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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: James Miller
April WineI'm A Man1994Music/Lyrics
BallsFight For My Country1971Producer
BallsHound Dog Howling1971Producer
Blind FaithCan't Find My Way Home1969Producer
Blind FaithDo What You Like1969Producer
Blind FaithHad To Cry Today1969Producer
Blind FaithPresence Of The Lord1969Producer
Blind FaithSea Of Joy1969Producer
Blind FaithSleeping In The Ground1969Producer
Blind FaithWell All Right1969Producer
Bobby WhitlockEase Your Pain1972Producer
Bobby WhitlockSatisfied1972Producer
Chet AtkinsTravelin'1964Music/Lyrics
(James Miller)
ChicagoI'm A Man1969Music/Lyrics
(James Miller)
Dean FordThe Fever1977Producer
Dean FordYou Are The One1977Producer
Delaney & BonnieWhere There's A Will, There's A Way1970Producer
Delaney & Bonnie & FriendsI Don't Want To Discuss It1970Producer
Delaney & Bonnie & FriendsLittle Richard Medley1969Producer
Delaney & Bonnie & FriendsOnly You Know And I Know1971Producer
Delaney & Bonnie & FriendsPoor Elijah1969Producer
Delaney & Bonnie & FriendsThat's What My Man Is For1970Producer
Delaney & Bonnie & FriendsThings Get Better1969Producer
Delaney & Bonnie and Friends feat. Eric ClaptonComin' Home1969Producer
Delaney & Bonnie and Friends feat. Eric ClaptonGroupie (Superstar)1969Producer
Dreams [US]Medicated Goo1971Music/Lyrics
FamilyGypsy Woman1967Producer
FamilyScene Through The Eye Of A Lens1967Producer
Genya RavanKeep On Growing1973Producer
Ginger Baker's AirforceAiko Biaye1970Producer
Ginger Baker's AirforceDa Da Man1970Producer
Ginger Baker's AirforceDo What You Like1970Producer
Ginger Baker's AirforceDoin' It1970Producer
Ginger Baker's AirforceDon't Care1970Producer
Ginger Baker's AirforceEarly In The Morning1970Producer
Ginger Baker's AirforceI Don't Care1970Producer
Ginger Baker's AirforceMan Of Constant Sorrow1970Producer
Ginger Baker's AirforceToad1970Producer
Ian LloydEasy Money1979Producer
Ian LloydFirst Heartbreak1979Producer
Ian LloydGoose Bumps1979Producer
Ian LloydHoliday1979Producer
Ian LloydI'm Ready1979Producer
Ian LloydLove Is A Ship1979Producer
Ian LloydLove Stealer1979Producer
Ian LloydNew City Lights1979Producer
Ian LloydOpen Soul Surgery1979Producer
Ian LloydShe Broke Your Heart1979Producer
Ian LloydSlip Away1979Producer
Ian LloydTime Of The Season1979Producer
Jay FergusonMedicated Goo1976Music/Lyrics
Jim CapaldiHotel Blues1979Producer
Jim CapaldiShoe Shine1979Producer
Jimmy CliffAim And Ambition1967Producer
Jimmy CliffAll I Know About You1967Producer
Jimmy CliffCall On Me1966Producer
Jimmy CliffCan't Get Enough Of It1967Music/Lyrics
Jimmy CliffGive And Take1967Producer
Jimmy CliffHard Road To Travel1967Producer
Jimmy CliffI Got A Feeling (And I Can't Stop)1967Music/Lyrics
Jimmy CliffI've Got A Feeling1967Music/Lyrics
Jimmy CliffLet's Dance1967Producer
Jimmy CliffPride And Passion1966Producer
Jimmy CliffThe Reward1967Producer
KrackerA Song For Polly1973Producer
KrackerMedicated Goo1973Producer
MachoI'm A Man1978Music/Lyrics
Merry ClaytonForget It I Got It1970Music/Lyrics
Mick JaggerMemo From Turner1970Producer
MillieA Mixed Up Fickle Moody Self Centered, Spoiled Kind Of Boy1965Music/Lyrics
MillieIt's Too Late1965Producer
MillieMy Street1965Music/Lyrics
MillieTongue Tied1965Music/Lyrics
Millie SmallPeaches 'N' Cream2004Producer
Millie Small & Jackie EdwardsIn A Dream1966Producer
