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Alvin Lee & Ten Years LaterAlvin's Blues Thing1977Producer
Alvin Lee & Ten Years LaterBaby, Don't You Cry1977Producer
Alvin Lee & Ten Years LaterFriday The 13th1977Producer
Alvin Lee & Ten Years LaterGonna Turn You On1977Producer
Alvin Lee & Ten Years LaterRocket Fuel1977Producer
Alvin Lee & Ten Years LaterSomebody Callin' Me1977Producer
Alvin Lee & Ten Years LaterThe Devil's Scraming1977Producer
Aretha Franklin(No, No) I'm Losing You1966Producer
Aretha FranklinSwanee1966Producer
Aretha FranklinUntil You Were Gone1966Producer
Aretha FranklinYou Made Me Love You1962Producer
Bell + ArcChildren Of The North Prison1971Producer
Bell + ArcDawn1971Producer
Bell + ArcEveryday1971Producer
Bell + ArcHigh Priest Of Memphis1971Producer
Bell + ArcKeep A Wise Mind1971Producer
Bell + ArcLet Your Love Run Free1971Producer
Bell + ArcShe Belongs To Me1971Producer
Bell + ArcSo Long Marianne1971Producer
Bell + ArcYat Rock1971Producer
Billy Joe ShaverA Restless Wind1976Producer
Billy Joe ShaverAin't No God In Mexico1976Producer
Billy Joe ShaverAmerica You Are My Woman1976Producer
Billy Joe ShaverEvergreen1976Producer
Billy Joe ShaverLove You Till The Cows Come Home1976Producer
Billy Joe ShaverRide Me Down Easy1976Producer
Billy Joe ShaverTexas Uphere Tennessee1976Producer
Billy Joe ShaverThe Good Lord Knows I Tried1976Producer
Billy Joe ShaverWhen I Get My Wings1976Producer
Billy Joe ShaverWhen The Word Was Thunderbird1976Producer
Billy Joe ShaverWoman Is The Wonder Of The World1976Producer
Bob DylanA Fool Such As I1973Producer
Bob DylanAbsolutely Sweet Marie1966Producer
Bob DylanAlberta1970Producer
Bob DylanAll Along The Watchtower1967Producer
Bob DylanAll The Tired Horses1970Producer
Bob DylanAlligator Man2021Producer
Bob DylanAs I Went Out One Morning1967Producer
Bob DylanBallad Of A Thin Man1965Producer
Bob DylanBelle Isle1970Producer
Bob DylanBig Yellow Taxi1973Producer
Bob DylanBlue Moon1970Producer
Bob DylanBring Me A Little Water2013Producer
Bob DylanCan You Please Crawl Out Your Window?1965Producer
Bob DylanCan't Help Falling In Love1973Producer
Bob DylanCopper Kettle1970Producer
Bob DylanCountry Pie1969Producer
Bob DylanDays Of 491970Producer
Bob DylanDays Of The Locusts1970Producer
Bob DylanDear Landlord1967Producer
Bob DylanDesolation Row1965Producer
Bob DylanDown Along The Cove1967Producer
Bob DylanDrifter's Escape1967Producer
Bob DylanEarly Mornin' Rain1970Producer
Bob DylanFather Of Night1970Producer
Bob DylanFourth Time Around1966Producer
Bob DylanFrom A Buick 61965Producer
Bob DylanGotta Travel On1970Producer
Bob DylanHighway 61 Revisited1965Producer
Bob DylanI Am A Lonesome Hobo1967Producer
Bob DylanI Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound2021Producer
Bob DylanI Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine1967Producer
Bob DylanI Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know1970Producer
Bob DylanI Pity The Poor Immigrant1967Producer
Bob DylanI Threw It All Away1969Producer
Bob DylanI Want You1966Producer
Bob DylanIf Dogs Run Free1970Producer
Bob DylanIf Not For You1970Producer
Bob DylanI'll Be Your Baby Tonight1967Producer
Bob DylanIn Search Of Little Sadie1970Producer
Bob DylanIt Hurts Me Too1970Producer
Bob DylanIt Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry1965Producer
Bob DylanJamaica Farewell2021Producer
Bob DylanJohn Wesley Harding1967Producer
Bob DylanJust Like A Woman1966Producer
Bob DylanJust Like Tom Thumb's Blues1965Producer
Bob DylanLay Lady Lay1969Producer
Bob DylanLeopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat1966Producer
Bob DylanLet It Be Me1970Producer
Bob DylanLily Of The West1973Producer
Bob DylanLittle Sadie1970Producer
