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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Malcolm Mitchell Young, Malcom Young
2Cellos feat. Steve VaiHighway To Hell2013Music/Lyrics
A BrandThunderstruck2008Music/Lyrics
AC/DCAin't No Fun (Waiting Round To Be A Millionaire)1976Music/Lyrics
AC/DCAll Screwed Up2000Music/Lyrics
AC/DCAnything Goes2008Music/Lyrics
AC/DCAre You Ready1990Music/Lyrics
AC/DCBack In Black1980Music/Lyrics
AC/DCBack In Business1985Music/Lyrics
AC/DCBad Boy Boogie1977Music/Lyrics
AC/DCBaptism By Fire2014Music/Lyrics
AC/DCBeating Around The Bush1979Music/Lyrics
AC/DCBedlam In Belgium1983Music/Lyrics
AC/DCBig Balls1976Music/Lyrics
AC/DCBig Gun1993Music/Lyrics
AC/DCBig Jack2008Music/Lyrics
AC/DCBlack Ice2008Music/Lyrics
AC/DCBoogie Man1995Music/Lyrics
AC/DCBorrowed Time1990Music/Lyrics
AC/DCBrain Shake1983Music/Lyrics
AC/DCBreaking The Rules1981Music/Lyrics
AC/DCBurnin' Alive1995Music/Lyrics
AC/DCCan I Sit Next To You, Girl1974Music/Lyrics
AC/DCCan't Stand Still2000Music/Lyrics
AC/DCCan't Stop Rock'n'Roll2000Music/Lyrics
AC/DCCarry Me Home1977Music/Lyrics
AC/DCCaught With Your Pants Down1995Music/Lyrics
AC/DCChase The Ace1986Music/Lyrics
AC/DCCode Red2020Music/Lyrics
AC/DCCold Hearted Man1978Music/Lyrics
AC/DCCome And Get It2000Music/Lyrics
AC/DCCover You In Oil1995Music/Lyrics
AC/DCCrabsody In Blue1977Music/Lyrics
AC/DCDeep In The Hole1983Music/Lyrics
AC/DCDemon Fire2020Music/Lyrics
AC/DCDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap1976Music/Lyrics
AC/DCDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Live)1992Music/Lyrics
AC/DCDog Eat Dog1977Music/Lyrics
AC/DCDogs Of War2014Music/Lyrics
AC/DCDown On The Borderline1990Music/Lyrics
(Malcom Young)
AC/DCDown Payment Blues1978Music/Lyrics
AC/DCEmission Control2014Music/Lyrics
AC/DCEvil Walks1981Music/Lyrics
AC/DCFire Your Guns1990Music/Lyrics
AC/DCFirst Blood1985Music/Lyrics
AC/DCFlick Of The Switch1983Music/Lyrics
AC/DCFling Thing1976Music/Lyrics
AC/DCFly On The Wall1985Music/Lyrics
AC/DCFor Those About To Rock (We Salute You)1981Music/Lyrics
AC/DCGet It Hot1979Music/Lyrics
AC/DCGimme A Bullet1978Music/Lyrics
AC/DCGirls Got Rhythm1979Music/Lyrics
AC/DCGive It Up2000Music/Lyrics
AC/DCGivin The Dog A Bone1980Music/Lyrics
AC/DCGo Down1977Music/Lyrics
AC/DCGo Zone1988Music/Lyrics
AC/DCGone Shootin'1978Music/Lyrics
AC/DCGoodbye & Good Riddance To Bad Luck1990Music/Lyrics
AC/DCGot Some Rock & Roll Thunder2014Music/Lyrics
AC/DCGot You By The Balls1990Music/Lyrics
AC/DCGuns For Hire1983Music/Lyrics
AC/DCHail Caesar1995Music/Lyrics
AC/DCHard As A Rock1995Music/Lyrics
AC/DCHard Times2014Music/Lyrics
AC/DCHave A Drink On Me1980Music/Lyrics
AC/DCHell Ain't A Bad Place To Be1977Music/Lyrics
AC/DCHell Or High Water1985Music/Lyrics
AC/DCHells Bells1980Music/Lyrics
