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Ben SidranSpace Cowboy1973Producer
Ben SidranThink Twice1973Producer
Beth FowlerBeauty And The Beast1991Producer
Butts BandBaja Bus1973Producer
Butts BandBe With Me1973Producer
Butts BandI Won't Be Alone Anymore1973Producer
Butts BandKansas City1973Producer
Butts BandLove You Brother1973Producer
Butts BandNew Ways1973Producer
Butts BandPop-A-Top1973Producer
Butts BandSweet Danger1973Producer
Cecilio & KaponoAfter The Omen1977Producer
Cecilio & KaponoClimb The Line1977Producer
Cecilio & KaponoHave You Ever Had That Feelin'1977Producer
Cecilio & KaponoHere With You1977Producer
Cecilio & KaponoI Love You1977Producer
Cecilio & KaponoLonging1977Producer
Cecilio & KaponoLove By The Numbers1977Producer
Cecilio & KaponoMake It Up To You1977Producer
Cecilio & KaponoSailin'1977Producer
Cecilio & KaponoThe Night Music1977Producer
Cecilio & KaponoWe're All Alone1977Producer
Clear LightA Child's Smile1967Music/Lyrics
Clear LightBlack Roses1967Music/Lyrics
Clear LightShe's Ready To Be Free1967Music/Lyrics
Crazy HorseBeggars Day1971Producer
Crazy HorseCarolay1971Producer
Crazy HorseCrow Jane Lady1971Producer
Crazy HorseDance, Dance, Dance1971Producer
Crazy HorseDirty, Dirty1971Producer
Crazy HorseDowntown1971Producer
Crazy HorseGone Dead Train1971Producer
Crazy HorseI Don't Want To Talk About It1971Producer
Crazy HorseI'll Get By1971Producer
Crazy HorseLook At All The Things1971Producer
Crazy HorseNobody1971Producer
Dan HillIt's A Long Road1983Producer
DreamsBoys Are The Best1984Producer
DreamsFortune And Fame1984Producer
DreamsI Won't Let You Take Away My Music1984Producer
DreamsJailhouse Rock1984Producer
DreamsKiss Me Red1984Producer
DreamsTears In The Night1984Producer
Eddie MoneyBaby Hold On1977Producer
Eddie MoneyCall On Me1978Producer
Eddie MoneyCan't Keep A Good Man Down1978Producer
Eddie MoneyDon't Worry1977Producer
Eddie MoneyGamblin' Man1977Producer
Eddie MoneyGet A Move On1979Producer
Eddie MoneyGimme Some Water1978Producer
Eddie MoneyGot To Get Another Girl1977Producer
Eddie MoneyJealousy1977Producer
Eddie MoneyLife For The Taking1978Producer
Eddie MoneyLove The Way You Love Me1978Producer
Eddie MoneyMaureen1978Producer
Eddie MoneyMaybe I'm A Fool1978Producer
Eddie MoneyNightmare1978Producer
Eddie MoneyNobody1978Producer
Eddie MoneyRock And Roll The Place1978Producer
Eddie MoneySave A Little Room In Your Heart For Me1977Producer
Eddie MoneySo Good To Be In Love Again1977Producer
Eddie MoneyTwo Tickets To Paradise1977Producer
Eddie MoneyWanna Be A Rock'N'Roll Star1977Producer
Eddie MoneyYou've Really Got A Hold On Me1977Producer
Ernie Bourne, Rachael BeckNo Matter What1994Producer
Frank StallonePeace In Our Live1985Producer
Grant Smith, Gloden Mercer, Bert Newton, Robyn Arthur, Alinta Carroll & CastHuman Again1994Producer
Grant Smith, Robyn Arthur, Bert Newton, Gloden Mercer, Alinta Carroll & CastBe Our Guest1994Producer
Hugh Jackman, Rachael BeckMe1994Producer
Hugh Jackman, Zachary McKay, Brian LangsworthMaison des lunes1994Producer
Hugh Jackman, Zachary McKay, Brian Langsworth & CastThe Mob Song1994Producer
James VincentSpace Traveler1976Producer
James VincentWalking On Higher Ground1976Producer
Jerry GoldsmithGizmo1984Producer
Jerry GoldsmithMrs. Deagle1984Producer
Jerry GoldsmithThe Gift1984Producer
Jerry GoldsmithThe Gramlin Rag1984Producer
John WilliamsApproaching The Stones1984Producer
John WilliamsBug Tunnel / Death Trap1984Producer
John WilliamsChildren In Chains1984Producer
John WilliamsEnd Credits [Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom]1984Producer
John WilliamsFast Streets Of Shanghai1984Producer
John WilliamsIndy And The Villagers1984Producer
John WilliamsIndy Negotiates1984Producer
John WilliamsMap / Out Of Fuel1984Producer
John WilliamsNocturnal Activities1984Producer
John WilliamsReturn To The Village / Raiders March1984Producer
