Other Side2011Producer
EvanescenceUse My Voice2020Producer
EvanescenceWasted On You2020Producer
EvanescenceWhat You Want2011Producer
EvanescenceYeah Right2021Producer
Foo FightersAll My Life2002Producer
Foo FightersAnother Round2005Producer
Foo FightersBest Of You2005Producer
Foo FightersBurn Away2002Producer
Foo FightersCold Day In The Sun2005Producer
Foo FightersCome Back2002Producer
Foo FightersDisenchanted Lullaby2002Producer
Foo FightersDOA2005Producer
Foo FightersEnd Over End2005Producer
Foo FightersFree Me2005Producer
Foo FightersFriend Of A Friend2005Producer
Foo FightersHalo2002Producer
Foo FightersHave It All2002Producer
Foo FightersHell2005Producer
Foo FightersIn Your Honor2005Producer
Foo FightersLonely As You2002Producer
Foo FightersLow2002Producer
Foo FightersMiracle2005Producer
Foo FightersNo Way Back2005Producer
Foo FightersOn The Mend2005Producer
Foo FightersOver And Out2005Producer
Foo FightersOverdrive2002Producer
Foo FightersRazor2005Producer
Foo FightersResolve2005Producer
Foo FightersStill2005Producer
Foo FightersThe Deepest Blues Are Black2005Producer
Foo FightersThe Last Song2005Producer
Foo FightersTimes Like These2002Producer
Foo FightersTired Of You2002Producer
Foo FightersWhat If I Do?2005Producer
Foo FightersWorld2005Producer
Foo Fighters feat. Norah JonesVirginia Moon2005Producer
GhostBody And Blood2013Producer
GhostDepth Of Satan's Eyes2013Producer
GhostGhuleh / Zombie Queen2013Producer
GhostJigolo har megiddo2013Producer
GhostMonstrance Clock2013Producer
GhostOrez Raey2013Producer
GhostPer aspera ad inferi2013Producer
GhostSecular Haze2013Producer
GhostYear Zero2013Producer
HalestormBlack Vultures2018Producer
HalestormDamn I Wish I Was Your Lover2017Producer
HalestormDo Not Disturb2018Producer
HalestormFell On Black Days2017Producer
HalestormHeart Of Novocaine2018Producer
HalestormI Hate Myself For Loving You2017Producer
HalestormKilling Ourselves To Live2018Producer
HalestormRide The Lightning2017Producer
HalestormStill Of The Night2017Producer
HalestormThe Silence2018Producer
HalestormWhite Dress2018Producer
KornBlack Is The Soul2016Producer
KornCalling Me Too Soon2016Producer
KornCan You Hear Me2019Producer
KornDie Yet Another Day2016Producer
KornEverything Falls Apart2016Producer
KornFinally Free2019Producer
KornGravity Of Discomfort2019Music/Lyrics
KornNext In Line2016Producer
KornPlease Come For Me2016Producer
KornRotting In Vain2016Producer
KornSurrender To Failure2019Producer
KornTake Me2016Producer
KornThe Darkness Is Revealing2019Music/Lyrics
KornThe End Begins2019Producer
KornThe Hating2016Producer
KornThe Ringmaster2019Producer
KornThe Seduction Of Indulgence2019Producer
KornThis Loss2019Music/Lyrics
KornWhen You're Not There2016Producer
KornYou'll Never Find Me2019Music/Lyrics
Korn feat. Corey TaylorA Different World2016Producer
MastodonAsleep In The Deep2014Producer
MastodonAunt Lisa2014Producer
MastodonBlue Walsh2017Producer
MastodonChimes At Midnight2014Producer
MastodonCold Dark Place2017Producer
MastodonDiamond In The Witch House2014Producer
MastodonEmber City2014Producer
MastodonFeast Your Eyes2014Producer
MastodonHigh Road2014Producer
MastodonNorth Side Star2017Producer
MastodonOnce More 'Round The Sun2014Producer
MastodonThe Motherload2014Producer
MastodonTread Lightly2014Producer
Mastodon feat. Gibby HaynesAtlanta2020Producer
ParamoreI Caught Myself2008Producer
Rise AgainstBroadcast [Signal] Frequency2017Producer
Rise AgainstBullshxt2017Producer
Rise AgainstFar From Perfect2017Producer
Rise AgainstHouse On Fire2017Producer
Rise AgainstHow Many Walls2017Producer
Rise AgainstMegaphone2017Producer
Rise AgainstMiracle2017Producer
Rise AgainstMourning In Amerika2017Producer
Rise AgainstParts Per Million2017Producer
Rise AgainstPolitics Of Love2017Producer
Rise AgainstThe Violence2017Producer
Rise AgainstWelcome To The Breakdown2017Producer
Rise AgainstWolves2017Producer
RushArmor And Sword2007Producer
RushBravest Face2007Producer
RushClockwork Angels2012Producer
RushFar Cry2007Producer
RushGood News First2007Producer
RushHalo Effect2012Producer
RushHeadlong Flight2012Producer
RushMalignant Narcissism2007Producer
RushSeven Cities Of Gold2012Producer