AC/DCHigh Voltage1975Music/Lyrics
AC/DCHighway To Hell1979Music/Lyrics
AC/DCHighway To Hell (Live)1992Music/Lyrics
AC/DCHold Me Back2000Music/Lyrics
AC/DCHouse Of Jazz2000Music/Lyrics
AC/DCI Put The Finger On You1981Music/Lyrics
AC/DCIf You Dare1990Music/Lyrics
AC/DCIf You Want Blood (You've Got It)1979Music/Lyrics
AC/DCInject The Venom1981Music/Lyrics
AC/DCIt's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll)1975Music/Lyrics
(Malcom Young)
AC/DCKick You When You're Down2020Music/Lyrics
AC/DCKicked In The Teeth1978Music/Lyrics
AC/DCKissin' Dynamite1988Music/Lyrics
AC/DCLet Me Put My Love Into You1980Music/Lyrics
AC/DCLet There Be Rock1977Music/Lyrics
AC/DCLet's Get It Up1981Music/Lyrics
AC/DCLet's Make It1990Music/Lyrics
AC/DCLittle Lover1975Music/Lyrics
AC/DCLive Wire1975Music/Lyrics
AC/DCLove At First Feel1976Music/Lyrics
AC/DCLove Bomb1995Music/Lyrics
AC/DCLove Hungry Man1979Music/Lyrics
AC/DCLove Song1975Music/Lyrics
AC/DCMiss Adventure2014Music/Lyrics
AC/DCMistress For Christmas1990Music/Lyrics
AC/DCMoney Made2008Music/Lyrics
AC/DCMoney Shot2020Music/Lyrics
AC/DCNervous Shakedown1983Music/Lyrics
AC/DCNick Of Time1988Music/Lyrics
AC/DCNight Of The Long Knives1981Music/Lyrics
AC/DCNight Prowler1979Music/Lyrics
AC/DCNo Man's Land2020Music/Lyrics
AC/DCPlay Ball2014Music/Lyrics
AC/DCPlaying With Girls1985Music/Lyrics
AC/DCProblem Child1976Music/Lyrics
AC/DCR.I.P. (Rock In Peace)1976Music/Lyrics
AC/DCRide On1976Music/Lyrics
AC/DCRiff Raff1978Music/Lyrics
AC/DCRising Power1983Music/Lyrics
AC/DCRock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution1980Music/Lyrics
AC/DCRock 'N' Roll Damnation1978Music/Lyrics
AC/DCRock 'N' Roll Dream2008Music/Lyrics
AC/DCRock 'N' Roll Singer1975Music/Lyrics
AC/DCRock N Roll Train2008Music/Lyrics
AC/DCRock Or Bust2014Music/Lyrics
AC/DCRock The Blues Away2014Music/Lyrics
AC/DCRock The House2014Music/Lyrics
AC/DCRock Your Heart Out1990Music/Lyrics
AC/DCRockin' In The Parlour1974Music/Lyrics
(Malcom Young)
AC/DCRocking All The Way2008Music/Lyrics
AC/DCRuff Stuff1988Music/Lyrics
AC/DCSafe In New York City2000Music/Lyrics
AC/DCSatellite Blues2000Music/Lyrics
AC/DCSend For The Man1985Music/Lyrics
AC/DCShake A Leg1980Music/Lyrics
AC/DCShake Your Foundations1985Music/Lyrics
AC/DCShe Likes Rock 'N' Roll2008Music/Lyrics
AC/DCShe's Got Balls1975Music/Lyrics
AC/DCShoot To Thrill1980Music/Lyrics
AC/DCShoot To Thrill (Live At River Plate)2011Music/Lyrics
AC/DCShot Down In Flames1979Music/Lyrics
AC/DCShot In The Dark2020Music/Lyrics
AC/DCShot Of Love1990Music/Lyrics
AC/DCShow Business1975Music/Lyrics
(Malcom Young)
AC/DCSin City1978Music/Lyrics
AC/DCSink The Pink1985Music/Lyrics
AC/DCSkies On Fire2008Music/Lyrics
AC/DCSmash 'N' Grab2008Music/Lyrics
AC/DCSnake Eye1988Music/Lyrics
AC/DCSome Sin For Nuthin'1988Music/Lyrics
AC/DCSoul Stripper1974Music/Lyrics