Bob DylanLiving The Blues1970Producer
Bob DylanLong Black Veil2021Producer
Bob DylanMary Ann1973Producer
Bob DylanMinstrel Boy1970Producer
Bob DylanMost Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)1966Producer
Bob DylanMr. Bojangles1973Producer
Bob DylanNashville Skyline Rag1969Producer
Bob DylanNew Morning1970Producer
Bob DylanObviously 5 Believers1966Producer
Bob DylanOne More Night1969Producer
Bob DylanOne More Weekend1970Producer
Bob DylanOne Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later)1966Producer
Bob DylanPeggy Day1969Producer
Bob DylanPledging My Time1966Producer
Bob DylanPositively 4th Street1965Producer
Bob DylanPretty Saro2013Producer
Bob DylanQueen Jane Approximately1965Producer
Bob DylanQuinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)1970Producer
Bob DylanRailroad Bill2013Producer
Bob DylanRainy Day Women # 12 & 351966Producer
Bob DylanSad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands1966Producer
Bob DylanSarah Jane1973Producer
Bob DylanSign On The Window1970Producer
Bob DylanSpanish Is The Loving Tongue1970Producer
Bob DylanStuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again1966Producer
Bob DylanTake A Message To Mary1970Producer
Bob DylanTake Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go)1970Producer
Bob DylanTattle O'Day2013Producer
Bob DylanTell Me That It Isn't True1969Producer
Bob DylanTemporary Like Achilles1966Producer
Bob DylanThe Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest1967Producer
Bob DylanThe Ballad Of Ira Hayes1973Producer
Bob DylanThe Boxer1970Producer
Bob DylanThe Man In Me1970Producer
Bob DylanThe Wicked Messenger1967Producer
Bob DylanThese Hands2013Producer
Bob DylanThirsty Boots2013Producer
Bob DylanThis Evening So Soon2013Producer
Bob DylanThree Angels1970Producer
Bob DylanTime Passes Slowly1970Producer
Bob DylanTo Be Alone With You1969Producer
Bob DylanTombstone Blues1965Producer
Bob DylanTonight I'll Be Staying Here With You1969Producer
Bob DylanUntitled 1970 Instrumental #12021Producer
Bob DylanUntitled 1970 Instrumental #22021Producer
Bob DylanVisions Of Johanna1966Producer
Bob DylanWent To See The Gypsy1970Producer
Bob DylanWigwam1970Producer
Bob DylanWinterlude1970Producer
Bob DylanWoogie Boogie1970Producer
Bob DylanWorking On A Guru2013Producer
Bob Dylan with Johnny CashGirl From The North Country1968Producer
Burl IvesBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Producer
Burl IvesDon't Think Twice, It's All Right1968Producer
Burl IvesFolk Singer1968Producer
Burl IvesGentle On My Mind1968Producer
Burl IvesHomeward Bound1968Producer
Burl IvesIf I Were A Carpenter1968Producer
Burl IvesI'll Be Your Baby Tonight1968Producer
Burl IvesLittle Green Apples1968Producer
Burl IvesMaria (If I Could)1968Producer
Burl IvesOne Too Many Mornings1968Producer
Burl IvesThe Times They Are-A Changing1968Producer
Carl Perkins7:06 Union1970Producer
Carl PerkinsTrue Love Is Greater Than Friendship1970Producer
Claude KingBirmingham Bus Station1968Producer
Claude KingGood-By My Love1967Producer
Claude KingLaura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got)1967Producer
Claude KingNinety-Nine Years1967Producer
Claude KingParchman Farm Blues1968Producer
Claude KingYellow Haired Woman1967Producer
David McWilliamsBlue Eyes1966Producer
David McWilliamsGod And My Country1966Producer
Elvis and Nancy SinatraThere Ain't Nothing Like A Song1968Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyIt Hurts Me1964Producer
Engelbert HumperdinckCome Spend The Morning1981Music/Lyrics
Gerri GrangerAin't It Funny1962Producer
Gerri GrangerDon't Want Your Love Letters1962Producer
Graham BellAfter Midnight1972Producer
Graham BellBefore You Can Be A Man1972Producer
Graham BellDown In The City1972Producer
