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Alfie BoeDanny Boy2013Producer
Alfie BoeForever Young2013Producer
Alfie BoeGeorgia On My Mind2013Producer
Alfie BoeGlory Glory Hallelujah2013Producer
Alfie BoeGod Give Me Strength2013Producer
Alfie BoeIf You Go Away2013Producer
Alfie BoeKeep Me In Your Heart2013Producer
Alfie BoeMany Rivers To Cross2013Producer
Alfie BoeRosie2013Producer
Alfie BoeTrust2013Producer
Alfie BoeYou've Got A Friend2013Producer
Alfie Boe feat. Shawn ColvinThe Dimming Of The Day2013Producer
Ana MouraA Case Of You2012Producer
Ana MouraA fadista2012Producer
Ana MouraA minha estrela2012Producer
Ana MouraAgora é que é2016Producer
Ana MouraAi eu2016Producer
Ana MouraAmor afoito2012Producer
Ana MouraAté Ao Verăo2012Producer
Ana MouraCantiga de abrigo2016Producer
Ana MouraCom a cabeça nas nuvens2012Producer
Ana MouraDesamparo2016Producer
Ana MouraDesfado2012Producer
Ana MouraDespiu a saudade2012Producer
Ana MouraDia de folga2016Producer
Ana MouraE tu gostovas de mim2012Producer
Ana MouraFado alado2012Producer
Ana MouraFado dançado2016Producer
Ana MouraLilac Wine2016Producer
Ana MouraMoura2016Producer
Ana MouraMoura encantada2016Producer
Ana MouraNăo quero nem saber2016Producer
Ana MouraNinharia2016Producer
Ana MouraO meu amor foi para o brasil2016Producer
Ana MouraQuando o sol espreitar de novo2012Producer
Ana MouraTens os olhos de deus2016Producer
Ana MouraThank You2012Producer
Ana Moura feat. Herbie HancockDream Of Fire2012Producer
Ana Moura feat. Omara PortuondoEu entrego2016Producer
Ana Moura feat. Tim RiesHavemos de acordar2012Producer
Anna BergendahlA Good Day2012Music/Lyrics
Anna BergendahlBetter Than This2012Music/Lyrics
Anna BergendahlFun2012Music/Lyrics
Anna BergendahlI Don't Know (Where We're Going With This)2012Music/Lyrics
Anna BergendahlI Hate New York2012Music/Lyrics
Anna BergendahlLive And Let Go2012Producer
Anna BergendahlLove, Me2012Music/Lyrics
Anna BergendahlSomething To Believe In2012Music/Lyrics
Anna BergendahlThe Good Thing2012Music/Lyrics
Anna BergendahlThe Last Time2012Music/Lyrics
Anna BergendahlThe Sensible Choice2012Music/Lyrics
Anna BergendahlWrong2012Music/Lyrics
Benjamin OrrStay The Night1986Producer
Bernard LavilliersLa chanson de Jacky2019Producer
Bird YorkRemedy2006Music/Lyrics
Bird YorkSave Me2006Producer
Bird YorkUp In Flames2006Music/Lyrics
Bonnie RaittThe Fundamental Things1998Music/Lyrics
Carla BruniQuand on n'a que l'amour2019Producer
Claudio CapéoCes gens-lŕ2019Producer
Cliff RichardFalling For You2020Producer
Cliff RichardHere Comes The Sun2020Producer
Cliff RichardLet It Be Me2020Producer
Cliff RichardOlder2020Producer
Cliff RichardToo Much Heaven2020Producer
Cliff RichardWhere Or When2020Producer
Curtis StigersChances Are2012Producer
Curtis StigersEveryone Loves Lovers2012Producer
Curtis StigersGoodbye2012Producer
Curtis StigersInto Temptation2012Producer
Curtis StigersLet's Go Out Tonight2012Producer
Curtis StigersOh How It Rained2012Producer
Curtis StigersThings Have Changed2012Producer
Curtis StigersThis Bitter Earth2012Producer
Curtis StigersWaltzing's For Dreamers2012Producer
Curtis StigersYou Are Not Alone2012Producer
DaphnéChanson d'orange et de désir2011Producer
DaphnéEven Orphans Have A Kingdom2011Producer
DaphnéHors temps2011Producer
