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The NationalThe National: Discography / Become a fan

Trouble Will Find Me21/201329
Sleep Well Beast37/2017123
Boxer - Live In Brussels29/2018173
I Am Easy To Find21/2019219
First Two Pages Of Frankenstein18/2023114
29 Years
90-Mile Water Wall
About Today
Afraid Of Everyone
All The Wine
Alphabet City
American Mary
Anna Freud
Anyone's Ghost
Apartment Story
Baby, We'll Be Fine
Beautiful Head
Bitters & Absolut
Blank Slate
Bloodbuzz Ohio
Born To Beg
Cardinal Song
Carin At The Liquor Store
City Middle
Coat On A Hook
Cold Girl Fever
Coney Island (Taylor Swift feat. The National)
Conversation 16
Crumble (The National feat. Rosanne Cash)
Dark Side Of The Gym
Daughters Of The Soho Riots
Day I Die
Deep End (Paul's In Pieces)
Don't Swallow The Cap
Dust Swirls In Strange Light
Empire Line
Exile Vilify
Fake Empire
Fake Empire (Live)
Fashion Coat
Forever After Days
Friend Of Mine
Grease In Your Hair
Green Gloves
Guest Room
Guilty Party
Hairpin Turns
Hard To Find
Her Father In The Pool
Hey Rosey
I Am Easy To Find
I Need My Girl
I Should Live In Salt
Ice Machines
I'll Still Destroy You
It Never Happened
John's Star
Laugh Track (The National feat. Phoebe Bridgers)
Light Years
Lit Up
Little Faith
Looking For Astronauts
Lucky You
Mansion On The Hill
Mistaken For Strangers
Morning Dew
Mr. November
Murder Me Rachael
Never Tear Us Apart
New Order T-Shirt
Nobody Else Will Be There
Not In Kansas
Once Upon A Poolside (The National feat. Sufjan Stevens)
Patterns Of Fairytales
Pay For Me
Pink Rabbits
Quiet Light
Racing Like A Pro
Rest Of Years
Roman Holiday
Santa Clara
Sea Of Love
Secret Meeting
Send For Me
Sleep Well Beast
Slipping Husband
Slow Show
Smoke Detector
So Far So Fast
Somebody Desperate
Space Invader
Squalor Victoria
Start A War
Sugar Wife
Sunshine On My Back
Tall Saint
Terrible Love
The Alcott (The National feat. Taylor Swift)
The Geese Of Beverly Road
The Perfect Song
The Pull Of You
The Rains Of Castamere
The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness
Theory Of The Crows
Think You Can Wait
This Is The Last Time
This Isn't Helping (The National feat. Phoebe Bridgers)
Tour Manager
Trophy Wife
Tropic Morning News
Turn Off The House
Turn On
Turn On Me
Val Jester
Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks
Wake Up Your Saints
Walk It Back
Walk Off
Watching You Well
Weird Goodbyes (The National feat. Bon Iver)
Where Is Her Head
Without Permission
You Had Your Soul With You
You Were A Kindness
Your Mind Is Not Your Friend (The National feat. Phoebe Bridgers)
You've Done It Again,Virginia
A Skin, A Night & The Virginia EP
Boxer - Live In Brussels
Cherry Tree EP
First Two Pages Of Frankenstein
High Violet
I Am Easy To Find
Laugh Track
Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers
Sleep Well Beast
The National
Trouble Will Find Me
Average points: 4.75 (Reviews: 4)
Schitterende muziek van The National waar ik dus ook wel heel wat sterren voor over heb.
<br>Dieser melancholische Sound weiß durchaus zu gefallen.
Wieder ganz ruhige Nummer, zu lang, zu ruhig.