Graham BellHow Long Will It Last1972Producer
Graham BellSo Black And So Blue1972Producer
Graham BellThe Man With Ageless Eyes1972Producer
Graham BellThe Trill Is Gone1972Producer
Graham BellThe Whole Town Wants You Hung1972Producer
Graham BellToo Many People1972Producer
Graham BellWatch The River Flow1972Producer
Harper SimonAll I Have Are Memories2010Producer
Harper SimonHa Ha2010Producer
Harper SimonTennessee2010Producer
Harper SimonThe Shine2010Producer
Hoyt AxtonBlue Prelude1973Producer
Hoyt AxtonDays Are Short1973Producer
Hoyt AxtonHungry Man1973Producer
Hoyt AxtonLess Than The Song1973Producer
Hoyt AxtonMary Makes Magic1973Producer
Hoyt AxtonMexico City Hangover1973Producer
Hoyt AxtonNothin' To Lose1973Producer
Hoyt AxtonOklahoma Song1973Producer
Hoyt AxtonPeacemaker1973Producer
Hoyt AxtonSomebody Turned On The Light1973Producer
Hoyt AxtonSweet Fantasy1973Producer
Hoyt AxtonSweet Misery1973Producer
Jimmy CliffFootprints1978Producer
Jimmy CliffLonely Streets1978Producer
Jimmy CliffLove I Need1978Producer
Jimmy CliffMeeting In Africa1978Producer
Jimmy CliffShe Is A Woman1978Producer
Jimmy CliffStand Up And Fight Back1978Producer
Jimmy CliffUniversal Love (Beyond The Boundaries)1978Producer
Jimmy CliffWanted Man1978Producer
Jimmy CliffYou Left Me Standing By The Door1978Producer
Joe ElyFools Fall In Love1979Producer
Joe ElyStandin' At The Big Hotel1979Producer
John DavidsonGames That Lovers Play1967Producer
John DavidsonI Couldn't Live Without Your Love1967Producer
John DavidsonI Really Don't Want To Know1967Producer
John DavidsonI'll Always Remember1967Producer
John DavidsonMame1967Producer
John DavidsonSomewhere1967Producer
John DavidsonSunny1967Producer
John DavidsonThat's Life1967Producer
John DavidsonTry To Remember1967Producer
John DavidsonWho Am I1967Producer
John MayallBottom Line1979Producer
John MayallCelebration1979Producer
John MayallCome With Me1979Producer
John MayallDesert Flower1979Producer
John MayallDreamboat1979Producer
John MayallI'm Gonna Do It1979Producer
John MayallRevival1979Producer
John MayallThe Game Of Love1979Producer
Johnny CashA Boy Named Sue1969Producer
Johnny CashBallad Of Little Fauss And Big Halsy1970Producer
Johnny CashBlistered1969Producer
Johnny Cash'Cause I Love You1970Producer
Johnny CashCocaine Blues1979Producer
Johnny CashCome Along And Ride This Train1969Producer
Johnny CashDaddy Sang Bass1968Producer
Johnny CashFace Of Despair1970Producer
Johnny CashFlesh And Blood1970Producer
Johnny CashFolsom Prison Blues (Live)1968Producer
Johnny CashGod Is Not Dead1969Producer
Johnny CashHe Turned The Water Into Wine1968Producer
Johnny CashHungry1970Producer
Johnny CashI'm Gonna Try To Be That Way1970Producer
Johnny CashI've Got A Thing About Trains1970Producer
Johnny CashJesus Was A Carpenter1970Producer
Johnny CashLand Of Israel1969Producer
Johnny CashMovin'1970Producer
Johnny CashNazarene1969Producer
Johnny CashRoll Call1967Producer
Johnny CashRollin' Free1970Producer
Johnny CashRosanna's Going Wild1967Producer
Johnny CashRoute #1, Box 1441970Producer
Johnny CashSan Quentin1969Producer
Johnny CashSee Ruby Fall1969Producer
Johnny CashSing A Traveling Song1970Producer
Johnny CashSouthwind1970Producer
Johnny CashSunday Morning Coming Down1970Producer
Johnny CashThe Devil To Pay1970Producer
Johnny CashThe Folk Singer1968Producer
Johnny CashThe Fourth Man1969Producer
Johnny CashThe Little Man1970Producer
Johnny CashThe Ten Commandments1969Producer
Johnny CashThe World's Gonna Fall On You1970Producer
Johnny CashThe Wreck Of The Old '971957Music/Lyrics
Johnny CashThis Is Nazareth1969Producer
Johnny CashThis Side Of The Law1970Producer
Johnny CashThis Town1970Producer
Johnny CashTo Beat The Devil1970Producer
