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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Mark Ellis
Ben Khan2000 Angels2018Producer
Ben KhanA.T.W. (Against The Wall)2018Producer
Ben KhanDo It Right2018Producer
Ben KhanLove Faded2018Producer
Ben KhanMerchant Prince2018Producer
Ben KhanMonsoon Daydream2018Producer
Ben KhanOur Father2018Producer
Ben KhanRuby2018Producer
Ben KhanThe Green2018Producer
Ben KhanWarriors Rose2018Producer
Ben KhanWaterfall2018Producer
Cabaret VoltaireCut The Damn Camera1984Producer
CurveFait accompli1992Producer
Depeche ModeBlue Dress1990Producer
Depeche ModeClean1990Producer
Depeche ModeCondemnation1993Producer
Depeche ModeDangerous1989Producer
Depeche ModeEnjoy The Silence1990Producer
Depeche ModeEnjoy The Silence 042004Producer
Depeche ModeGet Right With Me1993Producer
Depeche ModeHalo1990Producer
Depeche ModeHappiest Girl1990Producer
Depeche ModeHigher Love1993Producer
Depeche ModeI Feel You1993Producer
Depeche ModeIn Your Room1993Producer
Depeche ModeJudas1993Producer
Depeche ModeMercy In You1993Producer
Depeche ModeMy Joy1993Producer
Depeche ModeOne Caress1993Producer
Depeche ModePersonal Jesus1989Producer
Depeche ModePersonal Jesus 20112011Producer
Depeche ModePolicy Of Truth1990Producer
Depeche ModeRush1993Producer
Depeche ModeSea Of Sin1990Producer
Depeche ModeSibeling1990Producer
Depeche ModeSweetest Perfection1990Producer
Depeche ModeWaiting For The Night1990Producer
Depeche ModeWalking In My Shoes1993Producer
Depeche ModeWorld In My Eyes1990Producer
Ed HarcourtAntarctica2016Producer
Ed HarcourtDionysus2016Producer
Ed HarcourtImmoral2016Producer
Ed HarcourtLast Of Your Kind2016Producer
Ed HarcourtLoup Garou2016Producer
Ed HarcourtNothing But A Bad Trip2016Producer
Ed HarcourtOccupational Hazard2016Producer
Ed HarcourtThe World Is On Fire2016Producer
Ed HarcourtThere Is A Light Below2016Producer
Ed HarcourtYou Give Me More Than Love2016Producer
EditorsA Life As A Ghost2009Producer
EditorsBricks And Mortar2009Producer
EditorsEat Raw Meat = Blood Drool2009Producer
EditorsFor The Money2009Producer
EditorsI Want A Forest2009Producer
EditorsIn This Light And On This Evening2009Producer
EditorsLike Treasure2009Producer
EditorsThe Big Exit2009Producer
EditorsThe Boxer2009Producer
EditorsWalk The Fleet Road2009Producer
EditorsYou Don't Know Love2009Producer
EOBDeep Days2020Producer
EOBLong Time Coming2020Producer
EOBSail On2020Producer
EOB / Laura MarlingCloak Of The Night2020Producer
ErasureCatch 222000Producer
ErasureCry So Easy1986Producer
ErasureCrying In The Rain2000Producer
ErasureDon't Dance1987Producer
ErasureDon't Say No1985Producer
ErasureHeavenly Action1985Producer
ErasureHere In My Heart2000Producer
ErasureIf I Could1987Producer
ErasureIn The Hall Of The Mountain King1987Producer
ErasureIt Doesn't Have To Be1987Producer
ErasureLeave Me To Bleed1987Producer
ErasureLove Is A Loser1986Producer
ErasureLove Is The Rage2000Producer
ErasureMad As We Are2000Producer
ErasureMarch On Down The Line1986Producer
ErasureMoon & The Sky2000Producer
ErasureMy Heart... So Blue1985Producer
ErasureOh l'amour1986Producer
ErasurePerchance To Dream2000Producer
ErasurePush Me Shove Me1985Producer
ErasureSay What1986Producer
ErasureSometimes 20152015Producer
ErasureThe Circus1987Producer
ErasureVictim Of Love1987Producer
ErasureWhere In The World2000Producer
ErasureWho Needs Love (Like That) [1992]1992Producer
ErasureWho Needs Love Like That1985Producer
Fink [UK]Bloom Innocent2019Producer
Fink [UK]Covering Your Tracks2017Producer
Fink [UK]Cracks Appear2017Producer
Fink [UK]Day 222017Producer
Fink [UK]Godhead2017Producer
Fink [UK]Not Everything Was Better In The Past2017Producer
Fink [UK]Resurgam2017Producer
Fink [UK]The Determined Cut2017Producer
Fink [UK]There's Just Something About You2017Producer
Fink [UK]This Isn't A Mistake2017Producer
Fink [UK]We Watch The Stars2019Producer
