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A Foot In ColdwaterHe's Always There (Watching You)1974Producer
A Foot In ColdwaterI Know What You Need1974Producer
Ace24 Hours1974Producer
AceDoes It Hurt You1975Producer
AceHow Long1974Producer
AceI Ain't Gonna Stand For This No More1974Producer
AceI Think It's Gonna Last1975Producer
AceI'm A Man1975Producer
AceKnow How It Feels1974Producer
AceMessage To You1975Producer
AceNo Future In Your Eyes1975Producer
AceRock & Roll Runaway1974Producer
AceSail On My Brother1975Producer
AceSniffin' About1974Producer
AceSo Sorry Baby1974Producer
AceThe Real Feeling1974Producer
AceThis Is What You Find1975Producer
AceTime Ain't Long1974Producer
AceTongue Tied1975Producer
AceYou Can't Lose1975Producer
AffinityAll Along The Watchtower1970Producer
AffinityCoconut Grove1970Producer
AffinityI Am And So Are You1970Producer
AffinityI Wonder If I Care As Much1970Producer
AffinityMr. Joy1970Producer
AffinityNight Flight1970Producer
AffinityThree Sisters1970Producer
Al StewartAmsterdam1971Producer
Al StewartI Don't Believe You1971Producer
Al StewartI'm Falling1971Producer
Al StewartNight Of The 4th Of May1971Producer
Al StewartNostradamus1973Producer
Al StewartOld Admirals1973Producer
Al StewartOnce An Orange Always An Orange1971Producer
Al StewartPost World War Two Blues1973Producer
Al StewartRoads To Moscow1973Producer
Al StewartSoho (Needless To Say)1973Producer
Al StewartSongs Out Of Clay1971Producer
Al StewartTerminal Eyes1973Producer
Al StewartThe Last Days Of June 19341973Producer
Al StewartThe News From Spain1970Producer
Al StewartWarren Harding1973Producer
Al StewartYou Don't Even Know Me1971Producer
GenesisFor Absent Friends1971Producer
GenesisHappy The Man1972Producer
GenesisHarold The Barrel1971Producer
GenesisLooking For Someone1970Producer
GenesisSeven Stones1971Producer
GenesisThe Fountain Of Salmacis1971Producer
GenesisThe Knife1970Producer
GenesisThe Musical Box1971Producer
GenesisThe Return Of The Giant Hogweed1971Producer
GenesisVisions Of Angels1970Producer
GenesisWhite Mountain1970Producer
GypsyBrand New Car1972Producer
GypsyChange Your Mind1972Producer
GypsyComes A Time1972Producer
GypsyLet's Roll1972Producer
GypsyMidnight Fighter1972Producer
GypsyWho's Cheating1972Producer
GypsyWithout You1972Producer
GypsyYou Know Better Than Me1972Producer
HomeBaby Friend Of Mine1972Producer
HomeDear Lord1972Producer
HomeFancy Lady, Hollywood Child1972Producer
HomeLady Of The Birds1972Producer
HomeRise Up1972Producer
HomeWestern Front1972Producer
Jimmy "Bo" HorneSpank ('85 Remix)1985Producer
Laser CowboysUltrawarp1984Producer
LindisfarneAlan In The River With Flowers1970Producer
LindisfarneAlright On The Night1971Producer
LindisfarneClear White Light1970Producer
LindisfarneDon't Ask Me1972Producer
LindisfarneFog On The Tyne1971Producer
LindisfarneJackhammer Blues1970Producer
LindisfarneKnackers Yard Blues1970Producer
LindisfarneLady Eleanor1970Producer
LindisfarneMeet Me On The Corner1971Producer
LindisfarneNorth Country Boy1973Producer
LindisfarneRoad To Kingdom Come1970Producer
LindisfarneRoll On River1973Producer
LindisfarneScarecrow Song1970Producer
LindisfarneTaking Care Of Business1973Producer
LindisfarneThe Things I Should Have Said1970Producer
LindisfarneTurn A Deaf Ear1970Producer
LindisfarneWe Can Swing Together1970Producer
LindisfarneWhen The War Is Over1973Producer
LindisfarneWinter Song1970Producer
May Blitz"In Part"1971Producer
May Blitz8 Mad Grim Nits1971Producer
May BlitzFor Mad Men Only1971Producer
May BlitzHigh Beech1971Producer
May BlitzHoney Coloured Time1971Producer
May BlitzJust Thinking1971Producer
May BlitzSnakes And Ladders1971Producer
May BlitzThe 25th Of December 19691971Producer
NutzLight Of Day1974Producer
NutzRound & Round1974Producer
Peter Hammill(In The) Black Room / The Tower1973Producer
Peter HammillA Louse Is Not A Home1973Producer
Peter HammillCandle1972Producer
Peter HammillChild1972Producer
Peter HammillDropping The Torch1973Producer
Peter HammillEasy To Slip Away1973Producer
Peter HammillForsaken Gardens1973Producer
Peter HammillGerman Overalls1973Producer
Peter HammillHappy1972Producer
Peter HammillI Once Wrote Some Poems1972Producer
Peter HammillImperial Zeppelin1972Producer
Peter HammillIn The End1973Producer
Peter HammillModern1973Producer
Peter HammillRe-Awakening1972Producer
Peter HammillRed Shift1973Producer
Peter HammillRock And Rôle1973Producer
Peter HammillRubicon1973Producer
Peter HammillSlender Threads1973Producer
Peter HammillSolitude1972Producer
Peter HammillSummer Song (In The Autumn)1972Producer
Peter HammillSunshine1972Producer
Peter HammillThe Birds1972Producer
Peter HammillThe Lie (Bernini's Saint Theresa)1973Producer
Peter HammillViking1972Producer
Peter HammillVision1972Producer
Peter HammillWhat's It Worth1973Producer
Peter HammillWilhelmina1973Producer
QueenDoin' Alright1973Producer
QueenGreat King Rat1973Producer
QueenKeep Yourself Alive1973Producer
