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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Billy Szymczyck
B.B. KingAin't Gonna Worry My Life Anymore1970Producer
B.B. KingAsk Me No Questions1970Producer
B.B. KingChains And Things1970Producer
B.B. KingConfessin' The Blues1970Producer
B.B. KingFriends1969Music/Lyrics
B.B. KingGet Off My Back Woman1968Producer
B.B. KingGo Underground1970Producer
B.B. KingHummingbird1970Producer
B.B. KingI Want You So Bad1968Producer
B.B. KingJust A Little Love1969Producer
B.B. KingKing's Special1970Producer
B.B. KingMy Mood1969Producer
B.B. KingNobody Loves Me But My Mother1970Producer
B.B. KingSo Excited1969Producer
B.B. KingThe Thrill Is Gone1969Producer
B.B. KingUntil I'm Dead And Cold1970Producer
B.B. KingWhy I Sing The Blues1969Producer
B.B. KingYou're Mean1969Producer
B.B. KingYou're Still My Woman1970Producer
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandAgainst The Wind1980Producer
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandBetty Lou's Gettin' Out Tonight1980Producer
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandHer Strut1980Producer
Danny HolienA Song Of Thanksgiving1972Producer
Danny HolienColorado1972Producer
Danny HolienHick1972Producer
Danny HolienHome1972Producer
Danny HolienJoshua Brown1972Producer
Danny HolienLabor Man1972Producer
Danny HolienLino The Wino1972Producer
Danny HolienRed Wing1972Producer
Danny HolienSatsanga1972Producer
Danny HolienThe Strange One1972Producer
Danny HolienWella Wella Isabella1972Producer
Denny DohertyGathering The Words1971Producer
Denny DohertyWatcha Gonna Do1971Producer
EaglesAfter The Thrill Is Gone1975Producer
EaglesAll Night Long Producer
EaglesAlready Gone1974Producer
EaglesBest Of My Love1974Producer
EaglesFunky New Year1978Producer
EaglesGood Day In Hell1974Producer
EaglesHeartache Tonight1979Producer
EaglesHollywood Waltz1975Producer
EaglesHotel California1976Producer
EaglesI Can't Tell You Why1979Producer
EaglesI Wish You Peace1975Producer
EaglesIn The City1979Producer
EaglesIs It True?1974Producer
EaglesJourney Of The Sorcerer1975Producer
EaglesKing Of Hollywood1979Producer
EaglesLife In The Fast Lane1976Producer
EaglesLyin' Eyes1975Producer
EaglesMidnight Flyer1974Producer
EaglesMy Man1974Producer
EaglesNew Kid In Town1976Producer
EaglesOl' 551974Producer
EaglesOn The Border1974Producer
EaglesOne Of These Nights1975Producer
EaglesPlease Come Home For Christmas1978Producer
EaglesPretty Maids All In A Row1976Producer
EaglesSeven Bridges Road (Live)1980Producer
EaglesTake It Easy (Live)1980Producer
EaglesTake It To The Limit1975Producer
EaglesTake It To The Limit [Live]1980Producer
EaglesTeenage Jail1979Producer
EaglesThe Disco Strangler1979Producer
EaglesThe Greeks Don't Want No Freaks1979Producer
EaglesThe Last Resort1976Producer
EaglesThe Long Run1979Producer
EaglesThe Long Run [Live]1980Producer
EaglesThe Sad Cafe1979Producer
EaglesThose Shoes1979Producer
EaglesToo Many Hands1975Producer
EaglesTry And Love Again1976Producer
EaglesVictim Of Love1976Producer
EaglesWasted Time1976Producer
EaglesYou Never Cry Like A Lover1974Producer
Elvin BishopD.C. Strut1976Producer
Elvin BishopFooled Around And Fell In Love1975Producer
Elvin BishopGive It Up1976Producer
Elvin BishopGrab All The Love1975Producer