Fink [UK]Word To The Wise2017Producer
FoalsBad Habit2013Producer
FoalsLate Night2013Producer
FoalsMilk & Black Spiders2013Producer
FoalsMy Number2013Producer
FoalsOut Of The Woods2013Producer
GlasvegasDream Dream Dreaming2011Producer
GlasvegasEuphoria, Take My Hand2011Producer
GlasvegasI Feel Wrong (Homosexuality Pt.1)2011Producer
GlasvegasLots Sometimes2011Producer
GlasvegasPain Pain Never Again2011Producer
GlasvegasShine Like Stars2011Producer
GlasvegasStronger Than Dirt (Homosexuality Pt.2)2011Producer
GlasvegasThe World Is Yours2011Producer
GlasvegasWhatever Hurts You Through The Night2011Producer
GoldfrappCaravan Girl2008Producer
GoldfrappCologne Cerrone Houdini2008Producer
GoldfrappEat Yourself2008Producer
GoldfrappLittle Bird2008Producer
GoldfrappMonster Love2008Producer
GoldfrappRoad To Somewhere2008Producer
GoldfrappSome People2008Producer
Goldfrapp feat. The TeenagersHappiness2008Producer
Hothouse FlowersFreedom1987Producer
Hothouse FlowersLove Don't Work This Way1987Producer
JamesLose Control1990Producer
Jehnny BethFrench Countryside2020Producer
Jehnny BethHeroine2020Producer
Jehnny BethInnocence2020Producer
Jehnny BethThe Rooms2020Producer
JJ727th Wave2002Producer
JJ72Always And Forever2002Producer
JJ72Brother Sleep2002Producer
JJ72Half Three2002Producer
JJ72I Saw A Prayer2002Producer
JJ72Oiche Mhaith2002Producer
JJ72Serpent Sky2002Producer
Marc Almond & Trash PalaceBoy Toy2006Producer
Marc And The MambasBlack Heart1983Producer
Marc And The MambasYour Aura1983Producer
New Order feat. Bobby GillespieRock The Shack2001Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds(Are You) The One That I've Been Waiting For?1997Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsBlack Crow King1985Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsBlack Hair1997Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsBlind Lemon Jefferson1985Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsBrompton Oratory1997Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsDo You Love Me?1994Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsFar From Me1997Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsFrom Her To Eternity1983Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsGreen Eyes1997Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsHard On For Love1986Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsIdiot Prayer1997Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsInto My Arms1997Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJack's Shadow1986Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsKnockin' On Joe1985Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsLime-Tree Arbour1997Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsLong Time Man1986Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsPeople Ain't No Good1997Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsSad Waters1986Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsSay Goodbye To The Little Girl Tree1985Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsShe Fell Away1986Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsStranger Than Kindness1986Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsThe Carny1986Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsThere Is A Kingdom1997Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsTrain Long-Suffering1985Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsTupelo1985Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsWanted Man1985Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsWest Country Girl1997Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsWhere Do We Go Now But Nowhere?1997Producer
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsYour Funeral My Trial1986Producer
Nine Inch NailsAll The Pigs, All Lined Up1994Producer
Nine Inch NailsBig Man With A Gun1994Producer
