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Is part of: Snow Patrol
André ViaMonteChasing Cars2021Music/Lyrics
Biffy ClyroHowl2016Music/Lyrics
BlissChasing Cars2010Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Chris NormanChasing Cars2011Music/Lyrics
Cut La Roc feat. Gary LightbodyFallen2001Music/Lyrics
Damian McGintyRun2012Music/Lyrics
Ed SheeranBloodstream2014Music/Lyrics
Ed Sheeran & RudimentalBloodstream2015Music/Lyrics
GregorianChasing Cars2009Music/Lyrics
Josh Groban with Sarah McLachlanRun2018Music/Lyrics
Leo RojasRun2012Music/Lyrics
Leona LewisRun2008Music/Lyrics
Michael BallRun2013Music/Lyrics
One DirectionSomething Great2013Music/Lyrics
Red Hot Chilli PipersChasing Cars2010Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Rick RossWuzzup2014Music/Lyrics
Sarah EngelsRun2011Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolA Dark Switch2018Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolA Youth Written In Fire2018Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolAbsolute Gravity1998Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolAsk Me How I Am2001Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolBatten Down The Hatch2001Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolBerlin2011Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolCalled Out In The Dark2011Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolCartwheels2002Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolChasing Cars2006Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolChocolate2003Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolCrack The Shutters2008Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolCubicles2008Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolDark Roman Wine2009Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolDays Without Paracetamol1998Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolDisaster Button2008Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolDon't Give In2018Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolDownhill From Here1998Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolEmpress2018Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolEngines2008Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolFallen Empires2011Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolFavourite Friend1998Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolFifteen Minutes Old1998Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolGet Balsamic Vinegar... Quick You Fool1998Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolGive Me Strength2009Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolGleaming Auction2003Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolGrazed Knees2003Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolHands Open2006Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolHeadlights On Dark Roads2006Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolHeal Me2018Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolHow To Be Dead2003Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolI Could Stay Away Forever1998Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolI Think Of Home2019Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolI Won't Let You Go2014Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolIf There's A Rocket Tie Me To It2008Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolI'll Never Let Go2011Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolIn A Dream I Saw Satellites2009Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolIn The End2011Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolIt Doesn't Matter Where, Just Drive2006Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolIt's Beginning To Get To Me2006Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolJj1998Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolJust Say Yes2009Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolLife And Death2018Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolLife On Earth2018Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolLifeboats2008Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolLifening2011Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolLimited Edition1998Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolLittle Hide1998Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolMade Of Something Different Now2019Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolMahogany1998Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolMake This Go On Forever2006Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolMake Up1998Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolMaking Enemies2001Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolMonkey Mobe2001Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolMy Last Girlfriend1998Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolNew York2011Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolNYC1998Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolOn/Off2000Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolOne Hundred Things You Should Have Done In Bed1998Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolOne Night Is Not Enough2001Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolOpen Your Eyes2006Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolPlay Me Like Your Own Hand2006Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolPlease Just Take These Photos From My Hands2008Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolPost Punk Progression2003Producer
Snow PatrolPPP2003Producer