Elvin BishopGraveyard Blues1976Producer
Elvin BishopHave A Good Time1976Producer
Elvin BishopHey, Hey, Hey, Hey1975Producer
Elvin BishopI Love The Life I Lead1975Producer
Elvin BishopJoy1975Producer
Elvin BishopKeep it Cool1976Producer
Elvin BishopMy Girl1975Producer
Elvin BishopOnce In A Lifetime1976Producer
Elvin BishopSidelines1976Producer
Elvin BishopSlick Titty Boom1975Producer
Elvin BishopSpend Some Time1976Producer
Elvin BishopStruttin' My Soul1975Producer
Elvin BishopStruttin' My Stuff1975Producer
Elvin BishopSugar Dumplin'1976Producer
Elvin BishopTwist And Shout1976Producer
Elvin BishopYes Sir1976Producer
Gus [1960s]Treehouse In The Sky1966Music/Lyrics
James GangAgain1971Producer
James GangAshes, The Rain And I1970Producer
James GangDreamin' In The Country1971Producer
James GangIt's All The Same1971Producer
James GangLive My Life Again1971Producer
James GangMidnight Man1971Producer
James GangTend My Garden1970Producer
James GangThanks1970Producer
James GangThe Bomber1970Producer
James GangThere I Go Again1970Producer
James GangThings I Could Be1971Producer
James GangWalk Away1971Producer
James GangWhite Man / Black Man1971Producer
James GangWoman1969Producer
James GangYadig?1971Producer
Jay FergusonAll Alone In The End Zone1976Producer
Jay FergusonBabylon1977Producer
Jay FergusonCinnamon City1976Music/Lyrics
Jay FergusonCity Of Angels1979Producer
Jay FergusonCozumel1977Producer
Jay FergusonDavey1979Producer
Jay FergusonDo It Again1979Producer
Jay FergusonEverbody Goes From Here1976Producer
Jay FergusonHappy Birthday, Baby1977Producer
Jay FergusonHappy Too!1977Producer
Jay FergusonHave You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadow1979Producer
Jay FergusonHit And Run1976Producer
Jay FergusonLet's Spend The Night Together1979Producer
Jay FergusonLosing Control1977Producer
Jay FergusonLove Is Cold1977Producer
Jay FergusonMadam Doktor1976Producer
Jay FergusonMagic Moment1977Music/Lyrics
Jay FergusonMedicated Goo1976Producer
Jay FergusonNight Shift1977Producer
Jay FergusonNo Secrets1979Producer
Jay FergusonPaying Time1979Producer
Jay FergusonReal Life Ain't This Way1979Producer
Jay FergusonShakedown Cruise1979Producer
Jay FergusonSnakes On The Run1976Producer
Jay FergusonSoulin'1977Producer
Jay FergusonThunder Island1977Producer
Jay FergusonTime And Time Again1976Producer
Jay FergusonTo The Island1976Producer
Jay FergusonToo Late To Save Your Heart1979Producer
Jay FergusonTurn It Up1976Producer
Jay FergusonTurn Yourself In1979Producer
Jo Jo Gunne60 Minutes To Go1973Producer
Jo Jo GunneAt The Spa1973Producer
Jo Jo GunneBefore You Get Your Breakfast1973Producer
Jo Jo GunneBroken Down Man1973Producer
Jo Jo GunneCouldn't Love You Better1973Producer
Jo Jo GunneGetaway1973Producer
Jo Jo GunneHigh School Drool1973Producer
Jo Jo GunneI Wanna Love You1973Producer
Jo Jo GunneMonkey Music1973Producer
Jo Jo GunneNeon City1973Producer
Jo Jo GunneReady Freddy1973Producer
Jo Jo GunneRed Meat1973Producer
Jo Jo GunneRhoda1973Producer
Jo Jo GunneRock Around The Symbol1973Producer
Jo Jo GunneRoll Over Me1973Producer
Jo Jo GunneSpecial Situations1973Producer
Jo Jo GunneTake Me Down Easy1973Producer
Jo Jo GunneTo The Island1973Producer
Jo Jo GunneTurn The Boy Lose1973Producer
Jo Jo GunneWait A Lifetime1973Producer
