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After The FireCheck It Out1979Producer
After The FireSuspended Animation1979Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeAutosexual1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeBeauty Secrets1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeBlazing Apostles1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeBlimps1977Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeBlue As A Jewel1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeBring Back The Spark1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeCrying In The Sky1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeCrystal Gazing1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeDance Of The Uncle Sam's Humanoids1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeDancing In The Moonlight1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeDangerous Stranger1977Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeDown On Terminal Street1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeElectrical Language1977Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeFair Exchange1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeForbidden Lovers1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeFuturist Manifesto1977Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeHeavenly Homes1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeHoneymoon On Mars1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeIslands Of The Dead1977Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeJapan1977Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeKiss Of Light1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeLife In The Air-Age1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeLights1977Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeLike An Old Blues1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeLost In The Neonworld1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeLove In Flames1977Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeLovers Are Mortal1977Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeMake The Music Magic1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeModern Music1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeModern Music (Reprise)1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeNew Mysteries1977Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeNew Precision1977Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeOrphans Of Babylon1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxePanic In The World1977Producer
Be-Bop DeluxePossesion1977Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeQuest For The Harvest Of The Stars1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeShine1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeShips In The Night1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeSleep That Burns1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeSpeed Of The Wind1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeSuperenigmatic1977Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeSurreal Estate1977Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeThe Bird Charcher's Destiny1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeThe Gold At The End Of My Rainbow1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeTwilight Capers1976Producer
Be-Bop DeluxeVisions Of Endless Hope1977Producer
Bill NelsonBanal1981Producer
Bill Nelson's Red NoiseA Better Home In The Phantom Zone1979Producer
Bill Nelson's Red NoiseAcquitted By Mirrors1979Producer
Bill Nelson's Red NoiseArt / Empire / Industry1979Producer
Bill Nelson's Red NoiseDon't Touch Me (I'm Electric)1979Producer
Bill Nelson's Red NoiseFor Young Moderns1979Producer