RushThe Anarchist2012Producer
RushThe Garden2012Producer
RushThe Larger Bowl (A Pantoum)2007Producer
RushThe Main Monkey Business2007Producer
RushThe Way The Wind Blows2007Producer
RushThe Wreckers2012Producer
RushWe Hold On2007Producer
RushWish Them Well2012Producer
RushWorkin' Them Angels2007Producer
Stone Sour1st Person2006Producer
Stone Sour30/30-1502006Producer
Stone SourAnna2010Producer
Stone SourAudio Secrecy2010Producer
Stone SourCardiff2006Producer
Stone SourCome What(ever) May2006Producer
Stone SourDigital (Did You Tell)2010Producer
Stone SourDying2010Producer
Stone SourHate Not Gone2010Producer
Stone SourHell&Consequences2006Producer
Stone SourHesitate2010Producer
Stone SourHome Again2010Producer
Stone SourImperfect2010Producer
Stone SourLet's Be Honest2010Producer
Stone SourMade Of Scars2006Producer
Stone SourMiracles2010Producer
Stone SourMission Statement2010Producer
Stone SourNylon 6/62010Producer
Stone SourPieces2010Producer
Stone SourReborn2006Producer
Stone SourSay You'll Haunt Me2010Producer
Stone SourSillyworld2006Producer
Stone SourSocio2006Producer
Stone SourThe Bitter End2010Producer
Stone SourThreadbare2010Producer
Stone SourThrough Glass2006Producer
Stone SourUnfinished2010Producer
Stone SourYour God2006Producer
Stone SourZzyzx Rd.2006Producer
The Hold SteadyAlmost Everything2014Producer
The Hold SteadyBig Cig2014Producer
The Hold SteadyI Hope This Whole Thing Didn't Frighten You2014Producer
The Hold SteadyLook Alive2014Producer
The Hold SteadyOaks2014Producer
The Hold SteadyOn With The Business2014Producer
The Hold SteadyRecords & Tapes2014Producer
The Hold SteadyRunner's High2014Producer
The Hold SteadySaddle Shoes2014Producer
The Hold SteadySpinners2014Producer
The Hold SteadyThe Ambassador2014Producer
The Hold SteadyThe Only Thing2014Producer
The Hold SteadyWait A While2014Producer
TriviumDown From The Sky2008Producer
TriviumHe Who Spawned The Furies2008Producer
TriviumInto The Mouth Of Heel We March2008Producer
TriviumKirisute Gomen2008Producer
TriviumLike Callisto To A Star In Heaven2008Producer
TriviumOf Prometheus And The Crucifix2008Producer
TriviumThe Calamity2008Producer
TriviumThroes Of Perdition2008Producer
TriviumTorn Between Scylla And Charybdis2008Producer
Velvet RevolverSet Me Free2004Producer
Velvet RevolverSucker Train Blues2004Producer
Year Long DisasterCyclone2010Producer
Year Long DisasterFoggy Bottom2010Producer
Year Long DisasterLove Like Blood2010Producer
Year Long DisasterMajor Arcana2010Producer
Year Long DisasterSeven Of Swords2010Producer
Year Long DisasterShe Told Us All2010Producer
Year Long DisasterShow Me Your Teeth2010Producer
Year Long DisasterSparrow Hill2010Producer
Year Long DisasterStranger In My Room2010Producer
Year Long DisasterVenus At The Crossroads2010Producer
Come Back (Foo Fighters)115
Lonely As You (Foo Fighters)95
Feeding The Dark (Evanescence)64.83
DOA (Foo Fighters)414.83
Sucker Train Blues (Velvet Revolver)104.8
Artifact / The Turn (Evanescence)54.8
Better Without You (Evanescence)54.8
Miracle (Foo Fighters)184.78
Halo (Foo Fighters)74.71
Times Like These (Foo Fighters)724.69
Zzyzx Rd. (Stone Sour)164.69
Lost In Paradise (Evanescence)394.67
Low (Foo Fighters)184.67
Made Of Stone (Evanescence)124.67
All My Life (Foo Fighters)614.66
Tired Of You (Foo Fighters)114.64
Broken Pieces Shine (Evanescence)54.6
Far From Heaven (Evanescence)54.6
Headlong Flight (Rush)54.6
The Change (Evanescence)124.58
Best Of You (Foo Fighters)974.58
Times Like These (Foo Fighters)724.69
What You Want (Evanescence)664.02
All My Life (Foo Fighters)614.66
DOA (Foo Fighters)414.83
Lost In Paradise (Evanescence)394.67
Through Glass (Stone Sour)374.43
My Heart Is Broken (Evanescence)334.24
Resolve (Foo Fighters)304.5
No Way Back (Foo Fighters)274.56
Wasted On You (Evanescence)214.24
Your Decision (Alice In Chains)204.15
Miracle (Foo Fighters)184.78
Low (Foo Fighters)184.67
Cold Day In The Sun (Foo Fighters)184.39
Virginia Moon (Foo Fighters feat. Norah Jones)183.94
Zzyzx Rd. (Stone Sour)164.69
In Your Honor (Foo Fighters)164.25
Friend Of A Friend (Foo Fighters)164.19
Diamond Eyes (Deftones)163.81

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