DaphnéL'homme ŕ la peau musicale2011Producer
DaphnéL'un dans l'autre2011Producer
DaphnéMélodie ŕ personne2011Producer
DaphnéMoi plus vouloir dormir seule2011Producer
DaphnéOů va Lila Jane?2011Producer
DaphnéOublier la ville2011Producer
DaphnéPortrait d'un vertige2011Producer
DaphnéThe Death Of Santa Claus2011Producer
DaphnéVenise sous la neige2011Producer
DareDon't Let Go1988Producer
DareInto The Fire1988Producer
DareKing Of Spades1988Producer
DareNothing Is Stronger Than Love1988Producer
DareReturn The Heart1988Producer
DareThe Raindance1988Producer
DareUnder The Sun1988Producer
David BaerwaldAll For You1990Producer
David BaerwaldDance1991Music/Lyrics
David BaerwaldStranger1990Producer
Dinosaur Jr.Don't You Think It's Time1997Producer
Dinosaur Jr.Take A Run At The Sun1997Producer
Dinosaur Jr.The Pickle Song1997Producer
Eddy MitchellFinal Cut2013Producer
Eddy MitchellJ'veux qu'on m'aime2013Producer
Eddy MitchellLa cour des grands2013Producer
Eddy MitchellLe goűt des larmes2013Producer
Eddy MitchellLéo2013Producer
Eddy MitchellLes vrais héros2013Producer
Eddy MitchellPour tuer le temps2013Producer
Eddy MitchellPremiers printemps2013Producer
Eddy MitchellT'es pas doué pour l'amour2013Producer
Eddy MitchellT'es seul, tu stresses, t'es mal2013Producer
Eddy Mitchell avec Jean DujardinAux anges2013Producer
Eddy Mitchell avec Nolwenn LeroyLa complainte du phoque en Alaska2013Producer
Emmylou Harris & Rodney CrowellBring It On Home To Memphis2015Music/Lyrics
Gauvain SersLa valse ŕ mille temps2019Producer
Gwyneth PaltrowBette Davis Eyes2000Producer
Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey LewisCruisin'2000Producer
Herbie HancockBoth Sides Now2007Producer
Herbie HancockNefertiti2007Producer
Herbie HancockSolitude2007Producer
Herbie HancockSweet Bird2007Producer
Herbie Hancock & Corinne Bailey RaeRiver2007Producer
Herbie Hancock & Joni MitchellTea Leaf Prophecy2007Music/Lyrics
Herbie Hancock & Leonard CohenThe Jungle Line2007Producer
Herbie Hancock & Luciana SouzaAmelia2007Producer
Herbie Hancock & Norah JonesCourt And Spark2007Producer
Herbie Hancock & Tina TurnerEdith And The Kingpin2007Producer
Herbie Hancock feat. CéuTempo de amor2010Producer
Herbie Hancock feat. Dave MatthewsTomorrow Never Knows2010Producer
Herbie Hancock feat. James MorrisonA Change Is Gonna Come2010Producer
Herbie Hancock feat. JuanesLa tierra2010Producer
Herbie Hancock feat. K.S. Chithra, Chaka Khan, Anoushka Shankar & Wayne ShorterThe Song Goes On2010Music/Lyrics
Herbie Hancock feat. P!nk & John LegendDon't Give Up2010Producer
Herbie Hancock feat. P!nk, Seal, India.Arie, Jeff Beck, Konono No 1 & Oumou SangareImagine2010Producer
Herbie Hancock feat. Susan Tedeschi & Derek TrucksSpace Captain2010Producer
Herbie Hancock feat. The Chieftains, Toumani Diabete & Lisa HanniganThe Times, They Are A'Changin'2010Producer
Herbie Hancock feat. Tinariwen, K'naan & Los LobosTamatant Tilay/Exodus2010Producer
Huey LewisFeeling Alright2000Producer
Hungarian Studio OrchestraStory Of Our Town (From "Our Town")2017Producer
Indra Rios-MooreAzure2015Producer
Indra Rios-MooreBlue Railroad Train2015Producer
Indra Rios-MooreFrom Silence2015Producer
Indra Rios-MooreHacia donde2015Producer
Indra Rios-MooreHeroes2015Producer
Indra Rios-MooreLittle Black Train2015Producer
Indra Rios-MooreMoney2015Producer