Millie Small & Jackie EdwardsOoh Ooh1967Producer
Millie Small & Jackie EdwardsPledging My Love1966Producer
Millie Small & Jackie EdwardsTell Me Right Now1966Producer
Motörhead(I Won't) Pay Your Price1979Producer
MotörheadAll The Aces1979Producer
MotörheadDamage Case1979Producer
MotörheadDead Men Tell No Tales1979Producer
MotörheadI'll Be Your Sister1979Producer
MotörheadLike A Nightmare1979Producer
MotörheadLimb From Limb1979Producer
MotörheadNo Class1979Producer
MotörheadOver The Top1979Producer
MotörheadStay Clean1979Producer
MotörheadStep Down1979Producer
MotörheadStone Dead Forever1979Producer
MotörheadSweet Revenge1979Producer
MotörheadTalking Head1979Producer
Nils LandgrenI'm A Man1986Music/Lyrics
Nirvana [UK]I Believe In Magic1967Producer
Nirvana [UK]Tiny Goddess1967Producer
Ocean Colour SceneHow About You1992Producer
Ocean Colour SceneIs She Coming Home1992Producer
Ocean Colour SceneJustine1992Producer
Ocean Colour ScenePenny Pinching Rainy Heaven Days1992Producer
Ocean Colour SceneTalk On1990Producer
Ocean Colour SceneThird Shade Of Green1992Producer
Oliver TobiasThere's Always Another Train1978Producer
PlasmaticsButcher Baby1978Producer
PlasmaticsConcrete Shoes1978Producer
PlasmaticsDream Lover1979Producer
PlasmaticsFast Food Service1978Producer
PlasmaticsLiving Dead1980Producer
PlasmaticsMonkey Suit1980Producer
PlasmaticsSometimes I1979Producer
PlasmaticsTest Tube Babies1980Producer
PlasmaticsWant You Baby1979Producer
PlasmaticsWon't You1979Producer
Primal ScreamDamaged1991Producer
Primal ScreamMovin' On Up1991Producer
Sheila Carter And Episode SixIncense1966Music/Lyrics
Sky [US]Bring It On Back1971Producer
Sky [US]Come Back1971Producer
Sky [US]Don't Want Nobody1971Producer
Sky [US]Feels Like 1.000 Years1970Producer
Sky [US]Goodie Two Shoes1970Producer
Sky [US]Homin' Ground1970Producer
Sky [US]How's That Treatin'1970Producer
Sky [US]I Still Do1970Producer
Sky [US]Let It Lie Now1971Producer
Sky [US]Low Down1971Producer
Sky [US]Make It In Time1970Producer
Sky [US]Make It Tight1971Producer
Sky [US]One Love1970Producer
Sky [US]Rockin' Me Yet1970Producer
Sky [US]Sing For Me1971Producer
Sky [US]Take Off And Fly1970Producer
Sky [US]Taking The Long Way Home1971Producer
Sky [US]There In The Greenbriar1970Producer
Sky [US]Tooly1971Producer
Smoke & Mirrors SoundsystemI'm A Man2022Music/Lyrics
Spencer DavisI'm A Man1984Music/Lyrics
(James Miller)
Spooky ToothBetter By You, Better Than Me1969Producer
Spooky ToothBubbles1968Producer
Spooky ToothDo Right People1968Producer
Spooky ToothEvil Woman1969Producer
Spooky ToothFeelin' Bad1969Producer
Spooky ToothForget It, I've Got It1968Music/Lyrics
Spooky ToothHangman Hang My Shell On A Tree1969Producer
Spooky ToothHere I Lived So Well1968Music/Lyrics
Spooky ToothIt Hurts You So1968Music/Lyrics
Spooky ToothIt's All About A Roundabout1968Music/Lyrics
Spooky ToothI've Got Enough Heartache1969Producer
Spooky ToothLost In My Dream1969Producer
Spooky ToothLove Really Changed Me1968Music/Lyrics
Spooky ToothLuger's Groove1968Producer
Spooky ToothOh! Pretty Woman1969Producer
Spooky ToothSociety's Child1968Producer
Spooky ToothSunshine Help Me1967Producer
Spooky ToothThat Was Only Yesterday1969Producer
Spooky ToothThe Weight1968Producer
Spooky ToothTobacco Road1968Producer
Spooky ToothToo Much Of Nothing1968Producer
Spooky ToothWaitin' For The Wind1969Producer
