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Entry:43/2008 (Position 5)
Last week in charts:47/2008 (Position 22)
Peak:5 (1 weeks)
Place on best of all time:1150 (181 points)
World wide:
ch  Peak: 6 / weeks: 9
de  Peak: 10 / weeks: 6
at  Peak: 22 / weeks: 4
fr  Peak: 42 / weeks: 16
nl  Peak: 3 / weeks: 26
be  Peak: 10 / weeks: 12 (Vl)
  Peak: 7 / weeks: 23 (Wa)
se  Peak: 18 / weeks: 3
no  Peak: 7 / weeks: 5
dk  Peak: 26 / weeks: 1
it  Peak: 32 / weeks: 5
es  Peak: 12 / weeks: 19
pt  Peak: 5 / weeks: 5
au  Peak: 33 / weeks: 1
nz  Peak: 17 / weeks: 2
mx  Peak: 9 / weeks: 11


CD Island 06025 1784417 (UMG) / EAN 0602517844179
CD Island 06025 1785650 (UMG) / EAN 0602517856509
LP Island 6717740 (UMG) / EAN 0602567177401
1. Spiralling
2. The Lovers Are Losing
3. Better Than This
4. You Haven't Told Me Anything
5. Perfect Symmetry
6. You Don't See Me
7. Again And Again
8. Playing Along
9. Pretend That You're Alone
10. Black Burning Heart
11. Love Is The End
Limited Pur Edition - CD Island 060251795449 (UMG) / EAN 0602517954496

43/2008: N 5.
44/2008: 13.
45/2008: 12.
46/2008: 22.
47/2008: 22.
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Hopes And Fears03/2005140
Under The Iron Sea25/200637
Perfect Symmetry43/200855
The Best Of Keane46/2013172
Cause And Effect39/201985
A Bad Dream
A Heart To Hold You
Again And Again
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Back In Time
Bend & Break
Bend And Break (Basto Remix) (Basto vs. Keane)
Better Than This
Black Burning Heart
Black Rain
Broken Toy
Call Me What You Like
Can't Stop Now
Chase The Night Away
Clear Skies
Closer Now
Crystal Ball
Day Will Come
Difficult Child
Difficult Year
Disco 2000
Early Winter
Everybody's Changing
Fly To Me
Glass Bottles
Hamburg Song
He Used To Be A Lovely Boy
Higher Than The Sun
House Lights
I Need Your Love
I'm Not Leaving
In Your Own Time
Is It Any Wonder?
Ishin Denshin (You've Got To Help Yourself) (Keane feat. Tigarah)
It's Not True
Leaving So Soon?
Let It Slide
Looking Back (Keane feat. K'naan)
Love Is The End
Love Too Much
Maybe I Can Change
My Shadow
Neon River
New Golden Age
Nothing In My Way
On A Day Like Today
On The Road
Perfect Symmetry
Playing Along
Pretend That You're Alone
Put It Behind You
Put The Radio On
Run With Me
Russian Farmer's Song
Sea Fog
She Has No Time
She Opens Her Eyes
She Sells Sanctuary
Silenced By The Night
Silenced By The Night (Alesso vs. Keane)
Snowed Under
Something In Me Was Dying
Somewhere Only We Know
Sovereign Light Café
Sovereign Light Café (Afrojack Remix) (Afrojack vs Keane)
Staring At The Ceiling
Stop For A Minute (Keane & K'naan)
Strange Room
Stupid Things
Tear Up This Town
The Boys
The Frog Prince
The Iron Sea
The Lovers Are Losing
The Night Sky
The Starting Line
The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
The Way I Feel
The Way You Want It
Thin Air
This Is The Last Time
Time To Go
To The End Of The Earth
Try Again
Under Pressure (Rhythms Del Mundo feat. Keane)
Under Pressure
Untitled 1
Untitled 2
Wake Up (Chicane feat. Keane)
Walnut Tree
Watch How You Go
We Might As Well Be Strangers
With Or Without You
Wolf At The Door
Won't Be Broken
You Are Young
You Don't See Me
You Haven't Told Me Anything
Your Eyes Open
Your Love
You're Not Home
Cause And Effect
Hopes And Fears
Hopes And Fears + Under The Iron Sea