Nine Inch NailsGave Up1992Producer
Nine Inch NailsHappiness In Slavery1992Producer
Nine Inch NailsHead Like A Hole1989Producer
Nine Inch NailsHelp Me I Am In Hell1992Producer
Nine Inch NailsLast1992Producer
Nine Inch NailsMarch Of The Pigs1994Producer
Nine Inch NailsPhysical (You're So)1992Producer
Nine Inch NailsPinion1992Producer
Nine Inch NailsSuck1992Producer
Nine Inch NailsTerrible Lie1989Producer
Nine Inch NailsThe Becoming1994Producer
Nine Inch NailsWish1992Producer
Nine Inch NailsYou Know What You Are?1990Producer
Nitzer EbbAscend1992Producer
Nitzer EbbCaptivate1989Producer
Nitzer EbbControl (I'm Here)1988Producer
Nitzer EbbFun To Be Had1990Producer
Nitzer EbbGetting Closer1990Producer
Nitzer EbbGodhead1991Producer
Nitzer EbbHearts And Minds1989Producer
Nitzer EbbI Give To You1991Producer
Nitzer EbbI Thought1995Producer
Nitzer EbbKick It1995Producer
Nitzer EbbLightning Man1990Producer
Nitzer EbbShame1989Producer
PJ HarveyA Line In The Sand2016Producer
PJ HarveyA Perfect Day Elise1998Producer
PJ HarveyAll And Everyone2011Producer
PJ HarveyAngelene1998Producer
PJ HarveyBefore Departure2007Producer
PJ HarveyBitter Branches2011Producer
PJ HarveyBroken Harp2007Producer
PJ HarveyCatherine1998Producer
PJ HarveyChain Of Keys2016Producer
PJ HarveyC'mon Billy1995Producer
PJ HarveyDear Darkness2007Producer
PJ HarveyDollar, Dollar2016Producer
PJ HarveyDown By The Water1995Producer
PJ HarveyElectric Light1998Producer
PJ HarveyEngland2011Producer
PJ HarveyGrow Grow Grow2007Producer
PJ HarveyGuilty2016Producer
PJ HarveyHanging In The Wire2011Producer
PJ HarveyI Think I'm A Mother1995Producer
PJ HarveyI'll Be Waiting2017Producer
PJ HarveyIn The Dark Places2011Producer
PJ HarveyIs This Desire?1998Producer
PJ HarveyJoy1998Producer
PJ HarveyLet England Shake2011Producer
PJ HarveyLong Snake Moan1995Producer
PJ HarveyLying In The Sun1995Producer
PJ HarveyMedicinals2016Producer
PJ HarveyMeet Ze Monsta1995Producer
PJ HarveyMy Beautiful Leah1998Producer
PJ HarveyNear The Memorials To Vietnam And Lincoln2016Producer
PJ HarveyNo Girl So Sweet1998Producer
PJ HarveyOn Battleship Hill2011Producer
PJ HarveyRed Right Hand2019Producer
PJ HarveyRiver Anacostia2016Producer
PJ HarveySend His Love To Me1995Producer
PJ HarveySilence2007Producer
PJ HarveySombody's Down, Sombody's Name1995Producer
PJ HarveyTeclo1995Producer
PJ HarveyThe Colour Of The Earth2011Producer
PJ HarveyThe Community Of Hope2016Producer
PJ HarveyThe Dancer1995Producer
PJ HarveyThe Devil2007Producer
PJ HarveyThe Garden1998Producer
PJ HarveyThe Glorious Land2011Producer
PJ HarveyThe Last Living Rose2011Producer
PJ HarveyThe Ministry Of Defence2016Producer
PJ HarveyThe Ministry Of Social Affairs2016Producer
PJ HarveyThe Mountain2007Producer
PJ HarveyThe Orange Monkey2016Producer
PJ HarveyThe Piano2007Producer
PJ HarveyThe River1998Producer
PJ HarveyThe Sky Lit Up1998Producer
PJ HarveyThe Wheel2016Producer
PJ HarveyThe Wind1998Producer
PJ HarveyThe Words That Maketh Murder2011Producer
PJ HarveyTo Bring You My Love1995Producer
PJ HarveyTo Talk To You2007Producer
PJ HarveyWhen Under Ether2007Producer
PJ HarveyWhite Chalk2007Producer
PJ HarveyWorking For The Man1995Producer
PJ HarveyWritten On The Forehead2011Producer
Pop Will Eat ItselfTouched By The Hand Of Cicciolina1990Producer
Pop Will Eat ItselfX Y & Zee1991Producer
SoulwaxA Ballad To Forget2004Producer
SoulwaxAccidents And Compliments2004Producer
SoulwaxAny Minute Now2004Producer
SoulwaxDance 2 Slow2004Producer
SoulwaxE Talking2004Producer
SoulwaxMiserable Girl2004Producer
SoulwaxNY Excuse2004Producer
SoulwaxPlease... Don't Be Yourself2004Producer
SoulwaxThe Truth Is So Boring2004Producer
The AssociatesQ Quarters1981Producer
(Mark Ellis)
The AssociatesTell Me Easter's On Friday1981Producer
(Mark Ellis)
The CharlatansWeirdo1992Producer
The KillersAll The Pretty Faces2006Producer