Spooky ToothWeird1967Music/Lyrics
Spooky Tooth & Pierre HenryConfession1969Producer
Spooky Tooth & Pierre HenryFeelin' Bad1969Producer
Spooky Tooth & Pierre HenryHave Mercy1969Producer
Spooky Tooth & Pierre HenryHosanna1969Producer
Spooky Tooth & Pierre HenryJubilation1969Producer
Spooky Tooth & Pierre HenryOffering1969Producer
Spooky Tooth & Pierre HenryPrayer1969Producer
Star CityI'm A Man1978Music/Lyrics
The MaudsForget It I've Got It1971Music/Lyrics
(James Miller)
The MoveBlackberry Way1968Producer
The RaversI'm A Man1967Music/Lyrics
The Rolling Stones(Walkin' Thru The) Sleepy City1975Producer
The Rolling Stones100 Years Ago1973Producer
The Rolling StonesAll Down The Line1972Producer
The Rolling StonesAngie1973Producer
The Rolling StonesBitch1971Producer
The Rolling StonesBrown Sugar1971Producer
The Rolling StonesCan You Hear The Music1973Producer
The Rolling StonesCan't You Hear Me Knocking1971Producer
The Rolling StonesCasino Boogie1972Producer
The Rolling StonesChild Of The Moon1968Producer
The Rolling StonesComing Down Again1973Producer
The Rolling StonesCountry Honk1969Producer
The Rolling StonesDance Little Sister1974Producer
The Rolling StonesDancing In The Light2010Producer
The Rolling StonesDancing With Mr. D.1973Producer
The Rolling StonesDead Flowers1971Producer
The Rolling StonesDear Doctor1968Producer
The Rolling StonesDon't Lie To Me1975Producer
The Rolling StonesDoo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)1973Producer
The Rolling StonesDowntown Suzie1975Producer
The Rolling StonesEach And Everyday Of The Year1975Producer
The Rolling StonesFactory Girl1968Producer
The Rolling StonesFamily1975Producer
The Rolling StonesFollowing The River2010Producer
The Rolling StonesGimme Shelter1969Producer
The Rolling StonesGood Time Women2010Producer
The Rolling StonesHappy1972Producer
The Rolling StonesHeart Of Stone1964Producer
The Rolling StonesHide Your Love1973Producer
The Rolling StonesHonky Tonk Women1969Producer
The Rolling StonesI Don't Know Why1969Producer
The Rolling StonesI Got The Blues1971Producer
The Rolling StonesI Just Want To See His Face1972Producer
The Rolling StonesI'd Much Rather Be With The Boys1975Producer
The Rolling StonesIf You Let Me1975Producer
The Rolling StonesI'm Going Down1975Producer
The Rolling StonesI'm Not Signifying2010Producer
The Rolling StonesJig-Saw Puzzle1968Producer
The Rolling StonesJiving Sister Fanny1967Producer
The Rolling StonesJumpin' Jack Flash1968Producer
The Rolling StonesLet It Bleed1969Producer
The Rolling StonesLet It Loose1972Producer
The Rolling StonesLive With Me1969Producer
The Rolling StonesLove In Vain1969Producer
The Rolling StonesLoving Cup1972Producer
The Rolling StonesMidnight Rambler1969Producer
The Rolling StonesMonkey Man1969Producer
The Rolling StonesMoonlight Mile1971Producer
The Rolling StonesNo Expectations1968Producer
The Rolling StonesOut Of Time1966Producer
The Rolling StonesParachute Woman1968Producer
The Rolling StonesPass The Wine (Sophia Loren)2010Producer
The Rolling StonesPlundered My Soul2010Producer
The Rolling StonesProdigal Son1968Producer
The Rolling StonesRip This Joint1972Producer
The Rolling StonesRocks Off1972Producer
The Rolling StonesSalt Of The Earth1968Producer
The Rolling StonesShake Your Hips1972Producer
The Rolling StonesShine A Light1972Producer
The Rolling StonesSilver Train1973Producer