Live 2004 EP
Night Train
Perfect Symmetry
The Best Of Keane
Under The Iron Sea
Curate A Night For War Child
Average points: 5.11 (Reviews: 18)
Great Album, let's go over the tracks:<br><br>1. Spiralling (5 stars):<br>This first track and pre-single of the album, this is an upbeat and exciting track. It sets the mood for the rest of the album's style, and while it's certainly something to get used to, once you get used to you keep coming back for more. It's a good thing that the album has only just begun..<br><br>2. The Lovers Are Losing (5.5 stars):<br>The first official single off the album, this song seems to mix the old melancholy Keane from Under The Iron Sea with their new style, and this song is proof that it worked out. Great lyrics in the verses and chorus, this is likely to become one of the album favorites.<br><br>3. Better Than This (5 stars):<br>This song has gotten a lot of critique ("Keane is being quite ironic, they can do so much better than this"), but what the heck, I absolutely love the catchy synthesizing sound, and I can't say I've heard anything like it before - and if I did, I didn't quite like it as much as this song. One of my favorites.<br><br>4. You Haven't Told Me Anything (5 stars):<br>Catchy song that lies a link between the previous and the next song, especially musically. It's also quite upbeat and has great guitar solo's in it. Buckle up, because you're about to hear music in it's purest and finest form.<br><br>5. Perfect Symmetry (6 stars):<br>This is the ballad that Keane announced a long time ago, describing it as perhaps the best song they have written. It certainly competes with their best material on Hopes and Fears, and is without a doubt the best track on their new album both musically and lyrically. Their first album had the balled "Everybody's Changing", their second had the ballad "A Bad Dream", and their third has the ballad "Perfect Symmetry".<br><br>6. You Don't See Me (4.5 stars):<br>A ballad, calm and typically Keane-ish. I like it, it's a good album track.<br><br>7. Again and Again (4.5 stars):<br>An upbeat track, simply said in the style of the rest of the album. It's a fine album track on it's own, but it's also not one of my favorites.<br><br>8. Playing Along (5 stars):<br>Power ballad all the way! The lyrics go with the music here in a special way: "I turn up the volume", innovative to say the least, and a good track as well.<br><br>9. Pretend That You're Alone (4.5 stars):<br>A more happy sound than the last song, and certainly upbeat and cheerful. <br><br>10. Black Burning Heart (6 stars):<br>Yes! This is the Keane we all LOVE to hear! This is the perfect mix of the previous two albums, while staying incredibly catchy! It's absolutely one of the album's highlights, and is bound to become a single and a hit.<br><br>11. Love Is The End (4.5 stars)<br>Old Keane, more in the style of their second album (UTIS). Solid track, and a good closing song.<br><br>12. My Shadow (4.5 stars) [Bonus Track on Japanese Album]:<br>This is actually a B-side, but like the fans know, that doesn't have to mean anything (ahem, Snowed Under, Something In Me Was Dying, Fly To Me(!), Thin Air, Let It Slide .. anyone?).
Etwa auf dem Niveau von "Under The Iron Sea", bleibt aber auch hinter "Hopes & Fears" zurück... Starkes Album.