Johnny CashWanted Man1969Producer
Johnny CashWhat Is Truth1970Producer
Johnny CashWrinkled, Crinkled Wadded Dollar Bill1970Producer
Johnny Cash & June Carter'Cause I Love You1969Producer
Johnny Cash & June CarterIf I Were A Carpenter169Producer
Judy LynnI Don't Play With Matches Anymore1967Producer
Judy LynnI Lost My Wings Last Night1967Producer
L.A. JetsAn Elemental Song1976Producer
L.A. JetsAt The Dardanelle1976Producer
L.A. JetsBailin' Out1976Producer
L.A. JetsBandido1976Producer
L.A. JetsCamel Dodge1976Producer
L.A. JetsDancin' Thru The Night1976Producer
L.A. JetsIt Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry1976Producer
L.A. JetsMoney, Money1976Producer
L.A. JetsMusic In My Life1976Producer
L.A. JetsNever Satisfied1976Producer
L.A. JetsThen The Rain's Came1976Producer
Lee HazlewoodCome Spend The Morning1973Music/Lyrics
Leonard CohenA Bunch Of Lonesome Heroes1969Producer
Leonard CohenAvalanche1971Producer
Leonard CohenBird On The Wire1969Producer
Leonard CohenDiamonds In The Mine1970Producer
Leonard CohenDress Rehearsal Rag1971Producer
Leonard CohenFamous Blue Raincoat1970Producer
Leonard CohenImprovisation1972Producer
Leonard CohenJoan Of Arc1970Producer
Leonard CohenLady Midnight1969Producer
Leonard CohenLast Year's Man1971Producer
Leonard CohenLove Calls You By Your Name1971Producer
Leonard CohenMinute Prologue1973Producer
Leonard CohenNancy1973Producer
Leonard CohenPassing Through1973Producer
Leonard CohenPlease Don't Pass Me By (A Disgrace)1970Producer
Leonard CohenQueen Victoria1973Producer
Leonard CohenSeems So Long Ago, Nancy1969Producer
Leonard CohenSing Another Song, Boys1971Producer
Leonard CohenStory Of Isaac1969Producer
Leonard CohenThe Butcher1969Producer
Leonard CohenThe Old Revolution1969Producer
Leonard CohenThe Partisan1968Producer
Leonard CohenTonight Will Be Fine1969Producer
Leonard CohenYou Know Who I Am1969Producer
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsDown In The Flood1968Producer
LindisfarneAll Fall Down1972Producer
LindisfarneAlright On The Night1971Producer
LindisfarneBring Down The Government1972Producer
LindisfarneCity Song1971Producer
LindisfarneCourt In The Act1972Producer
LindisfarneDingle Regatta1972Producer
LindisfarneDingly Dell1972Producer
LindisfarneDon't Ask Me1972Producer
LindisfarneFog On The Tyne1971Producer
LindisfarneGo Back1972Producer
LindisfarneJanuary Song1971Producer
LindisfarneMandolin King1972Producer
LindisfarneMeet Me On The Corner1971Producer
LindisfarneNo Time To Lose1971Producer
LindisfarneO No, Not Again1972Producer
LindisfarnePassing Ghosts1971Producer
LindisfarnePeter Brophy Don't Care1971Producer
LindisfarnePlankton's Lament1972Producer
LindisfarnePoor Old Ireland1972Producer
LindisfarneScotch Mist1971Producer
LindisfarneTogether Forever1971Producer
LindisfarneTrain In G Major1971Producer
LindisfarneUncle Sam1971Producer
LindisfarneWake Up Little Sister1972Producer
Loudon Wainwright IIIA.M. World1973Producer
Loudon Wainwright IIIBell Bottom Pants1973Producer
Loudon Wainwright IIIClockwork Chartreuse1973Producer
Loudon Wainwright IIICome A Longer Way1973Producer
Loudon Wainwright IIIDilated To Meet You1973Producer
Loudon Wainwright IIIDown Drinking At The Bar1973Producer
Loudon Wainwright IIII Am The Way (New York Town)1973Producer
Loudon Wainwright IIILiza1973Producer
Loudon Wainwright IIILullaby1973Producer
Loudon Wainwright IIINocturnal Stumblebutt1973Producer
Loudon Wainwright IIIThe Man Who Couldn't Cry1973Producer
Loudon Wainwright IIIThe Swimming Song1973Producer
Louis Armstrong And His All-StarsCabaret1966Producer
Louis Armstrong And His All-StarsCanal St. Blues1957Producer
ManSister Salvation1969Producer
ManSleepy Eyes And Butterflies1969Producer
Marty RobbinsA Christmas Prayer1967Producer