The Rolling StonesSister Morphine1971Producer
The Rolling StonesSo Divine (Aladdin Story)2010Producer
The Rolling StonesSomethings Just Stick In Your Mind1975Producer
The Rolling StonesSoul Survivor1972Producer
The Rolling StonesStar Star1973Producer
The Rolling StonesStop Breaking Down1972Producer
The Rolling StonesStray Cat Blues1968Producer
The Rolling StonesStreet Fighting Man1968Producer
The Rolling StonesSway1971Producer
The Rolling StonesSweet Black Angel1972Producer
The Rolling StonesSweet Virginia1972Producer
The Rolling StonesSympathy For The Devil1968Producer
The Rolling StonesTitle 52010Producer
The Rolling StonesTorn And Frayed1972Producer
The Rolling StonesTry A Little Harder1966Producer
The Rolling StonesTumbling Dice1972Producer
The Rolling StonesTurd On The Run1972Producer
The Rolling StonesVentilator Blues1972Producer
The Rolling StonesWe're Wastin' Time1975Producer
The Rolling StonesWild Horses1971Producer
The Rolling StonesWinter1973Producer
The Rolling StonesYou Can't Always Get What You Want1969Producer
The Rolling StonesYou Got The Silver1969Producer
The Rolling StonesYou Gotta Move1971Producer
The Rolling Stones feat. Jimmy PageScarlet2020Producer
The Rolling Stones with Eric ClaptonBrown Sugar2015Producer
The Savage RoseAnd I Dream1971Producer
The Savage RoseBallad Of Gale1971Producer
The Savage RoseDear Little Mother1971Producer
The Savage RoseDreamland1971Producer
The Savage RoseGranny's Grave1971Producer
The Savage RoseRefugee1971Producer
The Savage RoseRevival Day1971Producer
The Savage RoseWalking In The Line1971Producer
The Sisters LoveForget It, I've Got It1969Music/Lyrics
The SmokeHave Some More Tea1967Producer
The SmokeIt Could Be Wonderful1967Music/Lyrics
The SmokeSydney Gill1968Producer
The SmokeUtterly Simple1968Producer
The Spencer Davis GroupDimples1964Producer
The Spencer Davis GroupEvery Little Bit Hurts1965Producer
The Spencer Davis GroupGeorgia On My Mind1965Producer
The Spencer Davis GroupHere Right Now1964Producer
The Spencer Davis GroupI Can't Get Enough Of It1966Music/Lyrics
The Spencer Davis GroupI Can't Stand It1964Producer
The Spencer Davis GroupI'm A Man1966Music/Lyrics
(James Miller)
The Spencer Davis GroupI'm Blue (Gong Gong Song)1965Producer
The Spencer Davis GroupI'm Getting Better1965Producer
The Spencer Davis GroupIt Hurts Me So1965Producer
The Spencer Davis GroupIt's Gonna Work Out Fine1965Producer
The Spencer Davis GroupJump Back1965Producer
The Spencer Davis GroupKeep On Running1965Producer
The Spencer Davis GroupLook Away1965Producer
The Spencer Davis GroupMidnight Train1964Producer
The Spencer Davis GroupMy Babe1965Producer
The Spencer Davis GroupPlease Do Something1965Producer
The Spencer Davis GroupSearchin'1965Producer
The Spencer Davis GroupSince I Met You Baby1965Producer
The Spencer Davis GroupSittin' And Thinkin'1964Producer
The Spencer Davis GroupStrong Love1965Producer
The Spencer Davis GroupThe Hammer Song1964Producer
The Spencer Davis GroupThis Hammer1965Producer
The Spencer Davis GroupWatch Your Steps1965Producer
The V.I.P.'sAfrican Thing1967Producer
The V.I.P.'sAlive Not Dead1967Producer
The V.I.P.'sBrothers, Dads And Mothers1967Producer
The V.I.P.'sCome On Up1967Producer
The V.I.P.'sFlying Anchors1967Producer
The V.I.P.'sI Think I'm Going Weird1967Producer
The V.I.P.'sLove Is Real1967Producer
The V.I.P.'sRome Take Away Three1967Producer