Bill Nelson's Red NoiseFurniture Music1979Producer
Bill Nelson's Red NoiseOut Of Touch1979Producer
Bill Nelson's Red NoiseRadar In My Heart1979Producer
Bill Nelson's Red NoiseRevolt Into Style1979Producer
Bill Nelson's Red NoiseStay Young1979Producer
Bill Nelson's Red NoiseStop / Go / Stop1979Producer
Bill Nelson's Red NoiseSubstitute Flesh1979Producer
Bill Nelson's Red NoiseThe Atom Age1979Producer
Bill Nelson's Red NoiseWonder Toys That Last Forever1979Producer
Bill Nelson's Red NoiseWondertoys That Last Forever1979Producer
CastBack Of My Mind1995Producer
CastBetter Man1995Producer
CastFollow Me Down1995Producer
CastFour Walls1995Producer
CastFree Me1997Producer
CastGuiding Star1997Producer
CastI'm So Lonely1997Producer
CastMeet Me1995Producer
CastPromised Land1995Producer
CastSee That Girl2012Producer
CastTell It Like It Is1995Producer
CastTwo Of A Kind1995Producer
DenimMiddle Of The Road1993Producer
Doctors Of MadnessBrothers1976Producer
Doctors Of MadnessDoctors Of Madness1976Producer
Doctors Of MadnessIn Camera1976Producer
Doctors Of MadnessMarie And Joe1976Producer
Doctors Of MadnessOut1976Producer
Doctors Of MadnessPerfect Past1976Producer
Doctors Of MadnessSuicide City1976Producer
DovesWinter Hill2009Producer
Dr. JohnI Don't Wanna Know1998Producer
EtherHe Say Yeah1996Producer
FeltBe Still1988Producer
FeltSpace Blues1988Producer
House Of FreaksWhite Folk's Blood1989Producer
Kula ShakerGovinda1996Producer
Kula ShakerGrateful When You're Dead1996Producer
Kula ShakerGrateful When You're Dead/Jerry Was There1996Producer
Kula ShakerHey Dude1996Producer
Kula ShakerKnight On The Town1996Producer
Kula ShakerMagic Theatre1996Producer
Kula ShakerMoonshine1996Producer
Kula ShakerSleeping Jiva1996Producer
Kula ShakerTattva1996Producer
MagazineDefinitive Gaze1978Producer
MagazineMy Tulpa1978Producer
MagazineThe Great Beautician In The Sky1978Producer
MagazineThe Light Pours Out Of Me1978Producer
MagazineTouch And Go1978Producer
Mark OwenAre You With Me1996Producer
Mark OwenAsk Him To1996Producer
Mark OwenBack Pocket And Me1996Producer
Mark OwenChild1996Producer
Mark OwenClementine1996Producer
Mark OwenConfused1996Producer
Mark OwenGreen Man1996Producer
Mark OwenHome1996Producer
Mark OwenI Am What I Am1996Producer
Mark OwenIs That What It's All About1996Producer
Mark OwenMove On1996Producer
Mark OwenMy Love1996Producer
Mark OwenNaturally1996Producer
Mark OwenSecondhand Wonderland1996Producer
Morning RunnerPeople Line Up The Halls2006Producer
MuseCitizen Erased2001Producer
MuseFalling Down1999Producer
MuseFeeling Good2001Producer
MuseHate This & I'll Love You1999Producer
MuseHyper Music2001Producer
MuseMicro Cuts2001Producer
MuseMuscle Museum1999Producer
MuseShrinking Universe2001Producer
MuseSpace Dementia2001Producer
MuseSpiral Static1999Producer
My Morning JacketAnytime2005Producer
My Morning JacketChills2005Producer
My Morning JacketDondante2005Producer
My Morning JacketGideon2005Producer
My Morning JacketHow Could I Know2005Producer
My Morning JacketInto The Woods2005Producer
My Morning JacketIt Beats 4 U2005Producer
My Morning JacketKnot Comes Loose2005Producer
My Morning JacketLay Low2005Producer
My Morning JacketOff The Record2005Producer
My Morning JacketWhat A Wonderful Man2005Producer
My Morning JacketWordless Chorus2005Producer
New OrderDracula's Castle2005Producer
New OrderKrafty2005Producer
NovastarCloser To You2014Producer
NovastarEnd To End2014Producer
NovastarFaith In You2014Producer
NovastarFall Down2014Producer
NovastarIn Love With Another2014Producer
NovastarInside Outside2014Producer
NovastarLight Up My Life2014Producer
NovastarSilvery Rain2014Producer
NovastarSo Softly2014Producer
NovastarTumulus Man2014Producer
Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub !Moon1985Producer
Phillip Boa And The VoodooclubAndy W.1988Producer
Phillip Boa And The VoodooclubBlack-Crosser1988Producer
Phillip Boa And The VoodooclubCrash, Crack1988Producer
Phillip Boa And The VoodooclubHell1988Producer
Phillip Boa And The VoodooclubHyena1988Producer
Phillip Boa And The VoodooclubKill Your Ideals1988Producer
Phillip Boa And The VoodooclubLaugh, Planet1988Producer
Phillip Boa And The VoodooclubLunatics Over Brighton1988Producer
Phillip Boa And The VoodooclubLying In The Green Grass1988Producer
Phillip Boa And The VoodooclubMonochrome Monday1988Producer
Phillip Boa And The VoodooclubOnly On Sunday1985Producer
Phillip Boa And The VoodooclubRevolution, Bebe1988Producer
Phillip Boa And The VoodooclubRise & Fall Of Piggly Wiggly1988Producer
Phillip Boa And The VoodooclubScotland Yard1988Producer
Phillip Boa And The VoodooclubSoul On Ice1988Producer
Radiohead(Nice Dream)1995Producer
RadioheadBlack Star1995Producer
RadioheadBullet Proof..I Wish I Was1995Producer
RadioheadFake Plastic Trees1995Producer
RadioheadHigh And Dry1995Producer
RadioheadHow Can You Be Sure?1995Producer
RadioheadIndia Rubber1995Producer
RadioheadKiller Cars1995Producer
RadioheadLewis (Mistreated)1994Producer
RadioheadLozenge Of Love1994Producer
RadioheadMy Iron Lung1994Producer
RadioheadPermanent Daylight1994Producer
RadioheadPlanet Telex1995Producer
RadioheadPunchdrunk Lovesick Singalong1994Producer
RadioheadStreet Spirit (Fade Out)1995Producer
RadioheadTalk Show Host1996Producer
RadioheadThe Bends1995Producer
RadioheadThe Trickster1994Producer
RadioheadYou Never Wash Up After Yourself1994Producer
Ride1000 Miles1994Producer
RideAt The End Of The Universe1994Producer
RideCrown Of Creation1994Producer
RideDon't Let It Die1994Producer
RideEndless Road1994Producer
RideFrom Time To Time1994Producer
RideI Don't Know Where It Comes From1994Producer
RideLet's Get Lost1994Producer
RideMagical Spring1994Producer
RideMoonlight Medicine1994Producer
RideNatural Grace1994Producer
RideOnly Now1994Producer
RideRolling Thunder1994Producer
Rodrigo Y Gabriela11:112009Producer
Rodrigo Y GabrielaDiablo rojo2006Producer
Rodrigo Y GabrielaIxtapa2006Producer
Rodrigo Y GabrielaJuan loco2006Producer
Rodrigo Y GabrielaOrion2006Producer
Rodrigo Y GabrielaPPA2006Producer
Rodrigo Y GabrielaSatori2006Producer
Rodrigo Y GabrielaStairway To Heaven2006Producer
Rodrigo Y GabrielaTamacun2006Producer
Rodrigo Y GabrielaVikingman2006Producer
Roy HarperBreakfast With You1977Producer
Roy HarperCherishing The Lonesome1977Producer
Roy HarperNaked Flame1977Producer
Roy HarperOne Of Those Days In England1977Producer
Roy HarperThese Last Days1977Producer
Simple MindsAll For You1979Producer
Simple MindsCacophony1979Producer
Simple MindsCalling Your Name1979Producer
Simple MindsCapital City1980Producer
Simple MindsCarnival (Shelter In A Suitcase)1979Producer
Simple MindsCelebrate1980Producer
Simple MindsChangeling1979Producer
Simple MindsChelsea Girl1979Producer
Simple MindsCitizen (Dance Of Youth)1979Producer
Simple MindsConstantinople Line1980Producer
Simple MindsDestiny1979Producer
Simple MindsFactory1979Producer
Simple MindsFilm Theme1979Producer
Simple MindsGarden Of Hate1979Producer
Simple MindsI Travel1980Producer
Simple MindsKaleidoscope1981Producer
Simple MindsKant-Kino1980Producer
Simple MindsLife In A Day1979Producer
Simple MindsMurder Story1979Producer
Simple MindsNaked Eye1979Producer
Simple MindsNo Cure1979Producer
Simple MindsPleasantly Disturbed1979Producer
Simple MindsPremonition1979Producer
Simple MindsReal To Real1979Producer
Simple MindsRoom1980Producer
Simple MindsSad Affair1979Producer
Simple MindsScar1979Producer
Simple MindsSomeone1979Producer
Simple MindsSpecial View1979Producer