Marty RobbinsA Very Special Way1970Producer
Marty RobbinsAm I That Easy To Forget1968Producer
Marty RobbinsAs Time Goes By1968Producer
Marty RobbinsAt Times1970Producer
Marty RobbinsBound For Old Mexico1967Producer
Marty RobbinsBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1968Producer
Marty RobbinsCamelia1968Producer
Marty RobbinsCan't Help Falling In Love1970Producer
Marty RobbinsChapel Bells Chime1967Producer
Marty RobbinsChristmas Is For Kids1967Producer
Marty RobbinsChristmas Kisses1967Music/Lyrics
Marty RobbinsChristmas Time Is Here Again1967Producer
Marty RobbinsDon't Go Away Seņor1967Producer
Marty RobbinsFresh Out Of Tears1969Producer
Marty RobbinsHark! The Herald Angels Sing1967Producer
Marty RobbinsHello Daily News1969Producer
Marty RobbinsI Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)1961Producer
Marty RobbinsI Can't Say Goodbye1969Producer
Marty RobbinsI Feel Another Heartbreak Coming On1968Producer
Marty RobbinsI Walk Alone1968Producer
Marty RobbinsIf I Want To1969Producer
Marty RobbinsIn The Valley Of The Rio Grande1967Producer
Marty RobbinsIs There Anything Left I Can Say1961Producer
Marty RobbinsIt's A Sin1968Producer
Marty RobbinsI've Been Leaving Every Day1968Producer
Marty RobbinsI've Got A Woman's Love1970Producer
Marty RobbinsJolie Girl1970Producer
Marty RobbinsLaura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got)1973Producer
Marty RobbinsLet Me Live In Your World1968Producer
Marty RobbinsLily Of The Valley1968Producer
Marty RobbinsLittle Stranger (In A Manger)1967Producer
Marty RobbinsLove Is Blue1968Producer
Marty RobbinsLove Is In The Air1968Producer
Marty RobbinsLove Me Tender1970Producer
Marty RobbinsLoves Gone Away1967Producer
Marty RobbinsMany Christmases Ago1967Producer
Marty RobbinsMaria (If I Could)1970Producer
Marty RobbinsMartha Ellen Jenkins1970Producer
Marty RobbinsMerry Christmas To You From Me1967Producer
Marty RobbinsMy Happy Heart Sings1970Producer
Marty RobbinsMy Woman, My Woman, My Wife1970Producer
Marty RobbinsO Little Town Of Bethlehem1967Producer
Marty RobbinsOh, Virginia1966Producer
Marty RobbinsOne Of You (In Every Size)1967Producer
Marty RobbinsPadre1970Producer
Marty RobbinsRainbows1969Producer
Marty RobbinsShe Thinks I Still Care1968Producer
Marty RobbinsSpanish Lullaby1967Music/Lyrics
Marty RobbinsThat Old Feeling1968Producer
Marty RobbinsThe City1970Producer
Marty RobbinsThe Girl With Gardenias In Her Hair1967Producer
Marty RobbinsThe Joy Of Christmas1967Producer
Marty RobbinsThe Last Letter1968Producer
Marty RobbinsThe Master's Touch1970Producer
Marty RobbinsThe Mission In Guadalajara1967Producer
Marty RobbinsThey'll Never Take Her Love From Me1968Producer
Marty RobbinsThis Song1969Producer
Marty RobbinsThree Little Words1970Producer
Marty RobbinsTimes Have Changed1969Producer
Marty RobbinsTo Be In Love With Her1968Producer
Marty RobbinsToday, I Started Loving You Again1968Producer
Marty RobbinsTonight Carmen1967Producer
Marty RobbinsUntil We Meet Again1968Producer
Marty RobbinsVirginia1968Producer
Marty RobbinsWaiting In Reno1967Producer
Marty RobbinsWe're Getting Mighty Close1969Producer
Marty RobbinsWhen My Turn Comes Around1969Producer
Marty RobbinsWindows Have Pains1968Producer
Marty RobbinsWithout You To Love1970Producer
Marty RobbinsYesterday1968Producer
Marty RobbinsYou Gave Me A Mountain1969Producer
Marty RobbinsYou Made Me Love You1968Producer
Michael MurpheyA Mansion On The Hill1975Producer
Michael MurpheyAces In The Hole1974Producer
Michael MurpheyAlleys Of Austin1973Producer
Michael MurpheyBackslider's Wine1972Producer
Michael MurpheyBlessings In Disguise1973Producer
Michael MurpheyBlue Sky Riding Song1975Producer
Michael MurpheyBoy From The Country1972Producer