The KillersBling (Confession Of A King)2006Producer
The KillersBones2006Producer
The KillersDaddy's Eyes2006Producer
(Mark Ellis)
The KillersDon't Shoot Me Santa2007Producer
The KillersExitlude2006Producer
The KillersFor Reasons Unknown2006Producer
The KillersMove Away2007Producer
The KillersMy List2006Producer
The KillersRead My Mind2006Producer
The KillersSam's Town2006Producer
The KillersSweet Talk2007Producer
The KillersThis River Is Wild2006Producer
The KillersUncle Jonny2006Producer
The KillersWhen You Were Young2006Producer
The KillersWhere The White Boys Dance2006Producer
The KillersWhy Do I Keep Counting?2006Producer
The Killers feat. Lou ReedTranquilize2007Producer
The Murder CapitalDon't Cling To Life2019Producer
The Murder CapitalFeeling Fades2019Producer
The Murder CapitalFor Everything2019Producer
The Murder CapitalGreen & Blue2019Producer
The Murder CapitalHow The Streets Adore Me Now2019Producer
The Murder CapitalLove, Love, Love2019Producer
The Murder CapitalMore Is Less2019Producer
The Murder CapitalOn Twisted Ground2019Producer
The Murder CapitalSlowdance I2019Producer
The Murder CapitalSlowdance II2019Producer
The MusicCold Blooded2008Producer
The MusicDrugs2008Producer
The MusicFire2008Producer
The MusicGet Through It2008Producer
The MusicIdle2008Producer
The MusicInconceivable Odds2008Producer
The MusicNo Weapon Sharper Than Will2008Producer
The MusicStrength In Numbers2008Producer
The MusicThe Last One2008Producer
The MusicThe Left Side2008Producer
The MusicThe Spike2008Producer
The MusicVision2008Producer
The Pains Of Being Pure At HeartAnne With An E2011Producer
The Pains Of Being Pure At HeartBelong2011Producer
The Pains Of Being Pure At HeartEven In Dreams2011Producer
The Pains Of Being Pure At HeartGirl Of 1,000 Dreams2011Producer
The Pains Of Being Pure At HeartHeart In Your Heartbreak2011Producer
The Pains Of Being Pure At HeartHeaven's Gonna Happen Now2011Producer
The Pains Of Being Pure At HeartMy Terrible Friend2011Producer
The Pains Of Being Pure At HeartStrange2011Producer
The Pains Of Being Pure At HeartThe Body2011Producer
The Pains Of Being Pure At HeartToo Tough2011Producer
The SilencersA Blues For Buddha1989Producer
The SilencersAnswer Me1988Producer
The SilencersMy Love Is Like A Wave / Razor Blade Reprise1988Producer
The SilencersRazor Blades Of Love1988Producer
The SilencersSacred Child1988Producer
The SilencersSand And Stars1988Producer
The SilencersScottish Rain1988Producer
The SilencersSkin Games1988Producer
The SilencersThe Real McCoy1988Producer
The SilencersWalk With The Night1988Producer
The SilencersWayfaring Stranger1988Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsAge Of Innocence2000Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsBehold! The Night Mare1998Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsBlue Skies Bring Tears2000Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsCherry1996Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsCrestfallen1998Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsGlass And The Ghost Children2000Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsGod2013Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsHeavy Metal Machine2000Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsI Of The Mourning2000Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsOnce Upon A Time1998Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsRaindrops + Sunshowers2000Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsSet The Ray To Jerry2013Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsStand Inside Your Love2000Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsThe Crying Tree Of Mercury2000Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsThe Everlasting Gaze2000Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsThe Imploding Voice2000Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsThe Sacred And Profane2000Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsThe Tale Of Dusty And Pistol Pete1998Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsThis Time2000Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsTribute To Johnny2013Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsTry, Try, Try2000Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsUgly1996Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsWith Every Light2000Producer