Simple MindsThirty Frames A Second1980Producer
Simple MindsThis Fear Of Gods1980Producer
Simple MindsToday I Died Again1980Producer
Simple MindsTwist/Run/Repulsion1980Producer
Simple MindsVeldt1979Producer
Simple MindsWasteland1979Producer
SkidsA Day In Europa1979Producer
SkidsAftermath Dub1979Producer
SkidsAnother Emotion1979Producer
SkidsDulce et decorum est (pro patria mori)1979Producer
SkidsHome Of The Saved1979Producer
SkidsOut Of Town1979Producer
SkidsPeaceful Time1979Producer
SkidsPros And Cons1979Producer
SkidsThe Olympian1979Producer
SpysHeavy Scene1979Producer
SpysThe Young Ones1979Producer
StarsailorShark Food2003Producer
The AdvertsBombside Boy1978Producer
The AdvertsBored Teenagers1977Producer
The AdvertsDrowning Man1978Producer
The AdvertsGreat British Mistake1978Producer
The AdvertsNew Boys1977Producer
The AdvertsNew Church1978Producer
The AdvertsNew Day Dawning1977Producer
The AdvertsNo Time To Be 211977Producer
The AdvertsOn The Roof1978Producer
The AdvertsOn Wheels1978Producer
The AdvertsOne Chord Wonders1977Producer
The AdvertsSafety In Numbers1977Producer
The Coral1000 Years2010Producer
The CoralButterfly House2010Producer
The CoralConey Island2010Producer
The CoralFalling All Around You2010Producer
The CoralGreen Is The Colour2010Producer
The CoralMore Than A Lover2010Producer
The CoralNorth Parade2010Producer
The CoralRoving Jewel2010Producer
The CoralSandhills2010Producer
The CoralShe's Comin' Around2010Producer
The CoralTwo Faces2010Producer
The CoralWalking In The Winter2010Producer
The DollBecause Now1979Producer
The DollCinderella With A Husky Voice1979Producer
The DollFrozen Fire1980Producer
The DollYou Used To Be My Hero1980Producer
The DollZero Heroes1980Producer
The Dukes Of Stratosphear25 O'Clock1985Producer
The Dukes Of StratosphearBike Ride To The Moon1985Producer
The Dukes Of StratosphearBrainiac's Daughter1987Producer
The Dukes Of StratosphearCollideascope1987Producer
The Dukes Of StratosphearHave You Seen Jackie?1987Producer
The Dukes Of StratosphearLittle Lighthouse1987Producer
The Dukes Of StratosphearMy Love Explodes1985Producer
The Dukes Of StratosphearPale And Precious1987Producer
The Dukes Of StratosphearShiny Cage1987Producer
The Dukes Of StratosphearThe Affiliated1987Producer
The Dukes Of StratosphearThe Mole From The Ministry1985Producer
The Dukes Of StratosphearVanishing Girl1987Producer
The Dukes Of StratosphearWhat In The World?1985Producer
The Dukes Of StratosphearYour Gold Dress1985Producer
The Dukes Of StratosphearYou're A Good Man Albert Brown (Curse You Red Barrel)1987Producer
The Dukes Of StratosphearYou're My Drug1987Producer
The FallC.R.E.E.P.1984Producer
The FallCouldn't Get Ahead1985Producer
The FallCruiser's Creek1985Producer
The FallEntitled1986Producer
The FallGod-Box1984Producer
The FallL.A.1985Producer
The FallLucifer Over Lancashire1986Producer
The FallMr Pharmacist1986Producer
The FallOh! Brother1984Producer
The FallPat-Trip Dispenser1984Producer
The FallRollin' Dany1985Producer
The Human LeagueBeing Boiled1978Producer
The Human LeagueMarianne1980Producer
The Human LeagueRock And Roll1980Producer
The Human LeagueRock 'n' Roll/Night Clubbing1980Producer
The Lilac TimeAnd On We Go1990Producer
The Lilac TimeJulie Written On The Fence1990Producer
The Lilac TimeLet Our Land Be The One1990Producer
The Lilac TimeOeil Biques A Bacs1990Producer
The Lilac TimeOnly Passing Through1990Producer
The Lilac TimePaper Boat1990Producer
The Lilac TimeSkabaskibilio1990Producer
The Lilac TimeTrinity1990Producer
The Lucy ShowA Million Things1987Producer
The Lucy ShowSojourn's End1987Producer
The Lucy ShowSun And Moon1987Producer
The SilencersJust Can't Be Bothered1991Producer
The Stone Roses(Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister1989Producer