Indra Rios-MooreOshun2015Producer
Indra Rios-MooreSolitude2015Producer
Indra Rios-MooreWhat Becomes Of The Broken Hearted2015Producer
Indra Rios-MooreYour Long Journey2015Producer
JD SoutherCome What May2015Producer
JD SoutherDance Real Slow2015Producer
JD SoutherDowntown (Before The War)2015Producer
JD SoutherHorses In Blue2015Producer
JD SoutherLet's Take A Walk2015Music/Lyrics
JD SoutherNeed Somebody2015Producer
JD SoutherShow Me What You Mean2015Producer
JD SoutherSomething In The Dark2015Music/Lyrics
JD SoutherThis House2015Producer
Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer OrchestraCantaloupe Island2018Producer
Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer OrchestraGood Nights2018Producer
Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer OrchestraI Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free)2018Producer
Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer OrchestraNostalgia In Times Square2018Producer
Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra feat. Haley ReinhartGee Baby (Ain't I Good To You)2018Producer
Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra feat. Haley ReinhartMy Baby Just Cares For Me2018Producer
Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra feat. Imelda MayCome On-A-My House2018Producer
Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra feat. Imelda May & Till BrönnerStraighten Up And Fly Right2018Producer
Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra feat. Imelda May & Till BrönnerThis Bitter Earth2018Producer
Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra feat. Sarah SilvermanJeff Introduces Sarah Silverman2018Producer
Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra feat. Sarah Silverman & Till BrönnerMe And My Shadow2018Producer
Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra feat. Till BrönnerCaravan2018Producer
Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra feat. Till BrönnerDon't Mess With Mister T2018Producer
Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra feat. Till BrönnerIt Never Entered My Mind2018Producer
Joni MitchellA Bird That Whistles1988Producer
Joni MitchellAnswer Me, My Love2000Producer
Joni MitchellAt Last2000Producer
Joni MitchellBorderline1994Producer
Joni MitchellCherokee Louise1991Producer
Joni MitchellCome In From The Cold1991Producer
Joni MitchellComes Love2000Producer
Joni MitchellCool Water1988Producer
Joni MitchellDancin' Clown1988Producer
Joni MitchellDog Eat Dog1985Producer
Joni MitchellDon't Go To Strangers2000Producer
Joni MitchellDon't Worry 'Bout Me2000Producer
Joni MitchellEthiopia1985Producer
Joni MitchellFiction1985Music/Lyrics
Joni MitchellGood Friends1985Producer
Joni MitchellHow Do You Stop1994Producer
Joni MitchellI Wish I Were In Love Again2000Producer
Joni MitchellImpossible Dream1985Producer
Joni MitchellLakota1988Music/Lyrics
Joni MitchellLast Chance Lost1994Producer
Joni MitchellLucky Girl1985Producer
Joni MitchellMy Secret Place1988Producer
Joni MitchellNight Ride Home1991Producer
Joni MitchellNot To Blame1994Producer
Joni MitchellNothing Can Be Done1991Music/Lyrics
Joni MitchellNumber One1988Producer
Joni MitchellPassion Play (When All The Slaves Are Free)1991Producer
Joni MitchellRay's Dad's Cadillac1991Producer