QueenModern Times Rock 'N' Roll1973Producer
QueenMy Fairy King1973Producer
QueenSeven Seas Of Rhye [Instrumental]1973Producer
QueenSon And Daughter1973Producer
QueenThe Night Comes Down1973Producer
Roxy MusicFor Your Pleasure1973Producer
Roxy MusicGrey Lagoons1973Producer
Roxy MusicThe Bogus Man1973Producer
Smile [UK]April Lady1969Producer
Smile [UK]Blag1969Producer
Smile [UK]Doing All Right1969Producer
Smile [UK]Earth1969Producer
Smile [UK]Polar Bear1969Producer
Smile [UK]Step On Me1969Producer
The TubesCathy's Clone1977Producer
The TubesGod - Bird - Change1977Producer
The TubesGolden Boy1977Producer
The TubesHit Parade1977Producer
The TubesI'm Just A Mess1977Producer
The TubesMy Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains1977Producer
The TubesPound Of Flesh1977Producer
The TubesSmoke (La vie en fumér)1977Producer
The TubesStrung Out On Stings1977Producer
The TubesThis Town1977Producer
The TubesYou're No Fun1977Producer
Tommy Castro And The PainkillersKeep On Smilin'2014Music/Lyrics
Van Der Graaf GeneratorAerosol Grey Machine1969Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorAfter The Flood1970Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorAfterwards1969Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorAquarian1969Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorBlack Room1972Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorBlack Smoke Yen1969Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorDarkness (11/11)1970Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorDrift (I Hope It Won't)1972Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorHouse With No Door1970Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorInto A Game1969Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorIt All Went Red1971Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorKiller1970Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorLemmings1971Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorLost1970Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorMan-Erg1971Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorNecromancer1969Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorOctopus1969Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorOrthenthian St I1969Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorOrthenthian St II1969Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorOut Of My Book1970Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorPioneers Over C1970Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorPlague Of Lighthouse Keepers1971Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorRefugees1970Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorRoncevaux1972Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorRunning Back1969Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorShip Of Fools1971Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorThe Boat Of Millions Of Years1972Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorThe Emperor In His War-Room1970Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorThe Liquidator1973Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorTheme One1972Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorTime Vaults1972Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorW1972Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorWhatever Would Robert Have Said?1970Producer
Van Der Graaf GeneratorWhite Hammer1970Producer
Wet WillieAirport1972Music/Lyrics
Wet WillieKeep On Smilin'1973Music/Lyrics
Refugees (Van Der Graaf Generator)85.25
Whatever Would Robert Have Said? (Van Der Graaf Generator)55.2
Killer (Van Der Graaf Generator)55.2
Stagnation (Genesis)285.18
The News From Spain (Al Stewart)75.14
Looking For Someone (Genesis)245.12
Darkness (11/11) (Van Der Graaf Generator)85.12
White Mountain (Genesis)335.09
The Fountain Of Salmacis (Genesis)305.03
The Knife (Genesis)385.03
Dusk (Genesis)245
Seven Stones (Genesis)165
Out Of My Book (Van Der Graaf Generator)55
Man-Erg (Van Der Graaf Generator)55
Visions Of Angels (Genesis)324.94
The Musical Box (Genesis)314.94
Keep Yourself Alive (Queen)624.89
Grey Lagoons (Roxy Music)84.88
The Return Of The Giant Hogweed (Genesis)184.83
Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers (Van Der Graaf Generator)64.83
Keep Yourself Alive (Queen)624.89
How Long (Ace)604.5
Liar (Queen)434.74
My Fairy King (Queen)394.67
The Knife (Genesis)385.03
Great King Rat (Queen)384.82
Doin' Alright (Queen)384.82
Lady Eleanor (Lindisfarne)384.71
White Mountain (Genesis)335.09
Son And Daughter (Queen)334.45
Visions Of Angels (Genesis)324.94
Jesus (Queen)324.5
Modern Times Rock 'N' Roll (Queen)324.03
The Musical Box (Genesis)314.94
The Fountain Of Salmacis (Genesis)305.03
Stagnation (Genesis)285.18
Meet Me On The Corner (Lindisfarne)274.44
The Night Comes Down (Queen)273.85
Looking For Someone (Genesis)245.12
Dusk (Genesis)245

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