John WilliamsSaving Willie1984Producer
John WilliamsShort Round Escapes1984Producer
John WilliamsShort Round Helps1984Producer
John WilliamsShort Round's Theme1984Producer
John WilliamsSlalom On Mt. Humol1984Producer
John WilliamsSlave Children's Crusade1984Producer
John WilliamsThe Broken Bridge / British Relief1984Producer
John WilliamsThe Mine Car Chase1984Producer
John WilliamsThe Nightclub Brawl1984Producer
John WilliamsThe Scroll / To Pankot Palace1984Producer
John WilliamsThe Secret Passage1984Producer
John WilliamsThe Sword Trick1984Producer
John WilliamsThe Temple Of Doom1984Producer
John WilliamsWater!1984Producer
Kate CapshawAnything Goes1984Producer
Kenny LogginsHeart To Heart1982Producer
Kenny LogginsI Gotta Try1982Producer
Kenny LogginsIf It's Not What You're Looking For1982Producer
Kenny LogginsI'm Alright1980Producer
Kenny LogginsIt Must Be Imagination1982Producer
Kenny LogginsLead The Way1980Producer
Kenny LogginsMake The Move1980Producer
Kenny LogginsOnly A Miracle1982Producer
Kenny LogginsSwear Your Love1982Producer
Kenny LogginsThe More We Try1982Producer
Kenny LogginsWelcome To Heartlight1982Producer
Kenny Loggins & Steve PerryDon't Fight It1982Producer
Les DudekAvatar1977Producer
Les DudekBaby, Sweet Baby1977Producer
Les DudekBound To Be A Change1978Producer
Les DudekCentral Park1978Producer
Les DudekCity Magic1976Producer
Les DudekCruisin' Groove1976Producer
Les DudekDoes Anybody Care1978Producer
Les DudekDon't Sop Me Now1976Producer
Les DudekDown To Nothin'1978Producer
Les DudekEach Morning1976Producer
Les DudekFalling Out1978Music/Lyrics
Les DudekFriend Of Mine1978Producer
Les DudekGhost Town Parade1978Music/Lyrics
Les DudekGonna Move1978Producer
Les DudekI Can Do1976Producer
Les DudekI Remember1977Producer
Les DudekJailabamboozle1977Producer
Les DudekLady, You're Nasty1977Producer
Les DudekOld Judge Jones1977Producer
Les DudekOne To Beam Up1977Producer
Les DudekSad Clown1976Producer
Les DudekTake The Time1976Producer
Les DudekTears Turn Into Diamonds1978Producer
Les DudekWhat A Sacrifice1976Producer
Les DudekWhat's It Gonna Be1977Producer
Les DudekZorro Rides Again1977Producer
LoveA House Is Not A Motel1967Producer
LoveAlone Again Or1967Producer
LoveBummer In The Summer1967Producer
LoveLive And Let Live1967Producer
LoveMaybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale1967Producer
LoveOld Man1967Producer
LoveThe Daily Planet1967Producer
LoveThe Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This1967Producer
LoveThe Red Telephone1967Producer
LoveYou Set The Scene1967Producer
Mark-AlmondI'll Be Leaving Soon1972Producer
Mark-AlmondMonday Bluesong1972Producer
Mark-AlmondOrgan Grinder1972Producer
Mark-AlmondRiding Free1972Producer
Mark-AlmondSong For A Sad Musician1972Producer
Mark-AlmondThe Little Prince1972Producer
Mark-AlmondThe Phoenix1972Producer
Mark-AlmondWhat Am I Living For1972Producer
MC5Come Together1985Producer
MC5I Want You Right Now1969Producer
MC5Kick Out The Jams1968Producer
MC5Motor City Is Burning1969Producer
MC5Ramblin' Rose1985Producer
MC5Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama-Lama Fa Fa Fa)1970Producer
Michael CormickIf I Can't Have Her1994Producer
Michael Cormick, Rachael BeckTransformation1994Producer
Rachael BeckHome1994Producer
Rachael BeckHow Long Must This Go On?1994Producer
Rachael Beck, Hugh Jackman, Zachary McKay, Kelly Aykers, Laura Hamilton, Kerry Peters & CastBelle1994Producer
Rachael Beck, Michael Cormick, Grant Smith, Robyn Arthur, Bert NewtonSomething There1994Producer
Ray ManzarekChoose Up And Choose Off1974Producer
Ray ManzarekDownbound Train1974Producer
Ray ManzarekHe Can't Come Today1974Producer
Ray ManzarekOh Thou Precious Nectar Filled Form Or A Little Fart1974Producer
Ray ManzarekSolar Boat1974Producer
Ray ManzarekThe Golden Scarab1974Producer
Ray ManzarekThe Moorish Idol1974Producer