Joe Walsh(Day Dream) Prayer1973Producer
Joe WalshAt The Station1978Producer
Joe WalshBirdcall Morning1972Producer
Joe WalshBook Ends1973Producer
Joe WalshClass Of '551983Producer
(Billy Szymczyck)
Joe WalshComin' Down1972Producer
Joe WalshDays Gone By1973Producer
Joe WalshDreams1973Producer
Joe WalshGiant Bothemoth1972Producer
Joe WalshHappy Ways1973Producer
Joe WalshHere We Are Now1983Producer
(Billy Szymczyck)
Joe WalshHere We Go1972Producer
Joe WalshHome1972Producer
Joe WalshI Can Play That Rock And Roll1983Producer
(Billy Szymczyck)
Joe WalshI.L.B.T.'s1983Producer
(Billy Szymczyck)
Joe WalshI'll Tell the World1972Producer
Joe WalshIndian Summer1978Producer
Joe WalshInner Tube1978Producer
Joe WalshLife's Been Good1978Producer
Joe WalshLove Letters1983Producer
(Billy Szymczyck)
Joe WalshMeadows1973Producer
Joe WalshMidnight Moodies1973Producer
Joe WalshMidnight Visitor1972Producer
Joe WalshMother Says1972Producer
Joe WalshOne And One1972Producer
Joe WalshOver And Over1978Producer
Joe WalshPavance Of The Sleeping Beauty1975Producer
Joe WalshRocky Mountain Way1972Producer
Joe WalshSecond Hand Store1978Producer
Joe WalshShadows1983Producer
(Billy Szymczyck)
Joe WalshSong For Emma1975Producer
Joe WalshSpace Age Whiz Kids1983Producer
(Billy Szymczyck)
Joe WalshThe Worry Song1983Producer
(Billy Szymczyck)
Joe WalshTheme From "Boat Weirdos"1978Music/Lyrics
Joe WalshTheme From Baroque Weirdos1992Music/Lyrics
Joe WalshTheme From Island Weirdos1983Producer
(Billy Szymczyck)
Joe WalshTold You So1983Producer
(Billy Szymczyck)
Joe WalshTomorrow1978Producer
Joe WalshTurn To Stone1972Producer
Joe WalshWalk Away1976Producer
Joe WalshWolf1973Producer
Joe Walsh feat. Frankie Miller and Nicky HopkinsGuilty Of The Crime1995Producer
John Lee Hooker(I Got) A Good 'Un1971Producer
John Lee HookerA Sheep Out On The Foam1971Producer
John Lee HookerDoin' The Shout1971Producer
John Lee HookerEndless Boogie, Parts 27 And 281971Producer
John Lee HookerI Don't Need No Steam Heat1971Producer
John Lee HookerKick Hit 4 Hit Kix U1971Producer
John Lee HookerPots On, Gas On High1971Producer
John Lee HookerSittin' In My Dark Room1971Producer
John Lee HookerStandin' At The Crossroads1971Producer
John Lee HookerWe Might As Well Call It Through1971Producer
Michael StanleyA Friend And Nothing More1973Producer
Michael StanleyDenver Rain1973Producer
Michael StanleyGood Time Charlie1973Producer
Michael StanleyLouisville A.D.1973Producer
Michael StanleyMoving Right Along1973Producer
Michael StanleyResurrection1973Producer
Michael StanleyRock And Roll Man1973Producer
Michael StanleyRosewood Bitters1973Producer
Michael StanleySong For A Friend Soon Gone1973Producer
Michael StanleySubterranean Homesick Blues1973Producer
OutlawsCold And Lonesome1977Producer
OutlawsHearin' My Heart Talkin'1977Producer
OutlawsHeavenly Blues1977Producer
OutlawsHurry Sundown1977Producer
OutlawsI Hope You Don't Mind1978Producer
OutlawsMan Of The Hour1977Producer
OutlawsNight Wines1977Producer
OutlawsSo Afraid1977Producer
Pharoah SandersAstral Traveling1971Producer
Pharoah SandersBailophone Dance1971Producer
Pharoah SandersLove1971Producer
Pharoah SandersMorning Prayer1971Producer
Pharoah SandersRed, Black & Green1971Producer
Pharoah SandersThembi1971Producer
REO SpeedwagonCandalera1975Producer
REO SpeedwagonDance1975Producer