Joni MitchellSex Kills1994Producer
Joni MitchellShiny Toys1985Producer
Joni MitchellSlouching Towards Bethlehem1991Producer
Joni MitchellSnakes And Ladders1988Music/Lyrics
Joni MitchellSometimes I'm Happy2000Producer
Joni MitchellStormy Weather2000Producer
Joni MitchellSunny Sunday1994Producer
Joni MitchellTax Free1985Music/Lyrics
Joni MitchellThe Beat Of Black Wings1988Producer
Joni MitchellThe Magdalene Laundries1994Producer
Joni MitchellThe Only Joy In Town1991Producer
Joni MitchellThe Reoccurring Dream1988Music/Lyrics
Joni MitchellThe Sire Of Sorrow (Job's Sad Song)1994Producer
Joni MitchellThe Tea Leaf Prophecy (Lay Down Your Arms)1988Music/Lyrics
Joni MitchellThe Three Great Stimulants1985Producer
Joni MitchellThe Windfall (Everything For Nothing)1991Producer
Joni MitchellTurbulent Indigo1994Producer
Joni MitchellTwo Grey Rooms1991Producer
Joni MitchellYou're My Thrill2000Producer
Joni MitchellYou've Changed2000Producer
Joni MitchellYvette In English1994Producer
Kandace SpringsFall Guy2016Producer
Kandace SpringsLeavin'2016Producer
Kandace SpringsNeither Old Nor Young2016Producer
Kandace SpringsNovocaine Heart2016Producer
Kandace SpringsPlace To Hide2016Producer
Kandace SpringsRain Falling2016Producer
Kandace SpringsStrange Fruit2020Producer
Kandace SpringsTalk To Me2016Producer
Kandace SpringsThe Nearness Of You2020Producer
Kandace SpringsThe World Is A Ghetto2016Producer
Kandace SpringsThought It Would Be Easier2016Producer
Kandace SpringsWhat Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life2020Producer
Kandace Springs feat. Avishai CohenI Can't Make You Love Me2020Producer
Kandace Springs feat. Avishai CohenPearls2020Producer
Kandace Springs feat. Chris PotterGentle Rain2020Producer
Kandace Springs feat. Chris PotterSolitude2020Producer
Kandace Springs feat. Christian McBrideDevil May Care2020Producer
Kandace Springs feat. David SanbornI Put A Spell On You2020Producer
Kandace Springs feat. Elena PinderhughesEx-Factor2020Producer
Kandace Springs feat. Elena PinderhughesKilling Me Softly With His Song2020Producer
Kandace Springs feat. Norah JonesAngel Eyes2020Producer
Kandace Springs feat. Terence BlanchardSoul Eyes2016Producer
Kandace Springs feat. Terence BlanchardToo Good To Last2016Producer
Lang Lang / Herbie Hancock / London Symphony Orchestra / John AxelrodRhapsody In Blue2020Producer
Lang Lang / Lindsey Stirling / Hungarian Studio Orchestra / Péter IllényiSpider-Man Theme2020Producer
Lang Lang / Madeleine Peyroux / Hungarian Studio Orchestra / Péter IllényiMoon River2020Producer
Lang Lang / Sean Jones / Hungarian Studio Orchestra / Péter IllényiTonight2020Producer
LemarBring It On Home To Me2015Producer
LemarCrazy Love2015Producer
LemarGimme Some Lovin'2015Producer
LemarHigher Love2015Producer
LemarLove And Happiness2015Producer
LemarLove Song2015Producer
LemarLove Turned Hate2015Producer
LemarNever Be Another You2015Producer
LemarSomeday We'll Be Together2015Producer
LemarTainted Love2015Producer
LemarThe Letter2015Producer
Liv Del EstalL'ivrogne2019Producer
Lizz WrightBlessed The Brave2015Music/Lyrics
Lizz WrightFreedom2015Producer
Lizz WrightHere And Now2015Music/Lyrics
Lizz WrightLean In2015Music/Lyrics
Lizz WrightReal Life Painting2015Producer
Lizz WrightRiver Man2015Producer