Michael MurpheyBuffalo Gun1975Producer
Michael MurpheyCalico Silver1972Producer
Michael MurpheyCarolina In The Pines1975Producer
Michael MurpheyCosmic Cowboy1973Producer
Michael MurpheyCrack Up In Las Cruces1972Producer
Michael MurpheyDancing In The Meadow1975Producer
Michael MurpheyDesert Rats1975Producer
Michael MurpheyDrunken Lady Of The Morning1973Producer
Michael MurpheyFort Worth I Love You1974Producer
Michael MurpheyGeronimo's Cadillac1972Producer
Michael MurpheyGold Ol' Nature Habits1974Producer
Michael MurpheyHarbor For My Soul1972Producer
Michael MurpheyHealing Springs1974Producer
Michael MurpheyHoly Roller1974Producer
Michael MurpheyHonolulu1973Producer
Michael MurpheyLights Of The City1972Producer
Michael MurpheyMedicine Man1975Producer
Michael MurpheyMichael Angelo's Blues (Song For Hogman)1972Producer
Michael MurpheyNatchez Trace1972Producer
Michael MurpheyNatural Bridges1975Producer
Michael MurpheyNight Thunder1975Producer
Michael MurpheyNobody's Gonna Tell Me How To Play My Music1974Producer
Michael MurpheyObserver1974Producer
Michael MurpheyPink Lady1975Producer
Michael MurpheyPrometheus Busted1973Producer
Michael MurpheyRainbow Man1972Producer
Michael MurpheyRenegade1975Producer
Michael MurpheyRhythm Of The Road1975Producer
Michael MurpheyRings Of Life1975Producer
Michael MurpheyRolling Hills1973Producer
Michael MurpheyRye By The Sea1974Producer
Michael MurpheySeasons Change1975Producer
Michael MurpheySecret Mountain Hideout1975Producer
Michael MurpheySouth Canadian River Song1973Producer
Michael MurpheySouthwestern Pilgrimage1974Producer
Michael MurpheySwans Against The Sun1975Producer
Michael MurpheyTemperature Train1973Producer
Michael MurpheyTemple Of The Sun1975Producer
Michael MurpheyThe Wild West Show1975Producer
Michael MurpheyWaking Up1972Producer
Michael MurpheyWhat Am I Doin' Hangin' 'Round1972Producer
Michael MurpheyWild Bird1975Producer
Michael MurpheyWildfire1975Producer
Michael MurpheyWithout My Lady There1975Producer
Michael MurpheyYou Can Only Say So Much1974Producer
Moby GrapeBeautiful Is Beautiful1969Producer
Moby GrapeChanges Circles Spinning1969Producer
Moby GrapeLooper1969Producer
Moby GrapeLove Song (Part 1)1969Producer
Moby GrapeLove Song (Part 2)1969Producer
Moby GrapeNow I Know1969Producer
Moby GrapeOpen Up Your Heart1969Producer
Moby GrapeRight Before My Eyes1969Producer
Moby GrapeTongue Tied1969Producer
Moby GrapeTreat Me Bad1969Producer
Moby GrapeTruly Fine Citizen1969Producer
Patti PageMusic And Memories1966Producer
Pete SeegerHobo's Lullaby1971Producer
Pete SeegerLast Train To Nuremberg1971Producer
Pete SeegerMy Rainbow Race1971Producer
Pete SeegerOld Devil Time1969Producer
Pete SeegerOur Generation1971Producer
Pete SeegerSailing Down This Golden River1971Producer
Pete SeegerSnow Snow1971Producer
Pete SeegerThe Clearwater1971Producer
Pete SeegerUncle Ho1971Producer
Pete SeegerWords Words Words1971Producer
Simon & Garfunkel7 O'Clock News / Silent Night1966Producer
Simon & GarfunkelA Hazy Shade Of Winter1966Producer
Simon & GarfunkelA Most Peculiar Man1966Producer
Simon & GarfunkelA Poem On The Underground Wall1966Producer
Simon & GarfunkelA Simply Desultory Philippic (Or How I Was Robert McNamara'd Into Submission)1966Producer
Simon & GarfunkelAnji1966Producer
Simon & GarfunkelApril Come She Will1965Producer
Simon & GarfunkelAt The Zoo1967Producer
Simon & GarfunkelBlessed1966Producer
Simon & GarfunkelBlues Run The Game1997Producer
Simon & GarfunkelCloudy1966Producer
Simon & GarfunkelFlowers Never Bend With The Rainfall1966Producer
Simon & GarfunkelFor Emily, Whenever I May Find Her1966Producer
Simon & GarfunkelHomeward Bound1965Producer
Simon & GarfunkelI Am A Rock1966Producer
Simon & GarfunkelKathy's Song1966Producer