The Smashing PumpkinsWound2000Producer
Thirty Seconds To Mars100 Suns2009Producer
Thirty Seconds To MarsAlibi2009Producer
Thirty Seconds To MarsCloser To The Edge2009Producer
Thirty Seconds To MarsEscape2009Producer
Thirty Seconds To MarsHurricane2009Producer
Thirty Seconds To MarsKings And Queens2009Producer
Thirty Seconds To MarsL4902009Producer
Thirty Seconds To MarsNight Of The Hunter2009Producer
Thirty Seconds To MarsSearch And Destroy2009Producer
Thirty Seconds To MarsStranger In A Strange Land2009Producer
Thirty Seconds To MarsThis Is War2009Producer
Thirty Seconds To MarsVox Populi2009Producer
Thirty Seconds To Mars feat. Kanye WestHurricane 2.02010Producer
Tom JonesA Girl Like You1994Producer
U2City Of Blinding Lights2004Producer
U2Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car1993Producer
U2Dirty Day1993Producer
U2Do You Feel Loved1997Producer
U2Happiness Is A Warm Gun1997Producer
U2Holy Joe1997Producer
U2If God Will Send His Angels1997Producer
U2If You Wear That Velvet Dress1997Producer
U2I'm Not Your Baby1997Producer
U2Last Night On Earth1997Producer
U2North And South Of The River1997Producer
U2Some Days Are Better Than Others1993Producer
U2Song For Someone2014Producer
U2Staring At The Sun1997Producer
U2Stay (Faraway, So Close!)1993Producer
U2The First Time1993Producer
U2The Playboy Mansion1997Producer
U2Wake Up Dead Man1997Producer
U2 & Sinéad O'ConnorI'm Not Your Baby1997Producer
U2 feat. Willie NelsonSlow Dancing1993Producer
U2 with Johnny CashThe Wanderer1993Producer
Vince Clarke & Paul QuinnOne Day1985Producer
Vince Clarke & Paul QuinnSong For1985Producer
WarpaintFeelin' Alright2014Producer
WarpaintGo In2014Producer
WarpaintKeep It Healthy2014Producer
WarpaintLove Is To Die2013Producer
Far From Me (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)95.33
Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode)3335.29
The Dancer (PJ Harvey)85.25
The River (PJ Harvey)55.2
The Garden (PJ Harvey)75.14
Waiting For The Night (Depeche Mode)495
Long Snake Moan (PJ Harvey)175
When Under Ether (PJ Harvey)95
There Is A Kingdom (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)85
White Chalk (PJ Harvey)75
In The Dark Places (PJ Harvey)75
Catherine (PJ Harvey)55
Sam's Town (The Killers)494.98
Halo (Depeche Mode)554.96
Higher Love (Depeche Mode)374.95
Send His Love To Me (PJ Harvey)134.92
Sometimes (Erasure)1674.92
Sea Of Sin (Depeche Mode)224.91
Brompton Oratory (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)104.9
This River Is Wild (The Killers)414.88
Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode)3335.29
Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode)2034.81
Sometimes (Erasure)1674.92
Policy Of Truth (Depeche Mode)1324.85
When You Were Young (The Killers)1324.84
Enjoy The Silence 04 (Depeche Mode)1304.6
I Feel You (Depeche Mode)1194.28
World In My Eyes (Depeche Mode)1164.51
Oh l'amour (Erasure)1114.63
City Of Blinding Lights (U2)1114.46
Walking In My Shoes (Depeche Mode)1074.64
Discothèque (U2)1063.26
Read My Mind (The Killers)1024.69
In Your Room (Depeche Mode)984.43
Closer To The Edge (Thirty Seconds To Mars)974.11
Papillon (Editors)964.57
Staring At The Sun (U2)814.22
Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (U2)794.01
Condemnation (Depeche Mode)784.13
Kings And Queens (Thirty Seconds To Mars)753.81

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