Lizz WrightSomewhere Down The Mystic2015Music/Lyrics
Lizz WrightSurrender2015Producer
Lizz WrightThe Game2015Producer
Lizz WrightThe New Game2015Music/Lyrics
Lizz WrightTo Love Somebody2015Producer
Lizz WrightYou2015Music/Lyrics
Lizz Wright with Gregory PorterRight Where You Are2015Music/Lyrics
Luciana SouzaAdeus América & Eu quero um samba2010Producer
Luciana SouzaAmulet2010Producer
Luciana SouzaChuva2010Producer
Luciana SouzaCircus Life2010Music/Lyrics
Luciana SouzaFire And Wood2010Music/Lyrics
Luciana SouzaLove - Poem 652010Music/Lyrics
Luciana SouzaOnce Again2010Music/Lyrics
Luciana SouzaOur Gilded Home2010Music/Lyrics
Luciana SouzaSorriu para mim2010Producer
Luciana SouzaTide2010Music/Lyrics
Madeleine Peyroux(Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night2006Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxA Little Bit2006Music/Lyrics
Madeleine PeyrouxAll My Heroes2018Music/Lyrics
Madeleine PeyrouxAnthem2018Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxBare Bones2009Music/Lyrics
Madeleine PeyrouxBetween The Bars2004Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxBird On The Wire2013Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxBlue Alert2006Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxBorn To Lose2013Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxBye Bye Love2013Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxCalifornia Rain2006Music/Lyrics
Madeleine PeyrouxCareless Love2004Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxChanging All Those Changes2012Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxDamn The Circumstances2009Music/Lyrics
Madeleine PeyrouxDance Me To The End Of Love2004Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxDesperadoes Under The Eaves2013Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxDon't Cry Baby2004Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxDon't Wait Too Long2004Music/Lyrics
Madeleine PeyrouxDown On Me2018Music/Lyrics
Madeleine PeyrouxEverybody's Talkin'2006Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxGentle On My Mind2013Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxGuilty2013Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxHalf The Perfect World2006Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxHomeless Happiness2009Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxHoney Party2018Music/Lyrics
Madeleine PeyrouxI Can't Stop Loving You2013Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxI Love You So Much It Hurts2013Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxI Must Be Saved2009Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxI'll Look Around2004Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxI'm All Right2006Music/Lyrics
Madeleine PeyrouxInstead2009Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxJ'ai deux amours2004Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxLa javanaise2006Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxLiberté2018Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxLonesome Road2004Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxLove And Treachery2009Music/Lyrics
Madeleine PeyrouxLullaby2018Music/Lyrics
Madeleine PeyrouxMeet Charlie Parker2017Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxNo More2004Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxOn A Sunday Afternoon2018Music/Lyrics