REO SpeedwagonDream Weaver1975Producer
REO SpeedwagonGambler1975Producer
REO SpeedwagonHeaded For A Fall1975Producer
REO SpeedwagonLies1975Producer
REO SpeedwagonOut Of Control1975Producer
REO SpeedwagonReelin'1975Producer
REO SpeedwagonRiver Of Life1975Producer
REO SpeedwagonYou Better Realize1975Producer
Rick DerringerCheap Tequila1973Producer
Rick DerringerHold1973Producer
Rick DerringerIt's Raining1973Producer
Rick DerringerJoy Ride1973Producer
Rick DerringerJump, Jump, Jump1973Producer
Rick DerringerRock And Roll, Hoochie Koo1973Producer
Rick DerringerSlide On Over Slinky1973Producer
Rick DerringerTeenage Love Affair1973Producer
Rick DerringerTeenage Queen1973Producer
Rick DerringerThe Airport Giveth (The Airport Taketh Away)1973Producer
Rick DerringerTime Warp1973Producer
Rick DerringerUncomplicated1973Producer
SantanaLet Me Inside1982Producer
SantanaThe Nile1982Producer
Silk [1960s]Come On Down Girl1969Music/Lyrics
Silk [1960s]For All Time1969Producer
The Fabulous RhinestonesDo It Like I Mean It1973Producer
The Fabulous RhinestonesDown To The City1973Producer
The Fabulous RhinestonesFreewheelin'1973Producer
The Fabulous RhinestonesGo With Change1973Producer
The Fabulous RhinestonesHurt Somebody1973Producer
The Fabulous RhinestonesRoots With You, Girl1973Producer
The Fabulous RhinestonesVicious Circle1973Producer
The Fabulous RhinestonesWhat Becomes Of Your Life1973Producer
The Fabulous RhinestonesWhitecaps1973Producer
The J. Geils Band(Ain't Nothin' But A) Houseparty1973Producer
The J. Geils BandBack To Get Ya1973Producer
The J. Geils BandBe Careful (What You Do)1975Producer
The J. Geils BandBelieve In Me1975Producer
The J. Geils BandChimes1973Producer
The J. Geils BandCry One More Time1971Producer
The J. Geils BandDead Presidents1972Producer
The J. Geils BandDetroit Breakdown1974Producer
The J. Geils BandDid You No Wrong1973Producer
The J. Geils BandDiddyboppin'1973Producer
The J. Geils BandDon't Try To Hide It1973Producer
The J. Geils BandEasy Way Out1975Producer
The J. Geils BandFancy Footwork1975Producer
The J. Geils BandFloyd's Hotel1971Producer
The J. Geils BandFunky Judge1974Producer
The J. Geils BandGettin' Out1974Producer
The J. Geils BandGive It To Me1972Producer
The J. Geils BandGivin' It All Up1974Producer
The J. Geils BandGonna Find Me A New Love1971Producer
The J. Geils BandGotta Have You Love1971Producer
The J. Geils BandHold Your Lovin'1973Producer
The J. Geils BandI Can't Go On1973Producer
The J. Geils BandI Don't Need You No More1971Producer
The J. Geils BandI'll Be Coming Home1974Producer
The J. Geils BandIt Ain't What You Do (It's How You Do It)1971Producer
The J. Geils BandJealous Love1975Producer
The J. Geils BandLay Your Good Thing Down1973Producer
The J. Geils BandLook Me In The Eye1974Producer
The J. Geils BandLooking For A Love1971Producer
The J. Geils BandLove-Itis1975Producer
The J. Geils BandMake Up Your Mind1973Producer
The J. Geils BandMean Love1975Producer
The J. Geils BandMust Of Got Lost1974Producer
The J. Geils BandMy Baby Don't Love Me1973Producer
The J. Geils BandNightmares1974Producer
The J. Geils BandNo Doubt About It1973Producer
The J. Geils BandOrange Driver1975Producer
The J. Geils BandSo Sharp1971Producer
The J. Geils BandSouthside Shuffle1973Producer