(Malcom Young)
AC/DCSpoilin' For A Fight2008Music/Lyrics
AC/DCStand Up1985Music/Lyrics
AC/DCStick Around1975Music/Lyrics
AC/DCStiff Upper Lip2000Music/Lyrics
AC/DCStormy May Day2008Music/Lyrics
AC/DCSweet Candy2014Music/Lyrics
AC/DCSystems Down2020Music/Lyrics
AC/DCThat's The Way I Wanna Rock'n'Roll1988Music/Lyrics
AC/DCThe Furor1995Music/Lyrics
AC/DCThe Honey Roll1995Music/Lyrics
AC/DCThe Jack1975Music/Lyrics
AC/DCThe Razors Edge1990Music/Lyrics
AC/DCThere's Gonna Be Some Rockin'1976Music/Lyrics
AC/DCThis House Is On Fire1983Music/Lyrics
AC/DCThis Means War1988Music/Lyrics
AC/DCThrough The Mists Of Time2020Music/Lyrics
AC/DCTouch Too Much1979Music/Lyrics
AC/DCTwo's Up1988Music/Lyrics
AC/DCUp To My Neck In You1978Music/Lyrics
AC/DCWalk All Over You1979Music/Lyrics
AC/DCWar Machine2008Music/Lyrics
AC/DCWhat Do You Do For Money, Honey1980Music/Lyrics
AC/DCWhat's Next To The Moon1978Music/Lyrics
AC/DCWhiskey On The Rocks1995Music/Lyrics
AC/DCWho Made Who1986Music/Lyrics
(Malcom Young)
AC/DCWhole Lotta Rosie1977Music/Lyrics
AC/DCWild Reputation2020Music/Lyrics
AC/DCWitch's Spell2020Music/Lyrics
AC/DCYou Ain't Got A Hold On Me1975Music/Lyrics
AC/DCYou Shook Me All Night Long1980Music/Lyrics
AC/DCYou Shook Me All Night Long [Live]1980Music/Lyrics
AnastaciaBack In Black2012Music/Lyrics
Andreas Gabalier feat. Jeanette BiedermannYou Shook Me All Night Long2014Music/Lyrics
(Malcolm Mitchell Young)
Anna Maria KaufmannHighway To Hell2019Music/Lyrics
(Malcolm Mitchell Young)
(Malcolm Mitchell Young)
AtefHighway To Hell2012Music/Lyrics
(Malcolm Mitchell Young)
Black AcesGirls Got Rhythm2016Music/Lyrics
Black SpidersKicked In The Teeth2009Music/Lyrics
Blizzard BrothersThunderstruck2002Music/Lyrics
BuckcherryRock N' Roll Damnation2014Music/Lyrics
Carla BruniHighway To Hell2017Music/Lyrics
(Malcolm Mitchell Young)
Céline Dion & AnastaciaYou Shook Me All Night Long2002Music/Lyrics
(Malcom Young)
Courtney ActYou Shook Me All Night Long2004Music/Lyrics
David GarrettThunderstruck2008Music/Lyrics
EODM (Eagles Of Death Metal)High Voltage / It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll)2019Music/Lyrics
Eric McFaddenBeatin' Around The Bush2018Music/Lyrics
Eric McFaddenGirls Got Rhythm2018Music/Lyrics
Eric McFaddenHave A Drink On Me2018Music/Lyrics
Eric McFaddenHells Bells2018Music/Lyrics
Eric McFaddenIt's A Long Way To The Top2018Music/Lyrics
Eric McFaddenKicked In The Teeth2018Music/Lyrics
Eric McFaddenRide On2018Music/Lyrics
Eric McFaddenRock N Roll Damnation2018Music/Lyrics
Eric McFaddenSin City2018Music/Lyrics
Eric McFaddenTouch Too Much2018Music/Lyrics
Eric McFaddenWhole Lotta Rosie2018Music/Lyrics
Eric McFaddenYou Shook Me All Night Long2018Music/Lyrics
EverclearSin City1996Music/Lyrics
Fishnet StockingsHighway To Hell2015Music/Lyrics
Genital MotorsWe Will Black You2020Music/Lyrics