Simon & GarfunkelLeaves That Are Green1965Producer
Simon & GarfunkelPatterns1966Producer
Simon & GarfunkelRichard Cory1966Producer
Simon & GarfunkelScarborough Fair / Canticle1966Producer
Simon & GarfunkelThe 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)1966Producer
Simon & GarfunkelThe Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine1966Producer
Simon & GarfunkelThe Dangling Conversation1966Producer
Steeleye SpanBach Goes To Limerick1974Music/Lyrics
Steeleye SpanBlack Jack Davy1975Music/Lyrics
Steeleye SpanDrink Down The Moon1974Music/Lyrics
Steeleye SpanFighting For Strangers1976Music/Lyrics
Steeleye SpanGone To America1980Music/Lyrics
Steeleye SpanJohn Barleycorn1972Music/Lyrics
Steeleye SpanLet Her Go Down1980Music/Lyrics
Steeleye SpanRogues In A Nation1973Music/Lyrics
Steeleye SpanRoyal Forester1972Music/Lyrics
Steeleye SpanSaucy Sailor1972Music/Lyrics
Steeleye SpanThe Mooncoin Jig1974Music/Lyrics
Steeleye SpanThe Weaver And The Factory Maid1973Music/Lyrics
Tammy WynetteHe'll Never Take The Place Of You1970Music/Lyrics
The ByrdsBad Night At The Whiskey1968Producer
The ByrdsCandy1968Producer
The ByrdsChild Of The Universe1968Producer
The ByrdsDrug Store Truck Drivin' Man1968Producer
The ByrdsKing Apathy III1968Producer
The ByrdsLay Lady Lay1969Producer
The ByrdsMedley: My Back Pages/B.J. Blues/Baby, What You Want Me To Do1968Producer
The ByrdsMr. Tambourine Man1964Producer
The ByrdsOld Blue1968Producer
The ByrdsStanley's Song1968Producer
The ByrdsThis Wheel's On Fire1968Producer
The ByrdsYour Gentle Way Of Loving Me1968Producer
The Earl Scruggs RevueBanjo Man1975Producer
The Earl Scruggs RevueBleeker Street Rag1975Producer
The Earl Scruggs RevueGospel Ship1975Producer
The Earl Scruggs RevueHey Porter1975Producer
The Earl Scruggs RevuePassing Through1975Producer
The Earl Scruggs RevueRollin' In My Dreams1975Producer
The Earl Scruggs RevueRoyal Majesty1975Music/Lyrics
The Earl Scruggs RevueSong To Woody1975Producer
The Earl Scruggs RevueThe Swimming Song1975Producer
The Earl Scruggs RevueThird Rate Romance1975Producer
The Earl Scruggs Revue / Johnny CashI Still Miss Someone1976Producer
The Earl Scruggs Revue / Johnny CashMy Ship Will Sail1976Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple Sage(Just) Another Night In Reno1977Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageAnnie May1976Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageBy And By When I Need You (Love)1977Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageCan't Get Over You1976Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageDead Flowers1973Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageDon't Put Her Down1976Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageFarewell Angelina1975Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageFifteen Days Under The Hood1976Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageGoing Round The Horn1975Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageHard To Handle1976Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageHigh Rollers1977Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageHold On It's Coming1977Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageHome Grown1977Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageHonky Tonkin' (I Guess I Done Me Some)1976Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageI Can Heal You1977Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageI Heard You Been Layin' My Old Lady1975Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageIt Never Hurts To Be Nice To Somebody1977Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageLa Bamba1975Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageLittle Old