The V.I.P.'sRoom With A View1967Producer
The V.I.P.'sSupernatural Fairy Tale1967Producer
The V.I.P.'sTalkin' To Myself1967Producer
The V.I.P.'sWhat's The Sound1967Producer
The VenturesI'm A Man1971Music/Lyrics
The WannadiesI'm A Man1993Music/Lyrics
TrafficBerkshire Poppies1967Producer
TrafficBlind Man1969Producer
TrafficColoured Rain1967Producer
TrafficCryin' To Be Heard1968Producer
TrafficDear Mr. Fantasy1967Producer
TrafficDon't Be Sad1968Producer
TrafficFeelin' Alright?1968Producer
TrafficFeelin' Good1969Producer
TrafficForty Thousand Headmen1967Producer
TrafficGiving To You1967Producer
TrafficHeaven Is In Your Mind1967Producer
TrafficHere We Go Round The Mulberry Bush1967Producer
TrafficHole In My Shoe1967Producer
TrafficHope I Never Find Me There1967Producer
TrafficHouse For Everyone1967Producer
TrafficJust For You1969Producer
TrafficMeans To An End1968Producer
TrafficMedicated Goo1968Music/Lyrics
TrafficNo Face, No Name, No Number1967Producer
TrafficNo Time To Live1968Producer
TrafficPaper Sun1967Producer
TrafficPearly Queen1968Producer
TrafficShanghai Noodle Factory1968Producer
TrafficSmiling Phases1967Producer
TrafficSomething's Got A Hold Of My Toe1969Music/Lyrics
TrafficUtterly Simple1967Producer
TrafficVagabond Virgin1968Producer
TrafficWe're A Fade, You Missed This1967Producer
TrafficWho Knows What Tomorrow May Bring1968Producer
TrafficWithering Tree1968Producer
TrafficYou Can All Join In1968Producer
TrapezeDon't Ask Me How I Know1978Producer
TrapezeDon't Break My Heart1978Producer
TrapezeHold On1978Producer
TrapezeLiving On Love1978Producer
TrapezeTake Good Care Of Me1978Producer
TrapezeTime Will Heal1978Producer
TrapezeWhen You Get To Heaven1978Producer
TrapezeYou Are1978Producer
Wynder K. FrogI'm A Man1967Music/Lyrics
Over The Top (Motörhead)55.4
Tobacco Road (Spooky Tooth)105.3
Waitin' For The Wind (Spooky Tooth)185.28
Damage Case (Motörhead)155.27
Sunshine Help Me (Spooky Tooth)55.2
Limb From Limb (Motörhead)165.12
(I Won't) Pay Your Price (Motörhead)125.08
Better By You, Better Than Me (Spooky Tooth)155.07
Gimme Shelter (The Rolling Stones)1115.05
No Class (Motörhead)245
Evil Woman (Spooky Tooth)135
Love Really Changed Me (Spooky Tooth)55
Blackberry Way (The Move)684.97
Angie (The Rolling Stones)2454.93
Wild Horses (The Rolling Stones)1054.9
You Can't Always Get What You Want (The Rolling Stones)1014.89
Well All Right (Blind Faith)274.89
Damaged (Primal Scream)94.89
Sister Morphine (The Rolling Stones)334.88
Child Of The Moon (The Rolling Stones)164.88
Angie (The Rolling Stones)2454.93
Brown Sugar (The Rolling Stones)1524.57
Jumpin' Jack Flash (The Rolling Stones)1474.62
Honky Tonk Women (The Rolling Stones)1464.57
Sympathy For The Devil (The Rolling Stones)1334.65
Gimme Shelter (The Rolling Stones)1115.05
Keep On Running (The Spencer Davis Group)1084.69
Wild Horses (The Rolling Stones)1054.9
You Can't Always Get What You Want (The Rolling Stones)1014.89
Street Fighting Man (The Rolling Stones)904.28
Tumbling Dice (The Rolling Stones)754.35
Blackberry Way (The Move)684.97
I'm A Man (Chicago)584.6
Star Star (The Rolling Stones)584.05
Out Of Time (The Rolling Stones)534.85
I'm A Man (The Spencer Davis Group)474.57
Heart Of Stone (The Rolling Stones)454.11
Happy (The Rolling Stones)454
Bitch (The Rolling Stones)434.05
Hole In My Shoe (Traffic)414.63

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