Great WhiteSin City2002Music/Lyrics
GregorianHell's Bells2010Music/Lyrics
(Malcolm Mitchell Young)
HalestormShoot To Thrill2013Music/Lyrics
Hayseed DixieBack In Black2001Music/Lyrics
Hayseed DixieBig Balls2001Music/Lyrics
Hayseed DixieDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap2001Music/Lyrics
Hayseed DixieHave A Drink On Me2001Music/Lyrics
Hayseed DixieHells Bells2001Music/Lyrics
Hayseed DixieHighway To Hell2001Music/Lyrics
Hayseed DixieLet's Get It Up2001Music/Lyrics
Hayseed DixieMoney Talks2001Music/Lyrics
Hayseed DixieT.N.T.2001Music/Lyrics
Hayseed DixieTouch Too Much2004Music/Lyrics
Hayseed DixieWhole Lotta Rosie2004Music/Lyrics
Hayseed DixieYou Shook Me All Night Long2001Music/Lyrics
Henry Rollins And The HardonsLet There Be Rock1991Music/Lyrics
(Malcom Young)
(Malcom Young)
Iced EarthHighway To Hell2002Music/Lyrics
Iced EarthIt's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll)2002Music/Lyrics
JackylLive Wire1998Music/Lyrics
Javier Vargas / Tim Bogert / Carmine Appice feat. Paul ShortinoIt's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock'N'Roll)2011Music/Lyrics
JettblackLet Me Put My Love Into You2013Music/Lyrics
Jim Suhler And Monkey BeatUp To My Neck In You2007Music/Lyrics
Joan JettDirty Deeds1990Music/Lyrics
John FarnhamIt's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)1988Music/Lyrics
(Malcom Young)
L.A. GunsLet There Be Rock2010Music/Lyrics
Living ColourBack In Black2003Music/Lyrics
Lucinda WilliamsIt's A Long Way To The Top2008Music/Lyrics
Luke GasserShe's Got Balls2013Music/Lyrics
MassiveIf You Want Blood (You've Got It)2014Music/Lyrics
Ministry And Co-ConspiratorsThunderstruck2010Music/Lyrics
N.Y.C.C.Highway To Hell1998Music/Lyrics
(Malcom Young)
NantucketIt's A Long Way To The Top1980Music/Lyrics
Nashville PussyHighway To Hell2001Music/Lyrics
Nashville PussyKicked In The Teeth1998Music/Lyrics
On-OffHell Ain't A Bad Place To Be2007Music/Lyrics
Pat BooneIt's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock'n'Roll)1997Music/Lyrics
PC/DCBad Boy Boogie2005Music/Lyrics
PC/DCBlow Up Your Mind2005Music/Lyrics
PC/DCCan't Stop Rock'n'Roll2005Music/Lyrics
PC/DCDeep In The Dôle2005Music/Lyrics
PC/DCDelirium Tremens2005Music/Lyrics
PC/DCDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap2005Music/Lyrics
PC/DCFlick Of The Switch2005Music/Lyrics
PC/DCFor Those About To Rock (He Salute You)2005Music/Lyrics
PC/DCHells Bells2005Music/Lyrics
PC/DCInstrumental In Black2005Music/Lyrics
PC/DCIt's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock'n'Roll)2005Music/Lyrics
PC/DCMünchen Ain't A Bad Place To Be2005Music/Lyrics
PC/DCNight Prowler2005Music/Lyrics
PC/DCSafe In Zürich City2005Music/Lyrics
PC/DCSend For The Man2005Music/Lyrics
PC/DCThe Razors Edge2005Music/Lyrics
PC/DCWhat's Next To The Moon2005Music/Lyrics