Madeleine PeyrouxOn My Own2018Music/Lyrics
Madeleine PeyrouxOnce In A While2006Music/Lyrics
Madeleine PeyrouxOur Lady Of Pigalle2009Music/Lyrics
Madeleine PeyrouxParty Tyme2018Music/Lyrics
Madeleine PeyrouxRiver Of Tears2009Music/Lyrics
Madeleine PeyrouxSmile2006Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxSomethin' Grand2009Music/Lyrics
Madeleine PeyrouxTake These Chains From My Heart2013Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxThe Brand New Deal2018Music/Lyrics
Madeleine PeyrouxThe Ghosts Of Tomorrow2018Music/Lyrics
Madeleine PeyrouxThe Summer Wind2006Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxThis Is Heaven To Me2004Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxTo Love You All Over Again2009Music/Lyrics
Madeleine PeyrouxVoir un ami pleurer2019Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxWe Might As Well Dance2018Music/Lyrics
Madeleine PeyrouxWeary Blues2004Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxYou Can't Do Me2009Music/Lyrics
Madeleine PeyrouxYou Don't Know Me2013Producer
Madeleine PeyrouxYou're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go2004Producer
Madeleine Peyroux feat. k.d. langRiver2006Producer
Marianne FaithfullPort Of Amsterdam2019Producer
Melody GardotAfter The Rain2015Producer
Melody GardotAve Maria2020Producer
Melody GardotBaby I'm A Fool2009Producer
Melody GardotBad News2015Producer
Melody GardotBurying My Troubles2015Producer
Melody GardotDeep Within The Corners Of My Mind2009Producer
Melody GardotDon't Misunderstand2015Producer
Melody GardotDon't Talk2015Producer
Melody GardotFrom Paris With Love2020Producer
Melody GardotI Fall In Love Too Easily2020Producer
Melody GardotIf Ever I Recall Your Face2015Producer
Melody GardotIf The Stars Were Mine2009Producer
Melody GardotIf You Love Me2020Producer
Melody GardotIt Gonna Come2015Producer
Melody GardotLa chanson des vieux amants2019Producer
Melody GardotLes étoiles2009Producer
Melody GardotLove Song2020Producer
Melody GardotLover Undercover2009Producer
Melody GardotMoon River2020Producer
Melody GardotMorning Sun2015Producer
Melody GardotMy One And Only Thrill2009Producer
Melody GardotNinguém, ninguém2020Producer
Melody GardotNo Man's Prize2015Producer
Melody GardotOnce I Was Loved2015Producer
Melody GardotOur Love Is Easy2009Producer
Melody GardotOver The Rainbow2009Producer
Melody GardotPreacherman2015Producer
Melody GardotSame To You2015Producer
Melody GardotShe Don't Know2015Producer
Melody GardotSunset In The Blue2020Producer
Melody GardotThe Rain2009Producer
Melody GardotThere Where He Lives in Me2020Producer
Melody GardotUm beijo2020Producer
Melody GardotWho Will Comfort Me2009Producer
Melody GardotYou Won't Forget Me2020Producer
Melody GardotYour Heart Is As Black As Night2009Producer
Melody Gardot feat. António ZambujoC'est magnifique2020Producer
Michel JonaszLes vieux2019Producer
Oxmo PuccinoIl nous faut regarder2019Producer
Raul MidónAbout You2009Music/Lyrics
Raul MidónBlackbird2009Producer
Raul MidónBonnie's Song2009Producer
Raul MidónDon't Be A Silly Man2009Music/Lyrics
Raul MidónDon't Take It That Way2009Music/Lyrics
Raul MidónEvryone Deserves A Second Chance2009Music/Lyrics