Where to begin? This song stood out to me on first listen to the album, with the title line in the chorus being the thing to stick with me after the album was over. And it only continued to grow on me more and more throughout the year as I fell in love with everything it contains. I became quite obsessed with this for a while, listening to it constantly and challenging myself to learn all the lyrics correctly so I could sing along perfectly, which I finally managed after many, many listens. While the piano melody is gorgeous and fits the tone of the song perfectly, this song is really all about the lyrics, and there are a lot of them. The first verse feels so nostalgic and full of reminisces, and Matt sells this so naturally in his vocal. <br><br>The second verse as a whole is my favourite; it was the one which initially began to make me fall in love with the song. There are so many cultural references in the verse, which each provided a reference point for memory and something to easily recall after the song was over. As a result, this was the first verse I was able to memorise (aside from its opening line, which was actually the last thing in the song I knew the exact lyrics of; I was never quite sure what they were until I looked it up). I also find a feeling of joy more than nostalgia in this verse; lines like "First Testament was really great, the sequel was incredible" feel so joyful and Matt sells this so well in his delivery, particularly on "incredible". The ascension on the lines "Infidels and Heartbreak Beats" and "must have left it in my pocket with my Christianity and my rocket" also offers a feeling of joy (and I'm counting the latter as a Simpsons reference too, so bonus points!). The repeated "n" sounds in "I'm binging hard on Annette Bening" are also delightful.<br><br>Following the second chorus comes something so unexpected: what sounds like a hymn. At first I found this to be too radical a shift and didn't enjoy this portion of the track at all, but over time I began to appreciate it. The lyrics are nice, but what I like most about it is the way it breaks the track up. It's such a wordy song, and as I noticed more when I began to learn all the lyrics and sing along while I listened, the constant barrage of words is quite intense. Something was needed to break that up, because there's four long verses of words, words, words. This creates a nice change-up without going too far away from what the song is doing. The vocalists all sound beautiful as well.<br><br>The third verse seems to up the intensity levels, both lyrically and melodically. A touch of violin increases the mood, and an increase in pace of the delivery of the lyrics adds a new kind of energy. The vocal delivery on "I raked the leaves and I started fires" is just perfect and feels like it's offering a real insight into the feeling of desperation the lyrics here are offering. I love the line "it's half your fault so half forgive me" which is both amusing and clever, but it's topped by my favourite song lyric of the year, which comes near the end of the verse: "My mother needs an army but I'm leaving home and I'm scared that I won't have the balls to punch a Nazi". The alliteration of "way" sounds in "I always wake up way before the weather" is also delightful.<br><br>The final verse offers a return to more reminisces and a feeling of wistful nostalgia. It's a gorgeous verse and Matt hits just the right note of reminiscing with fondness, yet missing the old feelings. While he's telling the story of his father's skate getting caught in the ice, his words feel like they're dripping with importance, and yet he's quickly able to shift tone into something more akin to feeling awestruck at listening to Roberta Flack. The lyrics conjure up some vivid imagery for me, in particular the line about his father driving home, which reminds me of many family car trips we took during my childhood. I never liked them at the time, but now I think back fondly on those times. "It's half your fault so half forgive me" makes a welcome return; it's such a good line that using it a second time only makes me appreciate it more.<br><br>Following the last verse we head back to the hymnal sound. The ladies again deliver a beautiful vocal, and though I used to skip this portion of the song at first, once I was singing along to the entire song, I again found this necessary. While there are no more verses to follow, so this isn't breaking those up the way the choir sound did earlier, the last two verses feel so intense that the necessity of this comes as a moment to wind down and even reflect on the journey that was.<br><br>So, I love this song. During the time when I was learning the lyrics and listening to it nonstop, I was more obsessed with this song than I have been about a song for a very long time. I wouldn't change a thing about it. Matt's voice and vocal work is breathtakingly brilliant, and he's able to make even the most bizarre of lyrics sound meaningful and captivating. The instruments all play their parts perfectly, fitting the mood of the song brilliantly and not overbearing the lyrics in any way. The choir sound lovely, and their sections feel very necessary. I would never have predicted that my favourite song of the year would feature hymns, but here we are. Aside from that, the song clocks in at over six and a half minutes in length, but at no time does it feel like it's wearing out it's welcome, which is very difficult to pull off. Not only is this the highlight of their album, and indeed 2019, this might be their career highlight, but if not, it definitely comes close. Brilliance.
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