The J. Geils BandStart All Over Again1973Producer
The J. Geils BandStoop Down # 391974Producer
The J. Geils BandStruttin' With My Baby1973Producer
The J. Geils BandTake A Chance (On Romance)1973Producer
The J. Geils BandThat's Why I'm Thinking Of You1973Producer
The J. Geils BandThe Lady Makes Demands1973Producer
The J. Geils BandThe Makes Demands1973Producer
The J. Geils BandThe Usual Place1971Producer
The J. Geils BandThink It Over1975Producer
The J. Geils BandWhammer Jammer1971Producer
The James GangBluebird1969Producer
The James GangCollage1969Producer
The James GangFred1969Producer
The James GangFunk #481969Producer
The James GangFunk #491970Producer
The James GangI Don't Have The Time1969Producer
The James GangIntroduction1969Music/Lyrics
The James GangLost Woman1969Producer
The James GangStone Rap1969Music/Lyrics
The James GangStop1969Producer
The James GangTake A Look Around1969Producer
The James GangWrapacity In English1969Producer
The WhoAnother Tricky Day1981Producer
The WhoCache Cache1981Producer
The WhoDaily Records1981Producer
The WhoDid You Steal My Money1981Producer
The WhoDon't Let Go The Coat1981Producer
The WhoHow Can You Do It Alone1981Producer
The WhoThe Quiet One1981Producer
The WhoYou1981Producer
The WhoYou Better You Bet1981Producer
Tom Kimmel5 To 11987Producer
Tom KimmelA To Z1987Producer
Tom KimmelHeroes1987Producer
Tom KimmelNo Tech1987Producer
Tom KimmelOn The Defensive1987Producer
Tom KimmelShake1987Producer
Tom KimmelThat's Freedom1987Producer
Tom KimmelTrue Love1987Producer
Tom KimmelTryin' To Dance1987Producer
Tom KimmelViolet Eyes1987Producer
Wishbone AshDon't Come Back1974Producer
Wishbone AshF.U.B.B.1974Producer
Wishbone AshHometown1974Producer
Wishbone AshLady Jay1974Producer
Wishbone AshPersephone1974Producer
Wishbone AshSilver Shoes1974Producer
The Bomber (James Gang)95.78
Hotel California (Eagles)3825.32
Whammer Jammer (The J. Geils Band)95.22
There I Go Again (James Gang)55.2
Chains And Things (B.B. King)75.14
The Last Resort (Eagles)485.1
Looking For A Love (The J. Geils Band)105.1
Against The Wind (Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band)1015.01
So Excited (B.B. King)95
The Quiet One (The Who)75
Lady Jay (Wishbone Ash)65
Hurry Sundown (Outlaws)65
Did You No Wrong (The J. Geils Band)65
Ashes, The Rain And I (James Gang)55
One Of These Nights (Eagles)1064.97
Lyin' Eyes (Eagles)1054.95
The Thrill Is Gone (B.B. King)554.91
F.U.B.B. (Wishbone Ash)84.88
Turn To Stone (Joe Walsh)124.83
Persephone (Wishbone Ash)114.82
Hotel California (Eagles)3825.32
New Kid In Town (Eagles)1194.82
Heartache Tonight (Eagles)1124.34
One Of These Nights (Eagles)1064.97
Lyin' Eyes (Eagles)1054.95
Against The Wind (Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band)1015.01
Take It To The Limit (Eagles)854.8
I Can't Tell You Why (Eagles)784.69
Life In The Fast Lane (Eagles)764.47
The Long Run (Eagles)644.41
You Better You Bet (The Who)614.72
Best Of My Love (Eagles)594.39
Please Come Home For Christmas (Eagles)574.21
The Thrill Is Gone (B.B. King)554.91
Fooled Around And Fell In Love (Elvin Bishop)544.78
Already Gone (Eagles)524.42
The Last Resort (Eagles)485.1
Wasted Time (Eagles)484.77
Rocky Mountain Way (Joe Walsh)454.62
Life's Been Good (Joe Walsh)384.53

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