Raul MidónInvisible Chains2009Music/Lyrics
Raul MidónNext Generation2009Music/Lyrics
Raul MidónThese Wheels2009Music/Lyrics
Raul MidónWhen You Call My Name2009Music/Lyrics
Raul MidónWhy Am I Feeling So Bad2009Producer
Rodney CrowellAlone But Not Alone1992Music/Lyrics
Rodney CrowellLet's Make Trouble1992Producer
Rodney CrowellWhat Kind Of Love1992Producer
Sharon CorrA Thousand Lives2021Producer
Sharon CorrFreefall2021Producer
Sharon CorrLend Me Your Shoulder2021Producer
Sharon CorrMy Beautiful2021Producer
Sharon CorrOnly You2021Producer
Sharon CorrRunning On Rooftops2021Producer
Sharon CorrTease Me2021Producer
Sharon CorrThe Fool & The Scorpion2021Producer
Sharon CorrThe Heart Is A Lonely Hunter2021Producer
Sharon CorrUnder A Daylight Moon2021Producer
Shawn ColvinRound Of Blues1992Producer
SlimaneNe me quitte pas2019Producer
StarshipI Didn't Mean To Stay All Night1989Producer
StarshipIt's Not Enough1989Producer
Susanna HoffsEyes Of A Baby1996Music/Lyrics
Susanna HoffsKing Of Tragedy1996Music/Lyrics
Susanna HoffsWeak With Love1996Music/Lyrics
The Gypsy QueensAicha2012Producer
The Gypsy QueensCountry Roads2012Producer
The Gypsy QueensEl cuarto de Tula2012Producer
The Gypsy QueensL'italiano2012Producer
The Gypsy QueensMalagueńa2012Producer
The Gypsy QueensSympathique2012Producer
The Gypsy QueensVolare2012Producer
The Gypsy Queens feat. Booker T. Jones, Gerry Beckley & Dewey BunnellVentura Highway2012Producer
The Gypsy Queens feat. Graham NashMarrakesh Express2012Producer
The Gypsy Queens feat. The Boys From Made In ChelseaL'americano2012Producer
Thomas DutroncVesoul2019Producer
Thomas DybdahlAll These Things2018Producer
Thomas DybdahlBut We Did2013Music/Lyrics
Thomas DybdahlCan I Have It All2018Producer
Thomas DybdahlCity Lights2013Producer
Thomas DybdahlEasy Tiger2013Producer
Thomas DybdahlI Never Knew That What I Didn't Know Could Kill Me2013Music/Lyrics
Thomas DybdahlLifeline2018Music/Lyrics
Thomas DybdahlLook At What We've Done2018Music/Lyrics
Thomas DybdahlLove's Enough2013Music/Lyrics
Thomas DybdahlMan On A Wire2013Music/Lyrics
Thomas DybdahlRescue Me2018Producer
Thomas DybdahlRunning On Fumes2013Producer
Thomas DybdahlShine2013Producer
Thomas DybdahlSo Long2013Producer
Thomas DybdahlSoulsister2013Producer
Thomas DybdahlStupid Heart2018Producer
Thomas DybdahlThe Great Plains2013Producer
Thomas DybdahlThe Longest Night2018Producer
Thomas DybdahlThe Sculptor2013Producer
Thomas DybdahlThis Love Is Here To Stay2013Music/Lyrics
Thomas DybdahlThis Next Wave Is A Big One2013Producer
Thomas DybdahlWhat You Came For2018Music/Lyrics
Thomas Dybdahl feat. Lera LynnWhen I Go2018Producer
Till BrönnerA Distant Episode2006Music/Lyrics
Till BrönnerA ră2008Producer
Till BrönnerBumpin'2006Producer
Till BrönnerDanny Boy2006Producer
Till BrönnerIt Never Entered My Mind2006Producer
Till BrönnerLígia2008Producer
Till BrönnerLove Theme From Chinatown2006Producer
Till BrönnerSubrosa2006Producer
Till BrönnerTarde2006Music/Lyrics
Till BrönnerThe Peacocks2006Producer
Till Brönner feat. Aimee MannOnce I Loved (Amor em paz)2008Producer
Till Brönner feat. Annie Lennox & Milton NascimentoMistérios (Mysteries)2008Music/Lyrics
Till Brönner feat. Carla BruniIn My Secret Life2006Producer
Till Brönner feat. Kurt EllingSim ou năo2008Producer
Till Brönner feat. Luciana SouzaAquelas coisas todas2008Producer