Ray ManzarekThe Purpose Of Existence1974Producer
Robyn ArthurBeauty And The Beast1994Producer
RossBe Slow1975Producer
The Beat [US]Let Me Into Your Life1979Producer
The Beat [US]Walking Out On Love1979Producer
The Beat [US]Work-A-Day World1979Producer
The Beat [US]You Won't Be Happy1979Producer
The Doors(You Need Meat) Don't Go No Further1971Producer
The DoorsBeen Down So Long1971Producer
The DoorsCars Hiss By My Window1971Producer
The DoorsChangeling1971Producer
The DoorsCrawling King Snake1971Producer
The DoorsDown On The Farm1971Producer
The DoorsGet Up And Dance1972Producer
The DoorsHang On To Your Life1971Producer
The DoorsHyacinth House1971Producer
The DoorsI'm Horny, I'm Stoned1971Producer
The DoorsIn The Eye Of The Sun1971Producer
The DoorsL.A. Woman1971Producer
The DoorsL'America1971Producer
The DoorsLove Her Madly1971Producer
The DoorsOrange County Suite1998Producer
The DoorsRiders On The Storm1971Producer
The DoorsRock Me2012Producer
The DoorsShe Smells So Nice2012Producer
The DoorsShips W/ Sails1971Producer
The DoorsThe Celebration Of The Lizard2007Producer
The DoorsThe Severed Garden (Albinoni: Adagio)1979Producer
The DoorsThe WASP (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)1971Producer
The DoorsTightrope Ride1971Producer
The DoorsTreetrunk1972Producer
The DoorsVariety Is The Spice Of Life1971Producer
The DoorsWandering Musician1971Producer
The Joe Perry ProjectSouth Station Blues1981Producer
The New Tony Williams LifetimeFred1975Producer
The New Tony Williams LifetimeInspirations Of Love1976Producer
The New Tony Williams LifetimeJoy Filled Summer1976Producer
The New Tony Williams LifetimeLady Jade1976Producer
The New Tony Williams LifetimeMillion Dollar Legs1976Producer
The New Tony Williams LifetimeMr. Spock1975Producer
The New Tony Williams LifetimeProto-Cosmos1975Producer
The New Tony Williams LifetimeRed Alert1975Producer
The New Tony Williams LifetimeSnake Oil1975Producer
The New Tony Williams LifetimeSweet Revenge1976Producer
The New Tony Williams LifetimeWhat You Do To Me1976Producer
The New Tony Williams LifetimeWildlife1975Producer
The New Tony Williams LifetimeYou Did It To Me1976Producer
Zachary McKay, Hugh Jackman, Kelly Aykers, Laura Hamilton, Kerry Peters & CastGaston1994Producer
The Red Telephone (Love)125.33
Riders On The Storm (The Doors)1785.25
Motor City Is Burning (MC5)55.2
Old Man (Love)115.18
Andmoreagain (Love)125.08
A House Is Not A Motel (Love)215.05
Alone Again Or (Love)345.03
The Severed Garden (Albinoni: Adagio) (The Doors)85
Ramblin' Rose (MC5)75
The Celebration Of The Lizard (The Doors)55
Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale (Love)114.91
The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This (Love)114.91
Maybe I'm A Fool (Eddie Money)104.9
Orange County Suite (The Doors)104.9
You Set The Scene (Love)104.8
Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama-Lama Fa Fa Fa) (MC5)54.8
Crawling King Snake (The Doors)144.79
L.A. Woman (The Doors)694.78
Love Her Madly (The Doors)734.78
Live And Let Live (Love)114.73
Riders On The Storm (The Doors)1785.25
Love Her Madly (The Doors)734.78
L.A. Woman (The Doors)694.78
Welcome To Heartlight (Kenny Loggins)594.58
Two Tickets To Paradise (Eddie Money)494.14
Alone Again Or (Love)345.03
Baby Hold On (Eddie Money)323.81
Kick Out The Jams (MC5)304.57
I'm Alright (Kenny Loggins)274.11
The WASP (Texas Radio And The Big Beat) (The Doors)253.92
Changeling (The Doors)234.7
I Don't Want To Talk About It (Crazy Horse)234.52
A House Is Not A Motel (Love)215.05
Don't Fight It (Kenny Loggins & Steve Perry)204.2
Tightrope Ride (The Doors)204.2
Heart To Heart (Kenny Loggins)194.21
Hyacinth House (The Doors)164.62
Been Down So Long (The Doors)164.56
L'America (The Doors)164.38
Crawling King Snake (The Doors)144.79

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