bisher schwächstes album der band, es gibt definitiv lieder zum skippen (das gab es zuvor nicht). natürlich sind auch ein paar schöne pianorock-songs drauf, aber für einen kauf reicht mir das nicht. naja, ich werte als einmaligen aussetzer und warte auf ein neues album ;)
Das dritte Keane-Album präsentiert sich im Vergleich zu den beiden Vorgängern leichter, fröhlicher und poppiger - was schon die Vorab-Single SPIRALLING offenbarte. Dennoch braucht auch diese Scheibe ihre Zeit, damit sie ihre Wirkung voll entfalten kann. Bin mir aber sicher, dass sich Keane damit weiterhin auf höchstem Niveau bewegen. Einfach die perfekte Symmetrie.<br><br>In der bisherigen Gesamtbilanz vielleicht ihr schwächstes Werk - aber was heisst das schon... (06/02/16)<br><br>Highlights: The Lovers Are Losing / Perfect Symmetry / Again And Again / Black Burning Heart / Love Is The End
Last edited: 06.02.2016 22:45
wunderbare songs
Sehr gut!
Dieser neue Keane Longplayer ist einfach toll konnte so viel 6 machen wie schon lange nicht mehr in einem Album. Habe so gut wie keinen gröberen Durchhänger gefund. Tolle Melodien und Rythmen!! 5,75<br>Meine persönlichen Highlights:<br>01. Spiralling<br>02. The Lovers Are Losing Game<br>05. You don`t See Me<br>09. Pretend That You`re Alone<br>10. Black Burning Heart
schon enttäuschend..ein D/S Album - 3.75<br>UK #7
Last edited: 12.11.2009 11:27
Schwach?! Nee nee du, das ist ganz grosse Kunst, die man hier geboten bekommt! Eines der besten, wenn nicht DAS beste Album, in diesem Jahr.<br><br>Highlights: Spiralling / The Lovers Are Losing / Better Than This / Perfect Symmetry / You Don't See Me<br>
Oooooo - der erste Ton von SPIRALLING - zunächst fremd - hinterher merkt man, für Keane's Musik bedeutet er Frische, Humor und Neubeginn. Lag auf UNDER THE IRON SEA noch zuviel Nebel - richtet sich die Band jetzt nach vorne aus, ohne die typischen Stärken (Melodie, Gesang, Text, Klavier) zu verachten. Allein die ersten 4 Songs heben sich von ihrer sonst so gewohnten Musik ab - sind leicht, elektronisch-verwobenen und catchy - später geht dann eher in den gewohnten Bandbreiten weiter - man merkt, sie wollen sich nicht länger im eigenen Kreis bewegen - etwas Anderes entdecken ist angesagt - dadurch gewinnt dieses Set sicherlich neue Hörer dazu und schreckt auch nicht die alten Fans ab.
Nicht schlecht...
ob man will oder nicht!
Sicher nicht perfekt, aber der Abschluss-Song ist schon sehr gut...
sehr gutes Albm von Keane. Sie haben einfach ein super Gespür für tolle Melodien, die sofort im Ohr hängen bleiben. Dafür gibt es eine verdiente 5. Meine Top-5-Highlights:<br>1. Perfect symmetry<br>2. Spiralling<br>3. The lovers are losing<br>4. Better than this<br>5. You haven't told me anything
Ein solides Album, vergleichbar mit dem Vorgänger, aber kommt definitiv nicht an "Hopes and fears" von 2004 heran. Trotzdem mit einigen sehr guten Songs wie "Lovers are losing", "You don't see me" oder "Love is the end".
dieses album ist im verglecih zu den vorgängern in der tat besser, da es doch viel facettenreicher ist und einge musikgenres bietet , <br><br>neben spiralling, better than this, perfect symmetry ist sonst LOVERS ARE LOSING ein highlight<br><br>man hört deutlich einflüsse aus den 80ern und vor allem peter gabriel und david bowie
super, sprich 6*: You Don't See Me + Love Is The End<br><br>gut, sprich 5*: The Lovers Are Losing / Better Than This / You Haven't Told Me Anything / Perfect Symmetry / Pretend That You're Alone / Black Burning Heart<br><br>okay, sprich 4*: Spiralling / Again And Again / Playing Along<br><br>Schnitt: 4.90 -> 5*
Keane is zo'n groepje waarvan de muziek normaal in orde is. En dat was ook zo op dit album.
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