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolRaze The City1999Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolRiot, Please1999Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolRun2003Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolSame2003Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolSet Down Your Glass2008Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolShut Your Eyes2006Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolSignal Fire2007Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolSomewhere A Clock Is Ticking2003Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolSoon2018Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolSpitting Games2003Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolStarfighter Pilot1998Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolSticky Teenage Twin1998Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolT.M.T.1998Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolTake Back The City2008Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolThe Afterlife2008Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolThe Finish Line2006Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolThe Garden Rules2011Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolThe Golden Floor2008Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolThe Last Shot Ringing In My Ears1998Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolThe Lightning Strike2008Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolThe Lightning Strike (i) What If This Storm Ends?2008Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolThe Lightning Strike (ii) The Sunlight Through The Flags2008Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolThe Lightning Strike (iii) Daybreak2008Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolThe Only Noise2006Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolThe Planets Bend Between Us2008Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolThe President2011Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolThe Symphony2011Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolThe Weight Of Love2011Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolThis Isn't Everything You Are2011Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolThose Distant Bells2011Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolTime Won't Go Slowly2019Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolTiny Little Fractures2003Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolVelocity Girl1998Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolWays & Means2003Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolWhat If This Is All The Love You Ever Get?2018Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolWhatever's Left2003Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolWild Horses2018Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolWorkwear Shop2001Music/Lyrics
(Snow Patrol)
Snow PatrolWow2003Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolYou Are My Joy2002Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolYou Could Be Happy2006Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolYou're All I Have2006Music/Lyrics
Snow PatrolYou're All I Have (Live From Koko 12.04.06)2006Music/Lyrics
Snow Patrol & The Saturday SongwritersReaching Out To You2020Music/Lyrics
Snow Patrol feat. Martha WainwrightSet The Fire To The Third Bar2006Music/Lyrics
Snow Patrol vs. The PoliceEvery Car You Chase2007Music/Lyrics
Taylor Swift feat. Gary LightbodyThe Last Time2012Music/Lyrics
The BaseballsChasing Cars2010Music/Lyrics
The Wind + The WaveChasing Cars2015Music/Lyrics
Tired PonyAll Things All At Once2013Music/Lyrics
Tired PonyBlood2013Music/Lyrics
Tired PonyCarve Our Names2013Music/Lyrics
Tired PonyDead American Writers2010Music/Lyrics
Tired PonyGet On The Road2010Music/Lyrics
Tired PonyHeld In The Arms Of Your Words2010Music/Lyrics
Tired PonyI Don't Want You As A Ghost2013Music/Lyrics
Tired PonyI'm Begging You Not To Go2013Music/Lyrics
Tired PonyNorthwestern Skies2010Music/Lyrics
Tired PonyPieces2010Music/Lyrics
Tired PonyPoint Me At Lost Islands2010Music/Lyrics
Tired PonyPunishment2013Music/Lyrics
Tired PonyRavens And Wolves2013Music/Lyrics
Tired PonyThat Silver Necklace2010Music/Lyrics
Tired PonyThe Beginning Of The End2013Music/Lyrics
Tired PonyThe Creak In The Floorboards2013Music/Lyrics
Tired PonyThe Deepest Ocean There Is2010Music/Lyrics
Tired PonyThe Ghost Of The Mountain2013Music/Lyrics
Tired PonyThe Good Book2010Music/Lyrics
Tired PonyWreckage And Bone2013Music/Lyrics
Tired PonyYour Way Is The Way Home2013Music/Lyrics
Tokio MyersBloodstream2017Music/Lyrics
Voice MaleRun2009Music/Lyrics
Run (Snow Patrol)1284.96
Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking (Snow Patrol)104.8
Cartwheels (Snow Patrol)104.8
Life And Death (Snow Patrol)54.8
Every Car You Chase (Snow Patrol vs. The Police)84.75
The Lightning Strike (iii) Daybreak (Snow Patrol)104.7
Life On Earth (Snow Patrol)94.67
The Lightning Strike (i) What If This Storm Ends? (Snow Patrol)144.64
Run (Leona Lewis)2684.6
The Symphony (Snow Patrol)54.6
How To Be Dead (Snow Patrol)224.59
Set The Fire To The Third Bar (Snow Patrol feat. Martha Wainwright)634.59
Make This Go On Forever (Snow Patrol)264.58
Chocolate (Snow Patrol)374.57
Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol)3354.51
Whatever's Left (Snow Patrol)104.5
Grazed Knees (Snow Patrol)104.5
Hands Open (Snow Patrol)454.47
The Lightning Strike (ii) The Sunlight Through The Flags (Snow Patrol)94.44
Empress (Snow Patrol)94.44
Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol)3354.51
Run (Leona Lewis)2684.6
Shut Your Eyes (Snow Patrol)1544.06
Run (Snow Patrol)1284.96
Crack The Shutters (Snow Patrol)1034.1
Called Out In The Dark (Snow Patrol)914.3
Just Say Yes (Snow Patrol)803.88
Take Back The City (Snow Patrol)783.77
Signal Fire (Snow Patrol)654
Set The Fire To The Third Bar (Snow Patrol feat. Martha Wainwright)634.59
You're All I Have (Snow Patrol)584.4
Open Your Eyes (Snow Patrol)584.38
Hands Open (Snow Patrol)454.47
Chocolate (Snow Patrol)374.57
This Isn't Everything You Are (Snow Patrol)353.89
You Could Be Happy (Snow Patrol)334.15
Bloodstream (Ed Sheeran)304.13
New York (Snow Patrol)294.34
The Planets Bend Between Us (Snow Patrol)293.97
If There's A Rocket Tie Me To It (Snow Patrol)274.15

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