Lady1975Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageLove Has Strange Ways1977Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageMighty Time1975Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageOn Top Of Old Smoky1975Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageOver And Over1975Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SagePeggy Sue1977Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageRed Hot Women And Ice Cold Beer1977Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageShe's Looking Better Every Beer1976Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageStrangers On A Train1975Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageTake A Letter Maria1975Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageThe Swimming Song1976Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageUp Against The Wall, Redneck1975Producer
The New Riders Of The Purple SageYou Never Can Tell1976Producer
The Pozo-Seco SingersCome A Little Bit Closer1966Producer
The Pozo-Seco SingersI Can Make It With You1966Producer
The Rose GardenLook What You've Done1968Music/Lyrics
The Statler BrothersAlmost Persuaded1967Producer
The Statler BrothersFunny, Familiar, Forgotten Feelings1967Producer
The Statler BrothersGreen, Green Grass Of Home1967Producer
The Statler BrothersHalf A Man1996Producer
The Statler BrothersI Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)1967Producer
The Statler BrothersJump For Joy1968Producer
The Statler BrothersRelease Me (And Let Me Love Again)1967Producer
The Statler BrothersRuby, Don't Take Your Love To Town1967Producer
The Statler BrothersRuthless1967Producer
The Statler BrothersShenandoah1967Producer
The Statler BrothersTake A Bow, Rufus Humfry1968Producer
The Statler BrothersThere Goes My Everything1967Producer
The Statler BrothersWalking In The Sunshine1967Producer
The Statler BrothersYou Can't Have Your Kate And Edith, Too1967Producer
Willie Nelson & Tracy NelsonAfter The Fire Gone1974Producer
John Wesley Harding (Bob Dylan)85.25
Scarborough Fair / Canticle (Simon & Garfunkel)1235.19
Story Of Isaac (Leonard Cohen)115.18
I Am A Rock (Simon & Garfunkel)1085.15
April Come She Will (Simon & Garfunkel)425.1
Tombstone Blues (Bob Dylan)245.08
Avalanche (Leonard Cohen)255.08
Homeward Bound (Simon & Garfunkel)875.06
Ballad Of A Thin Man (Bob Dylan)365.06
Lily Of The West (Bob Dylan)195.05
Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall (Simon & Garfunkel)205.05
Mr. Tambourine Man (The Byrds)1545.02
As I Went Out One Morning (Bob Dylan)95
Drifter's Escape (Bob Dylan)95
Love Calls You By Your Name (Leonard Cohen)95
Sing Another Song, Boys (Leonard Cohen)95
I Pity The Poor Immigrant (Bob Dylan)75
Last Year's Man (Leonard Cohen)164.94
Folsom Prison Blues (Live) (Johnny Cash)154.93
I Want You (Bob Dylan)574.93
Mr. Tambourine Man (The Byrds)1545.02
Scarborough Fair / Canticle (Simon & Garfunkel)1235.19
I Am A Rock (Simon & Garfunkel)1085.15
Homeward Bound (Simon & Garfunkel)875.06
Lay Lady Lay (Bob Dylan)834.67
A Boy Named Sue (Johnny Cash)774.47
Just Like A Woman (Bob Dylan)724.33
The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) (Simon & Garfunkel)694.52
Wigwam (Bob Dylan)633.48
A Hazy Shade Of Winter (Simon & Garfunkel)624.5
I Want You (Bob Dylan)574.93
All Along The Watchtower (Bob Dylan)554.85
Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35 (Bob Dylan)553.75
April Come She Will (Simon & Garfunkel)425.1
Kathy's Song (Simon & Garfunkel)424.71
At The Zoo (Simon & Garfunkel)404.32
Bird On The Wire (Leonard Cohen)404.25
If Not For You (Bob Dylan)394.38
Positively 4th Street (Bob Dylan)384.74
Daddy Sang Bass (Johnny Cash)384.68

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