PC/DCYou Ain't Got A Hold On Me2005Music/Lyrics
PostmortemSin City1998Music/Lyrics
Quiet RiotHighway To Hell1999Music/Lyrics
Red Hot Chilli PipersSmoke On The Water - Thunderstruck - Upside Down At Eden Court2010Music/Lyrics
Rock statt Rente!Highway To Hell2010Music/Lyrics
Santana feat. NasBack In Black2010Music/Lyrics
SaxonProblem Child2021Music/Lyrics
Steve Dahl & Teenage RadiationRTA1981Music/Lyrics
Steve Dahl & Teenage RadiationRTA [Japanese Version]1981Music/Lyrics
Steve 'N' SeagullsIt's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll)2016Music/Lyrics
Steve 'N' SeagullsThunderstruck2015Music/Lyrics
Steve 'N' SeagullsYou Shook Me All Night Long2015Music/Lyrics
Steve Whitney BandAC/DC (Everybody Wants To Rock 'N' Roll)1992Music/Lyrics
Steve Whitney BandAC/DC-Medley1992Music/Lyrics
Stromstoss-ÖrgelerHighway To Hell2010Music/Lyrics
The BellraysHighway To Hell2007Music/Lyrics
The Dandy WarholsHells Bells2000Music/Lyrics
The Lost FingersYou Shook Me All Night Long2009Music/Lyrics
The Screaming JetsHigh Voltage1994Music/Lyrics
(Malcom Young)
Tortilla FlatRock 'N' Roll Damnation2009Music/Lyrics
Troglauer BuamTNT2012Music/Lyrics
(Malcolm Mitchell Young)
Twisted SisterSin City2001Music/Lyrics
UnifourWhole Lotta Rosie2013Music/Lyrics
Van CantoHells Bells2018Music/Lyrics
WarrantDown Payment Blues2001Music/Lyrics
Rocker (AC/DC)385.26
Live Wire (AC/DC)365.22
Ride On (AC/DC)535.21
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Live) (AC/DC)55.2
Riff Raff (AC/DC)465.2
Carry Me Home (AC/DC)165.12
Gone Shootin' (AC/DC)265.08
It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll) (AC/DC)945.07
Up To My Neck In You (AC/DC)275.07
Walk All Over You (AC/DC)435.07
Night Prowler (AC/DC)505
Problem Child (AC/DC)315
There's Gonna Be Some Rockin' (AC/DC)265
Rock 'N' Roll Singer (AC/DC)334.97
Down Payment Blues (AC/DC)294.97
You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC)1424.96
Let There Be Rock (AC/DC)704.96
Whole Lotta Rosie (AC/DC)1004.95
Bad Boy Boogie (AC/DC)334.94
You Ain't Got A Hold On Me (AC/DC)254.92
Highway To Hell (AC/DC)2484.77
Thunderstruck (AC/DC)2224.69
T.N.T. (AC/DC)1764.8
Hells Bells (AC/DC)1714.74
You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC)1424.96
Back In Black (AC/DC)1424.62
Rock N Roll Train (AC/DC)1094.13
Whole Lotta Rosie (AC/DC)1004.95
It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll) (AC/DC)945.07
Big Gun (AC/DC)924.09
Touch Too Much (AC/DC)834.71
Hard As A Rock (AC/DC)824.18
Heatseeker (AC/DC)774.42
Let There Be Rock (AC/DC)704.96
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (AC/DC)704.8
Highway To Hell (Live) (AC/DC)684.37
The Jack (AC/DC)654.83
Stiff Upper Lip (AC/DC)634.68
Moneytalks (AC/DC)634.44
High Voltage (AC/DC)614.77

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