The Stone RosesBye Bye Badman1989Producer
The Stone RosesDon't Stop1989Producer
The Stone RosesElephant Stone1988Producer
The Stone RosesElizabeth My Dear1989Producer
The Stone RosesFools Gold1989Producer
The Stone RosesFull Fathom Five1988Producer
The Stone RosesGoing Down1989Producer
The Stone RosesI Am The Resurrection1989Producer
The Stone RosesI Wanna Be Adored1989Producer
The Stone RosesMade Of Stone1989Producer
The Stone RosesOne Love1990Producer
The Stone RosesShe Bangs The Drums1989Producer
The Stone RosesShoot You Down1989Producer
The Stone RosesSimone1989Producer
The Stone RosesSomething's Burning1990Producer
The Stone RosesThe Hardest Thing In The World1988Producer
The Stone RosesThis Is The One1989Producer
The Stone RosesWaterfall1989Producer
The Stone RosesWhat The World Is Waiting For1989Producer
The Verve6 O'Clock1993Producer
The VerveAlready There1993Producer
The VerveBeautiful Mind1993Producer
The VerveBlue1993Producer
The VerveButterfly1993Producer
The VerveMake It 'Til Monday1993Producer
The VerveMonte Carlo2004Producer
The VerveNo Come Down1993Producer
The VerveSee You In The Next One (Have A Good Time)1993Producer
The VerveSlide Away1993Producer
The VerveStar Sail1993Producer
The VerveThe Crab1997Producer
The VerveThe Sun, The Sea1993Producer
The VerveTwilight1993Producer
The VerveVirtual World1993Producer
The VerveWhere The Geese Go1993Producer
XTCA Dictionary Of Modern Marriage1978Producer
XTCAll Along The Watchtower1977Producer
XTCAre You Receiving Me?1978Producer
XTCAtom Age1977Producer
XTCBattery Bridge (Andy Paints Brain)1978Producer
XTCBeat The Bible1978Producer
XTCBuzzcity Talking1978Producer
XTCClap, Clap, Clap1978Producer
XTCCrowded Room1978Producer
XTCDance Band1977Producer
XTCDance With Me, Germany1978Producer
XTCDo What You Do1977Producer
XTCHang On To The Night1977Producer
XTCI Am The Audience1978Producer
XTCI'm Bugged1977Producer
XTCInstant Tunes1978Producer
XTCJumping In Gamorrah1978Producer
XTCLife Is Good In The Greenhouse1978Producer
XTCMiccanik Dancing (Or We Go)1978Producer
XTCMy Weapon1978Producer
XTCNeon Shuttle1977Producer
XTCNew Town Arrival1977Producer
XTCRadios In Motion1977Producer
XTCScience Friction1977Producer
XTCSet Myself On Fire1977Producer
XTCShe's So Square1977Producer
XTCSpinning Top1977Producer
XTCStatue Of Liberty1977Producer
XTCStrange Tales, Strange Tails1981Producer
XTCSuper Tuff1978Producer
XTCThe Rhythm1978Producer
XTCThis Is Pop?1977Producer
XTCTraffic Light Rock1977Producer
XTCWe Kill The Beast1978Producer
XTCX Wires1977Producer
Kabul (Novastar)75.29
Citizen Erased (Muse)505.24
Made Of Stone (The Stone Roses)195.21
Muscle Museum (Muse)545.17
Street Spirit (Fade Out) (Radiohead)725.14
Feeling Good (Muse)705.1
Space Dementia (Muse)435.09
Just (Radiohead)485.06
Shrinking Universe (Muse)225.05
Waterfall (The Stone Roses)175
Parade (Magazine)55
Hate This & I'll Love You (Muse)284.96
The Trickster (Radiohead)144.93
Showbiz (Muse)414.93
Fake Plastic Trees (Radiohead)674.91
Shine (Muse)114.91
Bones (Radiohead)244.88
Sunburn (Muse)394.87
Micro Cuts (Muse)364.86
The Bends (Radiohead)414.83
Being Boiled (The Human League)1074.59
Street Spirit (Fade Out) (Radiohead)725.14
Feeling Good (Muse)705.1
Fake Plastic Trees (Radiohead)674.91
High And Dry (Radiohead)584.69
Child (Mark Owen)563.68
Muscle Museum (Muse)545.17
Citizen Erased (Muse)505.24
Just (Radiohead)485.06
My Iron Lung (Radiohead)484.71
Fools Gold (The Stone Roses)484.06
Space Dementia (Muse)435.09
Clementine (Mark Owen)424.1
Showbiz (Muse)414.93
The Bends (Radiohead)414.83
Sunburn (Muse)394.87
Tattva (Kula Shaker)384.68
I Wanna Be Adored (The Stone Roses)384.42
Uno (Muse)374.49
Micro Cuts (Muse)364.86

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