Till Brönner feat. Luciana SouzaPra dizer adeus2006Producer
Till Brönner feat. Madeleine PeyrouxI'm So Lonesome I Could Cry2006Producer
Till Brönner feat. Melody GardotHigh Night (Alta noite)2008Music/Lyrics
Till Brönner feat. Milton Nascimento & Luciana SouzaEvening (Tarde)2008Music/Lyrics
Till Brönner feat. Sérgio MendesEla é carioca2008Producer
Till Brönner feat. Till BrönnerBonita2008Producer
Till Brönner feat. Till BrönnerCafé com păo2008Producer
Till Brönner feat. Till BrönnerRiver Man2006Producer
Till Brönner feat. Till BrönnerSó danço samba2008Producer
Till Brönner feat. Vanessa da MataO que será? (Ŕ flor da pele)2008Producer
Tracy ChapmanA Theory2008Producer
Tracy ChapmanConditional2008Producer
Tracy ChapmanFor A Dream2008Producer
Tracy ChapmanI Did It All2008Producer
Tracy ChapmanOur Bright Future2008Producer
Tracy ChapmanSave Us All2008Producer
Tracy ChapmanSing For You2008Producer
Tracy ChapmanSomething To See2008Producer
Tracy ChapmanSpring2008Producer
Tracy ChapmanThe First Person On Earth2008Producer
Tracy ChapmanThinking Of You2008Producer
Vienna Teng1BR/1BA1988Producer
Vienna TengBlue Caravan1988Producer
Vienna TengCity Hall1988Producer
Vienna TengI Don't Feel So Well1988Producer
Vienna TengLove Turns 401988Producer
Vienna TengNothing Without You1988Producer
Vienna TengNow Three1988Producer
Vienna TengPontchartrain1988Producer
Vienna TengRecessional1988Producer
Vienna TengTranscontinental, 1:30 A.M.1988Producer
Vienna TengWhatever You Want1988Producer
Warren ZevonGenius2001Music/Lyrics
Warren ZevonSacrificial Lambs2001Music/Lyrics
Heartbreaker (Dare)65.17
Whatever You Want (Vienna Teng)65
Blue Caravan (Vienna Teng)55
Our Love Is Easy (Melody Gardot)74.86
Into The Fire (Dare)74.86
City Hall (Vienna Teng)64.83
Nothing Can Be Done (Joni Mitchell)54.8
The Rain (Melody Gardot)54.8
Smile (Madeleine Peyroux)84.75
Don't Wait Too Long (Madeleine Peyroux)114.73
Edith And The Kingpin (Herbie Hancock & Tina Turner)134.69
Lover Undercover (Melody Gardot)64.67
Under The Sun (Dare)64.67
Between The Bars (Madeleine Peyroux)54.6
Tamatant Tilay/Exodus (Herbie Hancock feat. Tinariwen, K'naan & Los Lobos)54.6
King Of Spades (Dare)54.6
Court And Spark (Herbie Hancock & Norah Jones)74.57
Sex Kills (Joni Mitchell)74.57
I Didn't Mean To Stay All Night (Starship)74.57
Don't Let Go (Dare)74.57
Cruisin' (Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis)363.56
Sing For You (Tracy Chapman)333.67
Baby I'm A Fool (Melody Gardot)294.24
Stay The Night (Benjamin Orr)214.52
It's Not Enough (Starship)184.5
Dance Me To The End Of Love (Madeleine Peyroux)164.12
Bette Davis Eyes (Gwyneth Paltrow)162.94
Edith And The Kingpin (Herbie Hancock & Tina Turner)134.69
Imagine (Herbie Hancock feat. P!nk, Seal, India.Arie, Jeff Beck, Konono No 1 & Oumou Sangare)133.38
Don't Wait Too Long (Madeleine Peyroux)114.73
Who Will Comfort Me (Melody Gardot)104.4
Abandon (Dare)94.44
Your Heart Is As Black As Night (Melody Gardot)94.33
Preacherman (Melody Gardot)94.33
If The Stars Were Mine (Melody Gardot)94.22
Les étoiles (Melody Gardot)93.67
Same To You (Melody Gardot)93.33
Smile (Madeleine Peyroux)84.75
Come In From The Cold (Joni Mitchell)84.25
Over The Rainbow (Melody Gardot)84

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